Marketing, Media & Communications Conferences in Australia

Professional development training and marketing masterclasses

Marketing, Media & Communications Conferences in Australia

Professional development training and marketing masterclasses

Master the art of marketing leadership with one of our communications conferences, running Australia-wide all year round.

  • 200 + Communications Conferences in Australia
  • 100 + Marketing & Media Conferences & Training Workshops
  • 15+ Major cities across Australia & New Zealand
  • 75,000+ Inspired Attendees
  • 10,000+ Industry Speakers
  • 2, 500+ Engaging Events

From media, marketing, PR and beyond, we’ve inspired over 1,000,000 professionals from over 5,000 globally recognised brands to unleash their leadership potential since 2004.

Our marketing, media and communications conferences are jam-packed with renowned industry trailblazers, bringing you the best in the business so you can be better.

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Customise Your Communications Career

Every modern marketer knows how customer-centric the world has become. Consumers expect personalised content and communications that address their needs. So why should your career be any different?

No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you want to go - we’ve got your career covered.

All you have to do is decide which event to attend. So, what do we have on offer?

Marketing & Media Conferences – You’re a savvy marketing expert, but how do you step up into the world of leadership? Our leadership conferences are designed to inspire and invigorate. You’ll learn how to leverage your strengths and raise your leadership profile - with tips and tricks from industry leaders.

Marketing Masterclasses – Looking for something a little more technical? Browse our plethora of marketing training events and benefit from a classroom-style environment that focuses on specific skills to help you excel.

Women in Communications Conferences - Our specially-designed women in leadership conferences address the unique challenges women face on their leadership journey. While the focus is on the individual, these summits have inspired organisation-wide changes, and we encourage male champions of change to attend, too!

Cement Your Status as a Marketing Mastermind


Keen to hear from leading luminaries? Our communications conferences connect you with trailblazers from Australia’s most innovative marketing brands, giving you the power to be better.  

In addition to real-world insights and practical advice, you’ll have the opportunity to:

-Identify & leverage your leadership profile

-Gain best-practice strategies for career progression

-Balance your personal and professional priorities

-Optimise your performance with resource restrictions

-Unlock your potential for long-term career success

And don’t think the experience ends when the day does - you’ll leave with a solid action plan, a stronger support network and the skills to inspire others, too.

So What Makes Our Marketing & Media Conferences Special?

We invite the best in the business to our conferences, taking pride in our ability to provide practical and tailored solutions for your unique industry challenges. 

But we also pride ourselves on making our events accessible and flexible. All of our events are held at convenient, premium 5-star locations across Australia & New Zealand. And we have plenty of options to fit your schedule and budget. It’s your career, your way. 

Marketing Conferences Australia


Our professional development events span far and wide. No matter where you call home, we have the perfect leadership package waiting for you.

No matter what discipline of marketing you come from - whether it’s PR, media, communications or beyond - we’ll help you take your career to the next level. 

So what are you waiting for? Browse our events now and pick one that’s right for you.

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