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The Construction, Infrastructure and Engineering industries dominate Australia's economy. In this thriving but competitive space, leaders must be both technically proficient and business savvy. They need to be capable of solving complex business and client-facing problems quickly and efficiently. Even the most technically accomplished professionals recognise that technology and business skills alone will not assure either effective leadership or strategic thinking. Learning to be self-aware and articulate your vision in a way that engages the right people at the right time are invaluable skills that will develop and enhance your authentic leadership voice. To be a leader and add strategic value to your organisation, you need to complement your occupational expertise with breakthrough leadership and effective and empowered team leadership.

This practical, hands-on two-day workshop will examine the many moving parts and the key ingredients of a high-performing leader in this tough, but dynamic environment. You will be equipped with the practical skills to communicate authentically, master emotional agility, lead motivated and empowered teams and move your team from conflict collaboration - creating a personal action plan to unleash your leadership potential and take the next step in your career.

Infrastructure and Construction Leadership Workshop

- Identify your purpose and build your personal brand 

- Leverage your personal brand to strengthen your leadership identity

- Align your leadership strength with the expectations of your organisation


Enhance authentic and strategic communication

- Learn to understand and prioritise key relationships

- Identify channels for communication and recognise which are the most effective

- Develop successful strategies to make an impact


Develop emotional agility and overcome criticism

- Effective strategies for self-awareness and self-regulation

- Understand the circles of control, influence and concern

- View criticism as a stepping stone, not a brick wall


Balance your workload and create an active career plan

- Manage and maintain a work-life balance with an ever-increasing workload

- Establish a leadership mindset that will accelerate your career development

- Develop a personal action plan and practical strategies to implement


- Develop your mindset for team leadership

- Identify the individual strengths and limitations of team members

- Set common team goals and vision, connecting the team to organisational purpose


Develop strategies for creating and leading empowered teams 

- Create a culture that attracts and retains high-performing talent, empowers employees, and values ownership

- Understand the impact of team cohesion on commitment, productivity, and performance

- Improve team performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement


Build techniques to move your team from conflict to collaboration

- Recognise sources of conflict and the different paths towards resolution

- Take responsibility for dealing with conflict, diversity and disagreement

- Develop practical skills for resolving conflict, providing feedback, and holding team members accountable


Move from vision to results 

- Encourage authority, accountability, and responsibility in your team 

- Provide recognition and reward as an incentive to high-performance

- Leverage individual strengths and pool resources for team success

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