Skills Every Content Maker Should Possess

Content has become one of the most essential aspects of the World Wide Web. Not only do regular users create content for their friends and family, but brands too create content for marketing and promotional purposes.

Skills Every Content Maker Should Possess

Content has become one of the most essential aspects of the World Wide Web. Not only do regular users create content for their friends and family, but brands too create content for marketing and promotional purposes.

It is no surprise then that there are people whose jobs entirely depend on content making. Whether you create content for yourself or for someone else, there are some skills that you should possess to succeed.

Content Creation

Perhaps the most obvious skill a content maker should have is that of content creation. You need to be able to create the content you want to create – it’s literally in your job title. You could create content for yourself (e.g. if you are an influencer or blogger) or for others (e.g. if you are a freelance writer).

Depending on your specialization, you might be responsible for creating only one type of content or multiple. For example, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you could be taking pictures, filming videos, and writing texts all on your own. On the other hand, if you create content for others, you might only need to specialize in one type of content creation (e.g. article writing).

Editing and Proofreading

Another skill you should have is editing (and for some content types, proofreading). Editing is essential for you as a content maker because it allows you to make the necessary changes and adjustments that can make your content better. You can’t publish your first draft – you need to have the final, refined version.

When it comes to certain types of content, the word “editing” can have a completely different meaning. For example, videos generally require editing to be created in the first place while texts only need editing or proofreading to polish them. Whatever the case is, you absolutely need to have good editing and proofreading skills.

Planning and Goal Setting

Being able to organize your own activities is important for any kind of professional, but especially for content makers. If you are working for yourself, you need to be your own boss. And if you are working for others, you need to be responsible for the promises you make to your clients and be able to live up to their expectations.

This is precisely why you need to have good planning and goal-setting skills. These include everything from setting deadlines, estimating resources, making step-by-step plans, and so on. You should be able to organize yourself and what you do in an efficient and productive way so that you don’t overwork yourself.

Time Management

A skill that is directly related to the organizational skills of planning and goal setting is time management. This skill is not just about setting a deadline and trying to meet it. Essentially, time management is about being able to accurately estimate the time it takes you to complete different tasks as well as their difficulty and priority and then organize your schedule in a way that will allow you to complete all your tasks on time.

Time management can be difficult to master, so if you are just starting out with this skill, you might want to get some professional help. You can hire an experienced writer from the writing service Trust My Paper who will help you create your schedule based on your goals, needs, interests, resources, and abilities.


Research skills are critical even for content makers who are experts in their respective niches. If you have a degree in your field and you know absolutely everything about your subject, it doesn’t mean that you can actually create high-quality and factually-accurate content on a specific topic. That’s why you need research skills.

This is how you can keep up with the latest news and trends in your industry so that you don’t fall behind your peers. Moreover, research skills are necessary to find good resources and past research in the field that you can link in your content to give it more authority. And besides, you will need good research skills to find relevant information and read up on the topic that you have knowledge gaps in.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is by far one of the most important skills for content makers working independently, but it will also be very important for those who work for others. If you publish your own content (e.g. if you are an influencer), you need to be able to make it discoverable and accessible to your target audience which is what SEO is for.

There are many things you can learn about SEO, but it’s good to start with the basics and then build more knowledge on that foundation. Learn about keywords, linking, formatting, and so on.

Digital Marketing

When it comes to SEO, it is actually a part of something much bigger that content makers should be both aware of and experienced in – digital marketing. Content marketing is considered a part of digital marketing while SEO is directly related to content marketing.

Even if you won’t be using PPC advertising or other types of online marketing, you still need to have at least some knowledge about them. And besides, mastering content marketing is quite necessary for all types of content makers.

Data Analysis

In addition to being able to promote or market yourself, you should also be able to analyze the performance of your marketing efforts. Likewise, you should also be able to understand how your content performs and how you can improve the results you see.

This is why you need to learn about data analysis. You can hire a writer from the custom writing service Best Essays Education who will create a personalized program for you to cover different data analysis topics related specifically to content making and marketing.


Technical skills are perhaps less important than other skills listed in this article, but they are still necessary for content makers. Having good technical skills in your field is a must, but having good technical IT skills is a nice bonus.

Imagine a situation where you start experiencing technical difficulties – you need to be able to deal with them on your own in case you don’t have access to a specialist who could help you out.


Last but not least, it’s a good idea to learn about sales. This is particularly useful for independent content makers who work for themselves, but it will also be a beneficial skill for content makers that create content for others.

Because sales is a broad field, it’s best to start from the basics and the aspects of sales that are directly related to your job. For instance, you can start learning about the sales funnel. When you understand how to convert customers, you will be able to promote yourself better through your content and find more clients.


All in all, learning and developing all of these ten skills will help you become more successful as a content maker. Whether you create content for yourself or for others, you need to be able to organize your activities, market yourself successfully, and grow accordingly.

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