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The impact of mental health related issues on Australia’s businesses, government and communities cannot be overstated. Mental health issues affect job involvement, job satisfaction, loyalty, performance and turnover. Financially, it costs our economy as much as $12 billion a year, but it is the human impact that carries the most weight. Nearly one in four people will experience a mental health episode each year, and according to the World Health Organisation, depression is set to be the number one cause of disability across the world by 2030.

On the other hand, when employees experience positive physical and mental health, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated and productive in their roles. Whether you come from a safety lens, a health and wellness role or an HR and OD standpoint, it is crucial to support a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. Acquiring the tools to develop and roll-out a cost-effective, scalable initiative can make a real difference at all levels of your organisation.

This practical and interactive two-day course has been expressly designed to support your business at any level of mental health and wellbeing maturity. This comprehensive program will enable you to evaluate how mental health plays a role in your organisation, identify common workplace issues and understand employer responsibilities and risks. With this thorough grounding, you will tackle strategies to raise organisational awareness, educate leaders, managers and employees, as well as destigmatise conversations about mental health in your organisation.

Our expert facilitator is a psychologist and specialist in developing proactive interventions that improve employee wellbeing. Their experience draws from over a decade working with the Australian Army running a military mental health unit and supporting a unit of 1,200 soldiers.

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshop

- What is mental health, how do you detect mental health issues in your business?

- What part does the employer play? Where does that role begin and end?

- What is organisational wellbeing? Short- and long-term issues

- Understanding the impacts of stress in your workplace

Employer and employee responsibilities and risks

- Navigate legal WHS requirements and responsibilities

- Effectively handle pre-employment medicals to help manage risk and exposure

- Workers compensation issues and optimal return to work outcomes

- ROI for investing in mental health - Make the case to your business

Understand mental health in the workplace

- Common workplace mental health issues

- Indicators of positive mental health

- Mental health concern vs mental illness

- Tackling common mental illnesses - Anxiety, depression and substance abuse

Wellbeing and resilience for managers and employees

- Workplace wellbeing interventions

- Encourage employee resilience

- Discuss wellbeing with employees and managers

- Manager self-care


- Create clearly defined roles, effectively manage relationships and conflict

- Understand people’s stress reactions - Body, mind, behaviour and emotions

- Use mindfulness to choose when and how to engage with employees

- Balance advocacy with inquiry and tackling resistance

Enabling managers to engage effectively

- The role of the manager - What to do and what not to do

- Identify early warning signs and educate leaders

- Practical intervention and support strategies

- Manage difficult conversations

Strategies to destigmatise conversations from senior leadership levels down

- Educate organisational leaders about psychological health and wellbeing

- Executive-level ‘champions’ in creating a psychologically safe work culture

- Top-down organisational leadership around mental health and wellbeing

- How to support executive managers and staff

Summary of key ideas, strategies and action plans

- Wrap-up and discussion of organisational perspectives on mental health and wellbeing

- Communication strategies to destigmatise, engage managers and senior leaders

- Ways to supporting your managers with self-care strategies

- Summarise specific steps for action in your organisation

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To make sure you get the learning solution that’s right for you, we offer different levels of tailoring to suit your needs. Choose from three levels of customisation:

1.Off the Shelf

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