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Programs are one of the most important ways by which governments give effect to policy. Program managers are expected to successfully deliver on the objectives and achieve positive outcomes for individuals, communities and society at large. This brand new three-day course is focused on the execution of policy projects and program management, linking planning to service delivery and strategies for dealing with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure policy intentions are achieved.

This exclusive new offering will create powerful links between theory and practice. Deep dive into everything from program logic, log frame analysis and policy logic, frameworks for monitoring and evaluating program outcomes and applying project management methodologies and mindsets (including Agile!) to take your program delivery to the next level.

You will undertake practical exercises exploring the importance of evidence, different types of programs, the challenges of programs with varying levels of complexity and the implications of identifying and measuring intended and unintended program outcomes.

Policy Implementation & Program Delivery Workshop

Understanding government policy goals and processes 

- Policy cycles, processes and timelines

- Policy drivers

- Policy ‘actors’ and the goals of consultation

Using logic models to develop your program theory 

- Policy challenges, impediments to change and the rationale for government action

- Operational measures of successful program delivery

- Long-term success in policy terms (using the language and metrics of ‘outcomes’)

- Preconditions for success, including any parallel activities or partnerships necessary at each stage

- Maintaining a ‘clear line of sight’ to the original policy goal

Changing the message, changing the mindset

- ‘Reframing’ program briefings and marketing messages for different audiences

- Using ‘all the levers’ (information, regulation, self-interest and ethical persuasion)

Interrupting the way we think about the program manager’s role

- Building participation in ‘demand-driven’ programs 

- Interrupting ‘set and forget’ thinking about program delivery

- Crossing boundaries to engage with policy and program teams in related areas—before and during a program’s development, marketing and implementation

- Encouraging speculation and theory-building

- Developing a community of practice for program practitioners.


Using evidence for effective program implementation

- The politics of policy and programs – from policy development to program design and implementation

- Understanding the nature of evidence to inform program design, implementation and evaluation

- Communicating evidence effectively at different stages of program implementation


Designing and implementing government programs

- 6 common program archetypes

- Simple, complicated and complex programs

- Intended and unintended outcomes

- Use of design thinking/co-design/systems thinking

- Communicating key program concepts relating to program design, implementation and evaluation


Monitoring and evaluating program outcomes

- Evaluative thinking

- Monitoring versus evaluation 

- Different approaches to evaluation

- Application of program theory – theory of change to M&E

- Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks


Building capacity and capability to implement government programs effectively

- Capabilities implement government programs effectively

- Skills and competencies required of effective program managers

- Monitor and evaluate ‘what worked, or what didn’t work’ in terms of program design and delivery

- Develop a personal capability building action plan


Linking project methodologies with the policy process and program delivery 
- Explore traditional project management methodologies, including Waterfall
- Overview of core Agile concepts – What is the Agile approach?
- Importance of stakeholders sharing an Agile Perspective
- Typical policy projects and tasks for policy analysts

Preparing for an Agile program or work and analysing metrics
- How do we determine “value”? Who determines what value is and the priority of delivery?
- Understanding and adapting Agile reporting - Burn down, velocity, tracking velocity and interpreting the graphs
- Blitz Planning and estimation for government
- Incorporating Scrum and Agile, Kanban techniques and supporting practices

Manage your program portfolio
- Identifying and assessing investment priorities and articulating business requirements
- Improving organisational capability to manage projects – an introduction to Lean Portfolio Management
- Project/program alignment with policy/strategy
- Technology solutions and governance arrangements

Accelerating improvements in program performance
- Bridge the gap between evaluation and integrating findings into program improvement strategies
- Develop capacity to operate continuous improvement cycles and effective reporting
- Assessing and managing risk, identifying and documenting delivery risks
- Developing contingency plans

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