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Effective communication is arguably the most important aspect of a leadership role in the Public Sector. Leaders need to constantly capitalise on their communication skills to manage complex challenges and maintain confidence. Successful contribution and collaboration require consistent development in terms of communication skills and personal skills.

The Public Sector can be difficult to navigate. With a constantly changing and challenging environment, leaders need to be mentally resilient and have a strong support network behind them. Taking advantage of the networking opportunities that arise in the Public Sector can be key to fast-tracking your career progression plan.

This workshop explores the power of resilience and the various skills needed to succeed as a leader in the Victorian Public Sector. You will learn the attributes of a successful leader and gain insight into building your own brand.

Victorian Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop

Fundamental attributes of confident leadership

- Develop a clear vision for success and learn to set achievable goals

- How to be productive and actively meet deadlines

- Explore personal, professional and leadership development opportunities


Maintain resilience and confidence through change

- Recognise the importance of keeping up to date in a rapidly evolving industry

- Learn practical strategies to remain resilient during times of change

- Build and maintain confidence in yourself and your team to adapt and overcome challenges 

How to market your professional self and boost your brand

- Confidently showcase your skills, confidence, resilience, and experience to effectively market your professional self

- Learn how to communicate to influence perception

- Use branding to enhance your career and professional success


Effective networking - Build life mentors and a community of connections

- Take advantage of networking opportunities and identify who will have a positive effect on your career

- Identify how you can help and add value to others

- Engage with the person and not their position


Strategies to lead with an adaptive mindset

- Leverage your experience to tackle complex problems and generate evidence-based insights to inform decisions

- Apply strategies to cope with constant change and be ready to adapt to new challenges

- Build an adaptive and innovative mindset to lead your team effectively


Prepare for the unexpected and develop a future-focused strategy

- Predict the challenges associated with regulation in the Public Sector

- Plan for all possible scenarios

- Navigate the waters of innovation and advancement


Accelerate self and team performance through assertive influence

- Challenge and support team performance by assigning ambitious yet achievable goals

- Learn effective techniques to manage poor-performing staff members

- Effectively communicate constructive feedback


Driving change with confidence

- Embrace change and blend old and new ways of thinking to drive innovation

- Embed an innovative way of thinking in the workplace

- Apply strategies and techniques to overcome resistance and cultivate commitment to change

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