About the workshop

Day One: Leading policy change and laying the groundwork for successful implementation

Senior Policy Officers need a range of skills to lead policy development and build policy capability; to evaluate context, evidence and outcomes to make an effective case for policy change. This practical, interactive day will equip you with key tools for exploring and explaining the place of a proposed policy within government and agency priorities.

Day Two: Risk & Analysis - Manage risk in the dynamic policy landscape

Uncertainty is a constant in policy development and implementation, however it does not have to be a destructive factor and can represent opportunities for innovation, research and adaptive responses. By using critical, objective and evidence based thinking you will gain a key insight to understanding the nature of uncertainty and how uncertainty can be embraced to derive better policy outcomes.

Day Three: Build evaluation capability for effective policy delivery

Thinking evaluatively across the policy cycle, and being able to identify and measure public policy outcomes is a central capability of policy teams. By attending this workshop, you will build upon and gain new insights into techniques to effectively monitor, evaluate and communicate clearly about development and implementation of complex policy interventions and how these are achieved.

Senior Policy Officers Intensive

Creating the preconditions for success

- Strategic and contextual analysis - Establish the need for new policy or policy change

- Anticipate and identify the preconditions for success and the stages of policy ‘maturation’

- Complex or just complicated - Understanding the interdependency of policy activity

- Identify critical knowledge gaps that need to be filled

Leading policy development - Community and communication

- Build a ‘policy community’ in your team and/or agency

- Identify key players and potential policy champions internally and externally

- Successfully facilitate robust policy conversations

- Frame (and re-frame) policy ideas to improve policy reception


It’s all related - Interdependent policy success

- ‘Interrupting’ and challenging existing policy paradigms

- Responding to policy opportunity

- Unintended and perverse outcomes of policy

- Managing unexpected policy requests and tight timeframes


Understand and plan for uncertainty and risk

- Understand the difference between uncertainty and risk

- Explore the sources of risk

- Know how uncertainty and risk can be embedded in good project management

- Understand and apply critical thinking

Manage risk using evidence based policy

- Know the importance of asking “the right effective” questions at different stages of the policy cycle

- Understand why evidence is important in public policy

- Know how to recognise untrustworthy information

- Develop your teams capacity to effectively use evidence


Cognitive biases in managing risk analysis

- What are cognitive biases?

- How can you deal with cognitive biases?

- Conducting a policy pre-mortem


Manage risk with advanced policy logic applications

- Surfacing assumptions, risk and evidence on your logic models


Communicate complex public policy issues

- Strategies to engage with stakeholders during policy development and implementation

- Thinking evaluatively and focusing on the outcomes not just the problems

- Build a shared understanding about policy problems and their solutions

- Communicate evidence effectively at different stages of policy implementation

Monitor and evaluate policy implementation and outcomes 

- Understand the political nature of the policy cycle from development to implementation

- Identify intended and unintended consequences

- Application of program theory – theory of change to M&E

- Explore 5 common program archetypes

Address the key challenges of evaluating policy outcomes

- Core attributes of teams with strong evaluation capability

- Communication and negotiation skills           

- Research, data and analysis capability

- Resilience, team building and management capability

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