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18th - 19th, June 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Enhance your effectiveness as a leader in a changing business environment


Leslie Hamilton

Leslie Hamilton, MEd, MBA, is a change facilitator and coach with 20+ years of experience in people and organisational performance. She supports highly-trained technical and service professionals to achieve remarkable results by building resilient relationships and productive processes. She uses researched, practical and creative techniques to support and challenge her clients, who range from CEOs to front-line service representatives in the technology, research, academic, healthcare, government, and sports sectors. 



- Understand workplace bias & the strategies to successfully navigate it
- Manage conflict & execute difficult conversations with confidence
- Develop techniques, tools & channels to improve team drive & motivation
- Create a positive culture of engagement & success
- Effective skills for self-promotion & accelerated career progression
- Strategic planning for your leadership development & career


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Women's Leadership & High Performance Workshop

18 Jun - 19 Jun

Create your leadership foundation both inside and out

- Tap into your leadership brain

- Set the groundwork for your leadership

- Create a positive culture of success and engagement


Enhance your self-awareness to be a confident and authentic leader

- Use reflection as a leadership development process

- Communicate your authenticity with confidence and competence

- Identify and build your unique strengths


Develop high-level communication skills

- Understand the neuroscience of conversations 

- Manage conflict and execute difficult conversations with confidence

- Influence with integrity


Refine your leadership skills

- Lead from your values and purpose

- Connect leadership and wellbeing

- Cultivate a high performing mindset

  • Leslie Hamilton Principal FutureScape

Build a high-performance team

- Leverage your leadership strategies to accelerate team performance

- Assess your team’s strengths and strategies 

- Develop your message to enhance your team's drive and motivation 


Drive change and innovation

- Recognise and overcome hurdles to change

- Step outside your comfort zone and trust your intuition

- Embed positive change culture in your organisation


Demonstrate confidence and resilience in the face of disruption

- Develop resilience to disruption

- Communicate with confidence

- Learn from your cohort of support to be your best self


Action plan for self-leadership and success

- Enhance skills for self-promotion and accelerated career progression

- Maximise your relationships and networks for professional opportunities

- Achieve improved leadership performance with your personal action plan

  • Leslie Hamilton Principal FutureScape


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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