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Top Tips for Leading a Team Whilst Working Remotely

By Mia Harris, 26 January, 2023

Top Tips for Leading a Team Whilst Working Remotely

Working remotely has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It offers a level of flexibility and freedom that can be tough to come by in a traditional office setting. However, leading a team whilst working remotely isn't always easy.

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Project Management Made Easy: Tips for New Managers

By Erika Rhein, 05 January, 2023

Project Management Made Easy: Tips for New Managers

All IT companies survive and become successful due to in-time project completions. And for the projects to be done on time, the managers should have the capability to accomplish the project operations no matter the obstacles that may arise. If you are a project manager new to handling a project, you should be well-prepared and confident to take on it. Each project is unique and has its own set of challenges. And you should not only be able to manage the project but also your team. How you are assigning tasks to each member and how they are fulfilling it also depends on your ability to manage.

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Things To To Know About GitHub CodeOwners

By Katie Pierce, 19 December, 2022

Things To To Know About GitHub CodeOwners

If you’re a coder or web developer, you know how important it is to have effective code review in order to create successful projects. However, it can be difficult to know who should be reviewing the files—even with GitHub’s reviewer suggestions.

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Why Managers Need To Be Employee Recognition Champions At The Workplace

By James Wright, 13 December, 2022

Why Managers Need To Be Employee Recognition Champions At The Workplace

Profitability is not the only thing that makes your company shine; many other things can do the job. Nowadays, businesses focus more on a friendly culture that appeals to employees, customers, sponsors, and the public. The ultimate goal of hitting large sales is how the company treats its employees.

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