About the workshop

Women equate to 57% of staff in tertiary education within Australia. However, they hold only 30% of leadership positions. The benefits of diversity are well known and imperative in identifying catalysts that will redress gender inequality within the workplace. In this constantly evolving sector, authentic and resilient leadership in the face of change is pivotal to success.

In this workshop, you will be encouraged to think about your organisation holistically and to understand the opportunities and avenues in which you can be an effective change agent. Expert facilitation will allow you to explore the unique skills required to lead effectively in education. Practical and interactive sessions will equip you with the strategies and techniques to enable you to reach your full potential, to pursue your chosen career path and to achieve success.

Tertiary Education Women's Leadership Workshop

- Management vs. leadership - What makes you distinctive?

- Leadership Styles - What the evidence says about what works and what doesn’t 

- Developing resilience in a competitive leadership space

Understand your value and your values

- Recognising your values

- Understanding how your values lead your decision making 

- Unleash your authentic leadership style

Strategic career progression

- Skills and approaches in managing your executive presence - Key derailers

- Positioning yourself for promotion - Highlighting your aptitude for leadership

- Maximising existing relationships and networks and building new ones for professional opportunities

Leading into the future

- Understanding where you are in your career journey

- Establishing your goals for leadership progression

- Creating a personal leadership plan


- Developing your communication strategy - Style, structure and substance

- Knowing your audience’s expectations - Effectively managing up and how important it is to do it differently

- Develop more flexibility in your communication overall

Conversations that build trust

- Develop your conversational influence 

- Using verbal tracking skills like a professional

- Get the outcomes you want and need

Keeping the team on track for exceptional performance

- Monitoring behaviour and outcomes

- Communicating success - Dashboards and KPIs

- Preparing for and having difficult performance conversations with confidence 

Dealing with high performers 

- Being the manager that the best people want to work for

- How to identify high performers

- Giving feedback to keep high performers engaged

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