6 Essential Remote Working Tips for Staying Productive

Contrary to what people believe, remote working is not a walk in the park. It comes with its set of challenges and hurdles, one of them being being productive.

6 Essential Remote Working Tips for Staying Productive

Contrary to what people believe, remote working is not a walk in the park. It comes with its set of challenges and hurdles, one of them being being productive.

Given all the distractions, it can be challenging to be productive when working remotely. That said, we have listed down remote working tips that can help stay productive

1. Designate a specific workspace

If you've been working at home, we discourage you from working while lying down or sitting on a couch. For one, it's not conducive to continue working in a place that's meant for everything but that.

It will be ideal if you have a designated workspace. It doesn't even need to have all the works. If you have a desk and a comfortable chair, you should be fine.

At Maid Sailors Office Cleaning Service NYC, we always tell our clients to ensure their designated workspace's cleanliness. Clean whichever place you decide to be your workspace and keep it organized. Treat it with the respect that you would treat your desk if you were working in an office.

2. Customize your environment

After you have a space to dedicate to your work, it's time that you make some changes to make your stay there even more comfortable.

It will help if you customize your work environment to ensure that you can work without any issues. By being comfortable there, you'll work faster and for a longer time if you need to do so.

This includes adding ergonomic office furniture and personalizing your work desk.

When decorating or personalizing the work area, make sure that you don't go overboard. Don't fill every space with personal effects. Otherwise, you're just adding clutter that will get in the way of your work.

3. Listen to music

If you're a music lover or detest working in silence, consider incorporating more music while you work. You'll find that music can help block out noise that is too distracting when you're out and about.

What's great about it is you can pick any music that you want, as long as it's not something that will distract you from your work.

For many people, instrumental music in different forms is better than songs that have lyrics in them. If you have to type in words, listening to songs with lyrics might affect you, so it might be best to stick to music without lyrics.

However, if you don't work with words or feel it doesn't affect you, feel free to choose whatever song you want.

4. Keep regular hours

The key to staying productive isn't about working longer and longer hours. However, since more people are working remotely, the boundary between work and home life has become murkier.

Thus, other people have found themselves working longer hours when working remotely or working from home.

If you want to remain productive, you need to learn when to start and stop working. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out and lose energy, motivation, and focus. 

Remember to keep regular hours and to work with a schedule. Once it's time for you to end the workday, don't bring some work "back home" with you. Take your breaks in the middle of the workday too.

5. Have a morning routine

How you start your day can affect how the rest of the day goes. This explains why experts put such a significant emphasis on breakfast.

With that said, the morning routine that a person has can set the tone for how the rest of your workday will go. Therefore, you should try and create as well as maintain a positive routine when you can.

Waking up sufficiently early to give yourself a routine in the first place, have breakfast, bathe, maybe exercise, and so on. That way, the first thing you do when you wake up isn't rush to the bathroom before heading straight to a meeting.

6. Take breaks and go outside

As mentioned before, breaks and boundaries between your rest and work time are crucial for your productivity.

It doesn't only mean that you have to stop working at the end of the day when you've set out a time to clock out. It also means taking the small breaks that you do in-between tasks, as well as your lunch breaks.

It would be ideal to get out and get some fresh air during these breaks, even for a while. That way, your body and mind can have a refresh instead of being stuck inside all day, sitting down, which isn't good for your mental or physical health.


The remote working tips listed above should help you make the most out of your working arrangement. It should give you the chance to be productive without compromising your work quality and physical and mental well-being.

Try these tips out, and soon, you'll be able to enjoy what it's like to have a positive working environment, even at home.

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