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10th - 11th, June 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Support the health and well-being of your teams, your organisation, and yourself through disruption and uncertainty


- Understand the nature of anxiety in crisis contexts
- Explore the psychological impact of altered and dispersed working arrangements, and working in reduced teams
- Prepare for behavioural variations in response to crisis and implement support strategies
- Develop good personal mental health practices to ensure your own well-being


Melissa Harries

Melissa is a psychologist and specialist in developing proactive interventions that improve employee wellbeing, drawn from over a decade working with the Australian Army running a military mental health unit supporting a unit of 1200 soldiers.

She is also the founder of the Parramatta Psychology Clinic, in 2012, and provides EAP counselling, where she specialises in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace and Adaptability.

Principal Psychologist
Mindset Psychology


Session One
Session Two
Workforce Mental Health Strategies for Managers & Leaders

10 Jun - 11 Jun


Anxiety and change - Supporting the wellbeing of staff during disruptive times

- Understanding the nature and cause of anxiety in the context of crisis

- Exploring its impact on the workplace, and at personal, environmental, and systemic levels

- Examining the psychology of change

Know what to expect as work continues to change

- Understanding the psychological impact of working in dispersed, remote and reduced teams

- Facilitating connection and cohesion in digital teams

- Responding to team member "survivor guilt"

- Communication techniques for empathetic understanding

- How to discuss the big topics like redundancy, death and illness

  • Melissa Harries Principal Psychologist Mindset Psychology


Mental health for managers - Support your team and your organisation 

- Identifying red flags in staff (how well are they really coping)

- Broaching the topic of mental health with staff

- Understanding referral options and the manager's ongoing support role

- Responding to anxious workers

Self-care - Helping to build organisation-wide resilience

- Establishing a regular self-care routine for yourself to ensure stable leadership

- Encouraging positive well-being behaviours during different dispersed working and return-to-work scenarios

- Embedding self-care practices in the workplace (virtual and physical) to support the mental health for your team

  • Melissa Harries Principal Psychologist Mindset Psychology



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Virtual / Streaming

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