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May 19th, 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Grab your schedule by the reins and learn how to cater your workspace to YOUR needs


- Gain long-lasting skills to tackle procrastination
- Learn strategies that will transform your efficiency
- Build a time management system that works for you
- Define SMART goals aligned with organisational priorities


Donna Stone

Donna has 30+ years experience with professionals, improving their performance and bottom line;

coaching them to have a work life they love. She works with leaders, managers and senior

executives in mentoring them to achieve the optimum in their careers. Donna is passionate about

helping clients walk away with clarity, focus and a clear course of action to ensure they reach their

full potential. Through her 7 books, numerous eBooks, newsletters and international speaking, she

shares decades of knowledge with those who want to improve their professional and personal lives.

Business Consultant & Coach
Stone Business Coaching


Planning and Time Management Skills Workshop
Planning and Time Management Skills Workshop

19 May


Effectively planning and prioritising your day

- Tools to master your priorities and avoid the ‘Urgency Trap’

- Strategies for being on time

- Learn how and when to delegate to increase productivity

- Tips and tricks to manage your calendar and emails

Setting realistic goals aligned with yourself and your team

- Understand SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timely)

- How to align your goals with organisational vision

- Tools to effectively manage milestones and align team schedules

Assertiveness and optimising your schedule

- Manage short meetings and optimise online delivery

- Identify time wasters and strategies to mitigate them

- Understand when and how to say ‘no’

- Strategies for effective decision making

Maintaining structure under pressure

- Practical tips and tools to improve your multitasking skills

- Effective communication skills to manage interruptions

- How to stay focused and minimise procrastination

- Mitigate stress by setting daily rituals for better self awareness

  • Donna Stone Business Consultant & Coach Stone Business Coaching



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Virtual / Streaming

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