Technical Skills Assessment- Upgrading the Hiring Game

An employee requires diverse skills to achieve positive results in any job role as proficiency in technical and soft skills accentuates an individual’s performance

Technical Skills Assessment- Upgrading the Hiring Game

An employee requires diverse skills to achieve positive results in any job role as proficiency in technical and soft skills accentuates an individual’s performance

The skill market is flooded with multiple skills with the availability of so many courses on the go at the click of a button. The job seekers, students, and even the head hunters find it difficult to filter among all the evaluation criteria available. A major skill that is highly relevant and required in today’s world is technical skills and to have a decent view of it there is technical skills assessment offered by many platforms. One can easily register for these tests and gain a certificate.

The hiring agencies also prefer candidates who have a good score on these assessments. They can rely on the scores in finding the best people for the job. The tests are multi-dimensional covering various updated technical skills that are most looked for nowadays. Free of cost trial versions are also offered as a pilot study. Additionally, there is a highly practical option to customize and create a test that will fulfill the job-specific needs of the industry.

The insightful test has multiple benefits of its own as they cater to multiple needs. Some of the vital points that make technical skill test indispensable are as following- 

1. Beneficial for organizations- Many organizations ask their current and potential employees to get a technical test done. By this, they can assess what additional training they require. The organizations don’t move forward with employees having obsolete skill sets. Especially the technical ones. The pandemic has made the technical skills more vibrant and valid. While the human resource dept. also benefits from this as it eases the hiring process for them. An additional test to clarify where the technical skills also help the employees to update their CV with valuable updates. The organizations can even have their in-house testing but having already cleared and scored well in a technical skill test gives experience. 

2. Quantifying the skills- Quantification of skills is a difficult task. Especially because the technical skills are usually qualitative. With the skills assessment test, the quantification, comparison, and evaluation become easy. The hard skills and soft skills both are equally valuable in a corporate setup. The tests are made in such a way that it benefits the test taker, as well as the people evaluating the candidates. The tests are designed tactfully to make sure it shows a clear and effective picture of the skills being assessed, in this case, technical skills. 

3. Avoid legal allegations and ensure transparency- These assessment tests make sure the hiring is done without any bias and is completely based on the actual skills and potential of the people. The organizations have to legally abide by the merit-based system. With the help of these tests, it becomes easy. The hiring process becomes standardized moreover, they can even have a benchmark according to their requirements. Transparency is letting the people know what goes into the evaluation and procedures without any adulteration. 

4. A universal addition to the resume- Taking a technical test adds to the CV in such a form that usually the test is like an SAT, so acceptable everywhere. Gives the needed edge over the candidates who are beginning their career. It is like authentic proof that a person is well versed with the technicalities that they will face in the job and will be able to handle them carefully. The effectiveness of people depends on the skills and evaluation of this effectiveness is simulated by these assessments. 

5. Common parameter- When hiring in masses or a big hiring project, some parameters need to be defined for eligibility. Sometimes it can be simply appearing in the test or setting a grade or percentile criteria. So, one standard and uniform parameter get established. These parameters when including certain tests these can be specified in advance. Having this standard norm works in favor of both the employers and the employees.

6. Self-evaluation- These tests and their result help a person know their true worth. The excellence gets reflected and if there is a scope of improvement that also is portrayed. One gets a certificate that authenticates their worth. Here the self-evaluation is important as some cases allow the pay scale to be negotiable. This self-evaluating parameter is backed by proper information hence reliable too. 

7. Polishing of skills-when one prepares for these tests, leads to brushing of skills too. At the end of the candidates, they prepare well to score their best as the performance will be compared. And If one is simply appearing for a test to self-evaluate then they can focus on the lacking areas. These skills keep on changing in the technologically dynamic environment. So, with the help of these tests, they can screen the requirements too.

8. Covers a wide dimension- The word technical skills cover loads of aspects, so instead of going through multiple tests one can go for a single test. This way it prevents the hassle of going through multiple tests of multiple platforms by just appearing for a good and certified technical assessment test. It will cover you for all the minor technical skill requirements and present one descriptive score for all the updated technical skills. 


Conclusion- Technical assessment tests might be a newer addition of test to your CV but it sure is a helpful one both to the people looking for jobs in any sector and the hiring agencies. For organizations to it is a blessing that helps to filter and to choose the perfect fit for the work. Many firms are providing the test facility, one should do a need assessment test first and then look for alternatives. Outsourcing it is a smart choice as the people making test keep multiple objectives and purposes in mind. While on the other hand, starting from scratch takes up a lot of effort. Thus, an emerging yet here to stay trend will ensure that the three ends of the hiring triangle are interconnected and updated. 

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