How to Build Your Career as a Professional Copywriter in 2023

Copywriting is a promising career in 2023, but it’s not a walk in the park. Check out this post to learn some helpful tips to build your career as a copywriter.

How to Build Your Career as a Professional Copywriter in 2023

Copywriting is a promising career in 2023, but it’s not a walk in the park. Check out this post to learn some helpful tips to build your career as a copywriter.


Nowadays, online content is arguably one of the most utilized sources of information in the world. But one of the main uses of this content is for marketing reasons. It has become so crucial that 75% of large companies outsource content writers.


This type of marketing content is usually written by a specific type of writer that is known as a copywriter. However, that is not a descriptive definition. If you want to learn more about what copywriters do and how you can also become one, then this is the article for you.


What is a Copy and a Copywriter?


A copy includes written material that provides information about something specific and, at the same time, also persuades the readers to take action. Take an advertisement banner on a website, for example. 



These advertisements usually explain the features of a certain product or service. But after these features, there is usually a Click Here or Get ‘product’ Right Now label or button. These persuasive phrases are called calls to action or CTAs. In this way, you advertise and provide information at the same time.


The writer who creates such advertisements or ‘copies’ is known as a copywriter. So, are you still interested in taking up copywriting as a job? If so, then stay tuned.


Educational Requirements for Copywriting


Before we guide you through the process of career-building, let’s talk about a few academic requirements. In theory, anyone with a decent knowledge of writing and language can be a copywriter. 


However, getting a job without having an academic background is extremely difficult. That’s why we suggest you get a degree in one of the following programs:


  • Bachelor's Degree in English
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or Marketing


If you really want to take it up a notch, you can also get a Master’s degree in these subjects. But a bachelor’s is the minimum requirement.


How to Build Your Career as a Copywriter


Now, we will share a step-by-step guide to shape your copywriting career.


1) Choose a Niche to Specify In


The first thing to do when you are starting out as a copywriter is to choose a specialty. If your degree is related to marketing or business, you can simply choose that as your niche. However, if you have an English degree, you will have a bunch of options. 


Anything that you are passionate about or are interested in can be your specialty. For example, if you have high knowledge of technology, you can create copies related to that.


2) Create a Stunning Resume/Portfolio


Now that you know what you want to write about, it is time to create a resume or portfolio. This is a document that job providers evaluate and determine whether you are a good fit for them or not. 



Your resume should be as vast as possible. Don’t make false claims, but try to add qualities that would be useful for a number of jobs. Showcase all your academic achievements and let the reader know how you are a valuable asset. 


3) Search for Jobs and Freelance Opportunities


You are now ready to get into the job market as your resume is all ready. Job opportunities can be found on platforms such as LinkedIn. Also, if you search for copywriting jobs in ‘your city, the results might show you a job that fits your requirements.


Other than fixed jobs, copywriting can also be done through freelance platforms. Some examples include Fiverr, Upwork, and Truelancer. Upload your portfolio on these platforms and find jobs that you think you can perform efficiently.


4) Advertise Your Services


As a new copywriter in the market, it might be difficult to land a job as you won’t have any previous experience. For that reason, you should advertise your job applications, especially on freelance platforms. For instance, Fiverr allows you to promote your gig and promises 200% increased exposure.

User-added image

Keep your pricing adequate, and make sure to mention every skill of yours to hook customers.


5) Create High-Quality and Error-Free Copies for Your Customers


Once you get a job (company-based or freelance), your aim should be to provide the best experience for your customers. Complete your tasks on time and provide error-free results. Make sure your copy is easily comprehendible, and there are no technical mistakes.




All these things can be kept in check with the help of proofreading and reviewing content. An additional preventative step that you can take in this regard is to use technology for checking mistakes in your copy. 


The technology that we are referring to includes online tools such as plagiarism detectors, writing error checkers, and rephrasing tools. These tools are very commonly used by copywriters. Some good examples of them are given here:



6) Try to Land Long-Term Jobs


By now, you should be way into the process of creating a professional copywriting career. However, one thing that can really seal the deal is long-term jobs. Freelance gigs can be a decent source of income, but there is no job security in them.


That’s why you should develop connections in your industry and look for long-term work. It can also be done by building trust with your customers. Sometimes, these clients can also help you land great jobs.





Copywriting, like any other career, requires you to go through a proper process and gain expertise in your field of work. From studying for it to getting a decent and stable job, the process of building this career is a lengthy one. However, the steps given in this article will help you stay focused, and you will always be aware of your next step. 

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