Women in Business - Professional Conferences & Training

Unleash Your Potential as a Successful Businesswoman

Women in Business - Professional Conferences & Training

Unleash Your Potential as a Successful Businesswoman

Ever wondered how to be a top successful businesswoman?

Navigating your career can be a tricky task, but that’s why we’re here to help. Liquid Learning has been inspiring professionals since 2004, and we’re proud to be a market leader in professional development.

We work with thousands of women in business each year to unlock their potential, so they can stop wondering and start doing. 

  • 200 + Women in Business Conferences
  • 100 + Women’s Leadership Workshops
  • 2, 500+ Powerful Industry Events
  • 11, 000+ Inspired Attendees
  • 10, 000+ Engaging Speakers
  • 15+ Locations across Australia & New Zealand
  • 30+ Industry Sectors

No matter what industry you work in, what city you live in, or what stage of your career you’re at - we’re here with you every step of the way, so you can be better.


Liquid Learning offers a unique platform to connect aspiring and established female leaders with experts and innovators in their field, to learn, network and be better. Empowering women with the vital skills and knowledge they need to lead and succeed. 

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We’re Committed to Helping Businesswomen Across Australia & New Zealand


Our vision is to change the world and help women rise to senior levels - where women are typically underrepresented. 

We know that the tides of gender inequality are turning, and now is the perfect time for women to seize the day and make the most of the opportunities available. And we look beyond career advancement by providing you with the tools to establish yourself as a change agent - meaning you can inspire and empower other women to reach their goals, too.


Bringing Top Successful Business Women Together 

We’re on this journey together, which is why all of our leadership conferences and technical training workshops are designed with plenty of opportunities for you to enrich your professional network. So, what exactly do we have on offer?


Leadership Conferences Designed For The Professional Business Woman - Our events are highly curated with C-suite leaders and leading female executives, connecting you with Australia’s trailblazers so you can gain the insights you need to succeed.

Technical Training - On top of our leadership conferences, we also provide over 100 intensive workshops per year. These are designed to supercharge your technical proficiencies and help you unlock greater value for your team and organisation. 

Flexible Professional Development - Our customised programs are designed to educate and empower, no matter your budget or schedule. We even provide in-house training, so you can advance your career from the comfort of your office.


Bringing the Best Women in Business Together


We believe that to be the best, you need to learn from the best.

Our women in business events are always diverse, bringing trailblazers from a range of industry, not-for-profit, and entrepreneurial backgrounds.  

You’ll learn how to transform pressing problems into rewarding opportunities. And you’ll hear inspirational stories and real-world case studies of how some of Australia’s biggest brands are leading the way forward.

The end result? You’ll leave with a new suite of skills and a renewed sense of ambition - so you can apply your knowledge immediately.

  • Identify and unlock new opportunities
  • Build resilience and thrive under pressure
  • Navigate a disruptive work environment
  • Cultivate your leadership skillset
  • Leverage your unique talents
  • Develop a mix of soft and hard skills to thrive

Cement Your Status as a Professional Business Woman


We’re committed to supporting the presence of women in business across the country, and we run events all year round at all major Australian + New Zealand cities!

So rest assured, no industry sector is spared. From financial services, defence, ICT, education, retail, telecommunications, and manufacturing, we cover all bases.

Browse our events now and make your next move with us. 

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