About the workshop

this Masterclass will allow delegates to explore a practical managerial approach to address contemporary internal audit issues, tools, challenges and risks. Specifically the following will be considered:

- Recognise and appreciate ongoing evolution of internal audit (ia) role in potential future trends

- Understanding your stakeholders and their needs within the Governance Framework Driving value in all ia activities

- Enhance your people skills to build relationships of trust, respect and improved outcomes

- Working smarter not harder to achieve the best outcomes assessing readiness and planning for change

- Managing the challenge of the ongoing provision of business acumen to lead, communicate and influence outcomes

Unlocking the Value of Internal Audit

1. Recognise and Appreciate Ongoing Evolution of   Internal Audit (IA) Role in Potential Future Trends 

  • Being aware of future trends and providing advice on the potential role of your IA
  • Understand the global public sector trends and the extent to which the Private Sector trend is also relevant
  • Consider the ten imperatives for change
  • Moving up the value continuum to become a sought after business consultant

2. Understanding Your Stakeholders and Their Needs within the Governance Framework

  • Gaining support to ensure IA is seen as a crucial partner towards achieving goals
  • Adopting a strategic approach to keep up with emerging issues 
  • Assuring senior management that IA meets current process activities
  • Understanding the micro and macro environment you operate within

3. Driving Value in All IA Activities

  • Influencing senior management to focus on the means to improve performance
  • Providing a tangible link between government decisions, activities and their impact
  • Prioritising your activities to drive value through clear linkages and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Developing KPIs that emphasise quantitative and measurable indicators
  • Providing clear IA reporting to highlight the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of IA

4. Enhance Your People Skills to Build Relationships   of Trust, Respect and Improved Outcomes

  • Building a level of credibility, trust and respect for IA that is real added value
  • Consulting with senior management to demonstrate IA value meeting their objectives
  • Managing key relationships for mutual benefit with your “client” Developing the right traits in your in-house team and / or your outsourced / co-sourced provider
  • Culture is everything. Losing the “them and us” mentality forever


5. Working Smarter Not Harder to Achieve the Best Outcomes

  • Preparing your own toolkit to unlock new efficiencies and value enhancers
  • Navigating your way around the suite of tools and technologies
  • Learning from your peers, leveraging from a local and global community
  • Delivering an increased risk coverage whilst operating within your budget

6. Assessing Readiness and Planning for Change

  • Being prepared to answer the tough questions on IA performance and practices
  • Knowing how far along the continuum you and your stakeholders want to travel
  • Assessing existing skills and experience and working out what you really need for the future
  • Maintaining business as usual and increased value on outcomes

7. Continuing the Journey...Ongoing Provision   of Business Acumen to Lead, Communicate and   Influence Outcomes

  • How to avoid being constrained by a narrow view of the Internal Audit role
  • Aligning IA activities to management goals and objectives
  • Building a proactive IA environment, thinking outside the square
  • Teaming with other assurance providers within your organisation to deliver a common goal
  • Consulting with management and stakeholders to contribute ideas and advice on a regular basis 
  • Recognise that IA itself be periodically assessed to unlock full potential as a “business” partner

8. Case Study: Development and Implementation of  Key Performance Indicators

  • Taking a strategic approach to the selection of indicators
  • Measuring performance to highlight the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of IA
  • The value, limitations and dangers of benchmarking performance

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Who Will Attend

- Internal Audit
- Audit Assurance
- Compliance
- Risk and assurance
- Compliance
- Governance

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