6 Ways To Get Noticed At Work

Is your hard work going unnoticed? Perhaps it's time to focus on standing out from the crowd. Use these 6 strategies to get noticed AND promoted!

6 Ways To Get Noticed At Work

Is your hard work going unnoticed? Perhaps it's time to focus on standing out from the crowd. Use these 6 strategies to get noticed AND promoted!

Getting noticed at work: The recognition dilemma

Climbing the career ladder can be an unfair journey. Some people seem to fall into promotions and pay rises out of sheer luck, while others miss out despite slaving away every night.

Now, doing a great job and staying back late doesn’t mean you are going to fast track your career to success. You might be truly passionate and have amazing skills. Nonetheless, if they’re teamed with a lack of self-promotion...you’ll likely be invisible when it comes to career promotion.

The answer to this promotional dilemma? Position yourself to get noticed at work! Let’s run through some key ways you can stand out from the rest of the pack.

Getting Noticed Strategy #1 Be a team player

Standing out does NOT require you being a lone agent. Great work comes with great teamwork. Sometimes you’ll be the belle of the ball and sometimes you’ll be part of the supporting act.

Being alert to your coworker’s needs and offering to help in times of need is the best way to establish yourself as a team player. Stepping up without expecting any personal benefit will never go unappreciated or unnoticed.


Getting Noticed Strategy #2 Put your hand up

Being alert for any “extra-curricular” opportunities is a key way to get noticed in your workplace. So be a go-getter. Put your hand up for anything and everything that could help showcase your skills. Even if it’s not in your job description.

Volunteering for extra assignments is crucial for getting noticed. It shows that you're able to go above and beyond the call of duty. But as a word of warning...be wise about your hand flailing decisions. Never to take on more than you can handle.

But if you feel you can have a good crack at it and do a good job then what’s stopping you! Even if you do fall a little short of the perfect mark, your boss will respect you for giving it a go and being open to taking on new projects. 

Getting Noticed Strategy #3 Always seek new business development

All companies have a bottom line. And if you’re bringing in new business opportunities, you will always be recognised by employers as a great asset. 

It doesn’t matter if you have been hired for a sales role, it’s all about contributing in a bigger way. Always maintain an awareness of the opportunities around you regardless of your department. Because getting noticed comes with getting proactive. 

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Getting Noticed Strategy #4 Speak up

Now, for many, it can be daunting speaking up in meetings and expressing your true opinion. But just bite the bullet and speak up to get your ideas noticed at work meetings.

Even if you’re a little off the mark, it shows that you are valuable and enthusiastic. Plus it’s one of those moments where you know people will be paying attention.

And beyond the meeting room? Start a conversation! Keep your bosses up to date with projects and don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas. Send a biweekly email with updates, wins and suggestions. Leave your boss no other choice than to notice your ideas!

Getting Noticed Strategy #5 Take initiative

Are there tasks that have been lingering on your boss’s to do list for a few weeks? Are the office plants calling out for water?

Taking on the jobs that no one else wants to do is a great way to get noticed at work. You will be seen as reliable. In which case, your boss will become more comfortable delegating tasks that could potentially lead to your dream position. Career success #hacked.

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Getting Noticed Strategy #6 Network

People who get big things done are people who know people. And getting noticed comes with getting to know people.

So, network with people in your own and other departments! Make the effort to go to Friday drinks. Chat to people in the kitchen. Say hello to new people. Basically, become everyone’s friend.

And before you know it, people will know who you are. If you get your name out there, you’ll more likely be considered for upcoming work opportunities.

Every element of your professional life will improve if you get to know your colleagues. Workplace success AND workplace happiness. Once you’ve broken the ice, you won’t feel nearly as awkward next time you’re both in the lift.

Final Words: Get noticed at work for career success & progress

People can often overlook your efforts, even if you consistently work hard. If this happens to you, it’s up to you and you alone to get noticed. 

And this never means sucking up shamelessly to senior management, taking credit for other people’s work or confidently swanning around the office.

Getting noticed really boils down to connecting with others, being proactive, and being a support base for the team. So take these “I’m here...for the team” strategies and be an asset. Stay in the thoughts of fellow colleagues and bosses alike. So you can keep moving toward your career goals.

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