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As a service to users, Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd may provide links to third party websites operated by separate entities. If you decide to access these third-party websites, you will leave the Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd website and enter the linked third party website. These external information sources are not controlled by Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd. Using these websites is at your own risk and you waive any claims or actions against Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd with regard to any issues arising from your use of the third-party website. It is your responsibility to evaluate information on third party websites and take all possible precautions to guard against viruses or other hazardous elements.

Warranties and Representations

Under no circumstances will Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd be liable for the accuracy of the information published on this website. Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd has made every effort to ensure that the information presented on this website is accurate and complete. However, Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information presented. Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd strongly recommends that users verify the accuracy and completeness of information presented before committing to any course of action.

Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd has no control over third party websites. We give no warranties and makes no representations in respect to any information contained within them. Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd has taken precautions to ensure that this website is free from viruses and other potentially hazardous properties. However, Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd does not warrant or represent that there will not be viruses or other destructive properties.

Intellectual Property Rights 

All copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with any information, data, text, graphics, images, logos, trademarks and other design features of this website remain the property of Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd. No content can be reproduced without the prior consent of an authorised Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd representative.

You are permitted to browse all public areas of the website and may download program content (PDF) and save or print extracts for the purposes of distribution of program content to other individuals. Downloaded information must not be modified from its original form or reproduced for commercial purposes.

The misuse of any content on this website, including the infringement of copyright or any other intellectual property rights, will lead to Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd protecting its intellectual property to the fullest extent of the law.

Termination of Access

Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd reserves the right to terminate access to certain or all features of this website at any time.

Website Usage and Monitoring

We seek to provide visitors to our website with a smooth, efficient and personalized user experience. In order to do this, we use a variety of tools that tell us who is using the site and what is being viewed.

1. Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies are data files stored on your computer after you access certain websites. Cookies are used on an implied consent basis and are primarily to identify visitors when they return to our site, so that certain information already provided by the visitor to a site is not required to be provided again. Cookies are also used to gather data on which areas of a site are visited frequently and which are not.

Web Beacons are used in a very similar way to Cookies and generally used in combination with these data files. Web beacons are used to track user behaviour on our site and also for monitoring user response to email campaigns. Web Beacons are graphic images that are placed on a Web site or in the template of an email. They are used to monitor the behaviour of the user visiting the Web site or recipient reading the email. Web Beacons allow us to track open rates and link click throughs of emails and monitor the performance of digital marketing campaigns.

Storing data on which areas of the site are most popular allows our website administrator to better plan and enhance our website. We acknowledge that some users may wish to disable cookies. Turning off cookies will allow you to browse the site anonymously, however it will prevent access to certain areas and/or limit the functionality of the website. To find out more about Cookies and Web Beacons, visit an appropriate website (such as Cookie Central) for a detailed explanation of their use.

2. Web Analytics

The site host and our web analytics may record your IP address to help improve the performance of our website and online services. Google Analytics is used to track the number of visitors to the site and records what pages are visited and viewing duration. This information is generally in aggregate form only and does not identify you as an individual. Analytics are primarily used to improve the functionality of the site and make for a smoother customer experience.

3. Live Agent Tracking

The website features a live chat function that enables timely customer support. This is made available while you browse the website. If you are not a current client or subscriber, you will browse the site anonymously. However, if you are a subscriber or frequent visitor, Cookies and Web Beacons may enable the agent to identify you.

4. Social Buttons and Third-party links

Social buttons from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow for easy bookmarking and sharing of content via popular social media platforms. By clicking these buttons, these third-party platforms have the ability to track your behaviour on our website. Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd has no control over what information is collected via these platforms. We recommend that you review their terms of use and privacy policies prior to clicking these links or sharing information over these social media platforms.

Shopping Cart and Payments

When you register online to attend an event you may pay using credit card via a secure third-party payment service. The Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd website provides a shop front only and does not collect or process your credit card information. When you pay for a purchase you are leaving the Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd website and entering details into and external service provider.

Privacy and Security

Liquid Learning is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Any information collected from e-mail correspondence, registrations or other means associated with the use of this website will be held in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Privacy Amendment Act 2001. All information collected on this website is done so in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to contact Liquid Learning directly regarding privacy concern, please call 02 8239 9700 or email info@liquidlearning.com.au.

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