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Accurate, timely and coherent performance information is fundamental to the success of any organisation. The Public Sector, in particular, is reliant on its divisional management and branch leaders to provide clear and concise management reports to inform strategy and decision making in a timely fashion. Faster, sharper performance reports are expected by senior executives, yet these are often too financially focused, crowded with detail and with little alignment to performance results and outcomes, or the quality and timeliness of services delivered.

It is essential to build a performance reporting system that both addresses the key requirements of legislation, like the Public Governance, Performance Accountability Act (2013), and also remains in line with the agencies core purpose and outcomes. Clarity about your organisation’s performance objectives will strengthen the performance reporting system. Having a clearly mapped out performance framework – defining what is to be measured and reported on, and where that reporting will occur within the organisation will also strengthen the performance reporting system.

This unique workshop is designed to provide you with an opportunity evaluate your organisation’s performance reporting framework against alternatives, and develop a best fit framework to meet your organisation’s strategy and performance reporting needs. Attendees will benefit from case study examples of how this has been achieved in other organisations. The interactive workshop format will enable a combination of structured learning, and peer-to-peer experience sharing. The workshop will also include preparing and delivering a presentation targeted to a senior executive group, of a documented performance report, and being able to communicate a performance story effectively and with confidence.

Management Reporting for Public Sector Managers Workshop

  • What is the purpose of a performance reporting framework?
  • Taking a ‘whole-of-entity’ perspective to organisational performance
  • What are your decision makers expecting to receive as a performance report?
  • Review approaches for a financial and performance reporting framework, including:
    • Outcome and Output performance models
    • Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard
    • Broad-based Business Reporting, or ‘Six Capitals’ Reporting
  • Assessing and ‘stress-testing’ the appropriateness of alternative framework models for your organisation
  • Considering the reporting timeframes – aligning reporting to decision making cycle 


Case Study will be used to highlight the key aspects of concern in developing ‘whole-of-entity’ performance frameworks

Mapping the performance interdependencies

  • Determine the cause and effect linkages between the performance objectives
  • Applying Kaplan and Norton’s Strategy Map concept
  • Using the mapping to identify leading and lagging performance indicators and metrics
  • Identify what content should be focused on in the performance report

Case Study: Apply the mapping concept


What should the performance report look like?

  • Identifying the characteristics of your agency’s preferences for performance reports
  • Considering other types of performance reports:
    • Dashboards
    • Scorecards
  • Developing your preferred approach – what will meet your performance reporting requirements?

Dealing with data and information for performance reporting

  • Dealing with data – volume, velocity, richness and integrity
  • Understanding the numbers – the critical math behind statistics, scale and percentages
  • Visualisation – legibility, colour, scale and context
  • Fundamental tools enabling analysis, including:
    • Line charts
    • Vertical bars
    • Horizontal bars
    • Pie charts
    • Tables
    • Pictograms
    • Maps


  • Build a performance report, applying the principles considered in earlier sessions:
    • A performance dashboard
    • A performance scorecard

Group Discussion: Participants will be given individual feedback on the information they present.


Interactive session: Presenting on performance

  • Develop and present a verbal presentation on a performance concept;
    • Thinking about your audience
    • What will be effective communication for them?
    • What response do you want to get from them?
    • Remember they see your body language and confidence even before you speak
    • Preparing your presentation – what is important to cover and how should it be structured and presented
    • Using storytelling to convey information and facts that will be remembered and acted upon
    • Understanding how you will feel and handling any nervous feelings

Planning the implementation of improvements to your performance report

  • Determining where to start and how to get buy-in and engagement with executive and senior management
  • Strategies for over-coming road-blocks and gaining take-up of improvements in performance reporting
  • Building a performance culture that is about continuous performance improvement

Developing an ‘Action Plan’ to implement your enhanced performance reporting approach

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