11th Blended Learning & Innovation Summit

Learning innovations & best-practice to boost employee engagement

  • February 24th - 27th, 2020
  • Rydges Sydney Central


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- Empower employees to prioritise learning & own their professional development
- Build effective, flexible & engaging on-demand learning materials
- Develop strategies to boost employee engagement
- Leverage personalised learning techniques to improve buy-in


  • Jane Kelly
    Chief Human Resource Officer
    Super Retail Group
  • Anne Le Blanc
    General Manager, Learning & Development
  • Graham Gubbels
    Head of Learning & Development
  • Felicity Laczina
    Chief People Officer
    Newcastle Permanent Building Society
  • Renault Phong
    Director, Strategic Workforce Planning & Organisational Development
    NSW Department of Industry


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Blended learning - Adopting the right approach
Beyond Blended Learning
Employee-led upskilling
Closing the skills gap
Incorporate the human element in your L&D
Blending learning across generations
Combine "anywhere, anytime, any device" learning with traditional learning
Engage the learner & own your approach
Boost employee engagement through gamification & VR
Face-to-face to online - Transforming Defence learning & development
Join the revolution - Industry 4.0 & the learning ecosystem
Is personalisation the future of L&D?
Master the future of learning in your organisation
Harness the ultimate blend
Know your learner - Increase employee engagement
Pre-Summit Workshop

24 Feb


Blended learning no longer means supplementing formal learning with additional materials. The whole thing has been flipped, including our role as L&D professionals. So how do we refocus? How do we add value in the context of employee development and performance?

In this interactive workshop, you will identify what blended learning means for your organisation. You'll also explore learning approaches, strategies for engaging stakeholders, and how to evaluate your approach post-implementation.

Prepare your organisation for blended learning

- Explore how you can use a blended learning approach in your organisation 

- Leverage blended learning to enhance the employee learning experience

- Identify clear learning objectives and performance goals for your blended approach

Develop a relevant blended learning approach for your organisation 

- Implement an efficient and sustainable mix of learning strategies 

- Develop appropriate and useful material for traditional and online learning

- Strategies for retaining the human element in your blended approach 

Integrate blended learning in your L&D strategy

- Foster a practical learning ecosystem

- Engage your employees in the learning process

- Maximise stakeholder engagement for widespread buy-in 

Evaluate your blended learning approach 

- Discover best practice for providing feedback to learners and trainers

- Develop an in-depth understanding of how best to evaluate ROI 

- Establish strategies for restructuring an unsuccessful L&D approach

  • Cynthia Painter Coach, Trainer, Speaker Create Action Now

Summit Day 1

25 Feb

Case Study

Technologies that support learning are hitting the market at an increasingly frequent pace - and organisations are quick to snap them up. But sometimes this leaves us with too much choice. We all want to stay ahead of the curve, but we must assess the practical application of technology before making a decision. Anne will give you the tools to communicate your L&D approach in a business-smart manner to improve your engagement across your organisation.

- Anchor the work of your L&D team with business strategy

- Identify underlying performance gaps and design appropriate solutions

- Develop strategies for gaining the endorsement of your business leaders

  • Anne Le Blanc General Manager, Learning & Development Telstra

Case Study

Employees expect rapid and accessible professional development. Organisations face continuous change triggered by digital transformation. Perhaps it's time to rethink your L&D strategy - and how you can track it. Martin will share his experience developing and implementing an app which allows KONE's operative employees to take charge of their professional development and provides the opportunity for continuous upskilling.

- Initiate and implement on-demand employee-led training and upskilling

- Develop an approach that allows for continuous employee engagement

- Track learning effectiveness and develop strategies to ensure sustainability

  • Martin Dumbrell Technical Training Manager KONE

Case Study

The ripple effect of emerging technologies leaves skill requirements in a state of flux. In 2020, L&D professionals will need to spend more time identifying and closing skills gaps while exploring new engagement tactics to inspire the modern learner. Shane will share how AbbVie identifies, assess and close skill gaps, and how you can empower your employees to take charge of their learning. 

- Implement best practice for producing and implementing new training material

- Introduce a ‘Champions Group’ of designated employees to drive wide-spread engagement in new training modules and changes 

- Empower your employees to take charge and drive their learning 

  • Shane Jeffery Learning Manager AbbVie

Case Study

We're accustomed to strategies designed to boost employment or achieve gender diversity, but where is the plan for working in teams when using technology? What do we do when technology fails, when we work with others teaching in different regions?

Rachael has recently completed her second PhD in blended learning, where she developed a team-teaching toolkit with 4 stages on how to establish and evaluate a Philosophy of Practice (PoP) for team-teaching. Rachael will explore her PoP strategy for measuring a team-teaching approach.

- Develop collaborative team-teaching strategies when operating across different geographical locations

- Build a contingency plan for when technology fails

- Discover a PoP tool to aid in measuring the effectiveness of team-teaching

  • Rachael Hains-Wesson Associate Professor in Work-Integrated Learning & Director Work-Integrated Learning University of Sydney, Business School


Today’s workforce is a cross-section of ages and backgrounds, leaving hierarchical organisational structures outdated. Empowering structures that champion flexible work and employee-led development are becoming the norm. The challenge is learning to harness the difference in generational expectations. In this interactive discussion, our panellists will explore the differences and similarities between generations and how this affects L&D. 

- Understand the learning differences between the digital natives and baby boomers 

- Leverage personalised learning approach to meet the expectations of your workforce

- Develop a collaborative learning environment to increase cross-generational engagement

  • Renault Phong Director, Strategic Workforce Planning & Organisational Development NSW Department of Industry

  • Heather Cardin Head of Training eHealth NSW

  • Bettina Sammut Director, People, Culture & Learning Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Case Study

Online and traditional education are interwoven trails leading to the same destination. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but how can we ensure the right blend? Jane will share insight from Super Retail Groups’ learning and development strategy, the bumps they experienced along the way, and how they successfully blended both strategies.

- Know your learner and their preferred learning style

- Provide a clear path and guidelines

- Develop strategies to assess the effectiveness of your blend

  • Jane Kelly Chief Human Resource Officer Super Retail Group

Think Tank

Our chair will lead a guided think-tank to discuss the challenges that can affect learner engagement, then brainstorm practical solutions to implement in your team and organisation. 

- Identify approaches to the perfect blend 

- Discuss the challenges and solutions to successful engagement 

- Be the driving force and own your approach 

Summit Day 2

26 Feb

Case Study

No matter how big your company or type of industry, companies often miss the opportunity to engage new hires. L&D professionals can make this happen by turning this routine process into a positive and engaging experience. Graham will share his experience overhauling MediBank’s compliance training and explore how gamification and virtual reality can boost employee engagement.

- Use gamification to increase employee engagement during the on-boarding process

- Instil your values in new hires by weaving them into compliance training

- Leverage virtual reality training to improve customer experience

  • Graham Gubbels Head of Learning & Development MediBank

Case Study

Advances in technology and the rapid expansion of accessible, high-quality online services have seen L&D move away from its traditional roots and begin to focus on online learning. Col. Marcus Constable and Lt. Col. Karina Jones will share their experience leading the Combined Arms Training Center, transitioning from traditional face-to-face learning to online learning, and how they’ve leveraged their blend to increase interactivity and engagement.

- Explore the organisational benefits of adopting an online learning approach 

- Develop the right blend to maximise interactivity and employee engagement 

- Introduce new learning techniques to complement your existing strategy

Case Study

In light of the fourth industrial revolution, organisations must harness learning agility at the individual and organisational level to achieve their goals and build the requisite skills of the future. L&D must continue to act as an enabler by creating a learning ecosystem, using a range of strategies to support learning agility. Felicity and Marnie will share their experiences in implementing the first step in their new L&D program, which focuses on stimulating soft skills and agile learning culture.

- Empower employees to own their learning experience

- Flip learning from the traditional technical focus to building soft skills

- Implement a learning ecosystem in your organisation

  • Felicity Laczina Chief People Officer Newcastle Permanent Building Society

  • Marnie Vale Manager, Talent & Organisational Development Newcastle Permanent Building Society


Personalisation–fueled by advances in machine learning–is said to be changing the face of corporate learning. Employees can browse topics and courses tailored to their interests, behaviours, and goals. But is this the right direction for every organisation, and how can we measure employee engagement? In this interactive discussion, our panellists will share their experiences with on-demand learning approaches and explore whether personalisation is the future of L&D.

- Explore the advantages and disadvantages of a personalised learning approach

- Build strategies to drive employee engagement in on-demand learning

- Assess the effectiveness of personalised learning in your organisation

  • Caroline Truran Manager, Learning & Development CBRE

  • Beth Hall Head of Cotton On Group UNI Cotton On Group

  • Michael Semmler Learning & Development Specialist Bluescope Steel

  • Toni Donaghy Learning & Development Manager Uniting

Case Study

With an increase in global travel, the demand for pilots is higher than ever. So too is the pressure for L&D managers to meet the changing needs of the business and compress turnaround time on learning programs. Matthew will share how Qantas has dealt with this challenge head-on but discuss the future of their training pathways. Discover how you can leverage personalised learning methods to achieve greater success.

- Streamline your learning approach and compress turnaround

- Determine future learning paths for your organisations and how to implement them

- Use personalised learning and eye-tracking technology to reduce accidents

  • Matthew Gray Former Head of Training & Checking Qantas


In this interactive roundtable session, you will reflect on the knowledge you’ve acquired over the conference, identify future learning opportunities for your organisation, and develop a plan for implementation when you return to work.

- Reflect on the key takeaways and learnings from the past two days 

- Identify opportunities for blended learning in your organisation 

- Develop an action plan to share and implement the knowledge you’ve gained

Post-Summit Workshop

27 Feb


Any learning and development strategy that fails to capture the hearts and minds of its participants represents a missed opportunity to nurture talent. Understanding your learner's wants and needs is the first step in engaging them in the process. Explore strategies for gaining employee buy-in, discover the benefits of employee-led learning, and overcome common learning barriers for increased employee engagement.

Gain employee buy-in for your L&D approach 

- Understand what employees need and how they want it delivered

- Develop strategies for increasing value recognition in your learning approach 

- Adopt a personalised learning approach for improved employee engagement

Develop a strategy for employee-led learning 

- Leverage team learning to infuse value into work-life 

- Encourage collaboration through social platforms and informal learning activities 

- Create personalised learning pathways for continuous employee development

Overcome common barriers to workplace learning 

- Identify barriers and common objections to learning in your organisation 

- Foster a sustainable learning culture to address and overcome potential barriers 

- Make employees accountable for their professional development pathways

Maintain engagement in your approach post-implementation

- Ensure open communication and accessible feedback channels 

- Involve employees in the content development of future learning programs

- Celebrate individual and team success for increased motivation

  • Lisa Harrington Capability Consultant The Learning Pyramid


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