• July 23rd - 26th, 2019
  • Auckland, New Zealand
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    3 Days

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3rd Women in Tech & Telco Leadership Summit

Maximise the opportunities of digital to accelerate your leadership career

  • July 23rd - 26th, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Navigate the evolving industry landscape
- Build confidence & refine your leadership skills
- Develop strategic communication skills
- Inspirational leadership stories


Husain Al-Badry

Husain has 14+ years of experience in the tech sector, with a particular focus on commercialising new technology, and innovating using design-led principles. He now leads the customer experience design capability across Datacom group, as well as the exploration and incubation of emerging technology ventures, under what Datacom calls the “Innovation Foundry”. Having been part of Datacom’s own cultural transformation and growth agenda, Husain is a big believer in the power of organisational culture, and the impact it has on an organisation’s agility, ability to execute on innovation at scale, and the ability to shift market perception.

General Manager CX and Innovation

  • Tessa Tierney
    Product Director
  • Charlotte Walshe
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jade Software
  • Carolyn Luey
    Consumer Director
  • Fiona Hawkins
    Head of Customer Enablement


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3 Days

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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Enhancing the leadership mindset
The pursuit of passionate leadership
The importance of mentorship
Get ready
Build the path to positive change
Aspire to achieve
Thrive as a digital leader
The importance of presence in effective leadership
Get set
Collaborate to extend leadership capabilities
Construct confident leadership
Navigate the digital road-map
Foster courage & ambition
Embrace courage & conviction as a leader
Juggle roles & priorities
Map the future for women in tech & telco
Strategies for successful communication
Pre-Summit workshop

23 Jul


Rapid change has unlocked exciting opportunities for women in leadership, but navigating this complex environment demands an adaptive leadership mindset. Learn how to identify and leverage your unique capabilities, build resilience, improve interpersonal relationships and hone your decision-making skills.

Build your authentic leadership profile

- Identify key strengths in your leadership style

- Trust your instincts

- Enhance your leadership mindset

Cultivate confidence and resilience

- Strategies to build confidence

- Assert your value

- Constructively manage adversity

Understand your leadership identity

- Develop your authentic leadership voice

- Internalise your unique skill-set

- Unlock your potential

Develop your leadership mindset

- Cultivate your team's wellbeing

- Positive patterns for progression

- Communication skills for success

Summit Day 1

24 Jul

Case Study

Leaders must be passionate about their industry and the team they lead. Join Tessa to learn how she leads passionately and decisively through a changing environment.

- Embrace your passion

- Create opportunities from challenges

- Continue looking forward

  • Tessa Tierney Product Director Spark

Case Study

Mentorship is beneficial at all stages of your life to help you learn, grow and change. Pauline will share her passion for mentoring young women and help you create new opportunities for growth.

- Change the dynamic

- Innovative thinking to break barriers

- Embrace the opportunity to learn and give back 

  • Pauline Hampshire Supply Chain IT Partner Manager Cisco


A mini-workshop to help you set goals and prepare for the day ahead.


Diversity will help establish trust and satisfaction in your organisation. Join our panel as they discuss the movement of tech and telco towards a diverse and positive future.

- Embrace a diverse environment

- Define the future workforce

- Create a dynamic culture

  • Husain Al-Badry General Manager CX and Innovation Datacom

  • Ed Hyde Chief Customer Officer Chorus

  • Donna Wright Head of marketing and operations Microsoft

  • Lori Hand Public Sector Leader, Global Business Services IBM

  • Talei Wood Vice President Customer Support Vend

Case Study

Learn how to challenge the norm, build confidence and look at equality in a different way. Joy will share her thoughts and stories on the challenges of being a woman in leadership.

- Lead by example

- Tackle negative perceptions

- Pave the way for future leaders

  • Joy Keene (ITP) Deputy CE Institute of IT professionals

Case Study

The tech and telco landscape is ever-changing. Learning to stand firm against the difficulties of digital disruption is imperative for your success.

- Embrace resilience

- Decision making for success

- Learn how to stay balanced

  • Priyanka Roy Head of Data and Artificial Intelligence Intergen

Case Study

Continual learning is a hallmark of leadership. The more you understand about yourself and the challenges of those around you, the more authentic of a leader you will be.

- Unlock your potential

- Gain new perspectives

- Align self-awareness with a focus

  • Ana Sever ICT Leader and Intrapreneur


An opportunity to reflect on your learning and relationships

Case Study

Connectivity and communication are critical for success, especially in agile industries. Join Husain as he explores how to collaborate within your team and the broader industry landscape.

- Create connections

- Build trust

- Lead with confidence

  • Husain Al-Badry General Manager CX and Innovation Datacom

Summit Day 2

25 Jul

Case Study

Leadership in the digital age presents distinct challenges. Being able to construct your leadership style confidently among the shifting sands is pivotal to success.

- Turn challenges into opportunities

- Challenge the norm

- Embrace the ability to change and update

  • Jamaine Naicker GM of IT Strategy & Development Equifax

Case Study

No day is the same in the life of a leader. This session will help you embrace and navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

- Essential tools for effective leadership

- Build your brand

- Learn how to develop your skill-set to navigate the changing road

  • Carolyn Luey Consumer Director Vodafone


Leadership in tech and telco demands the courage to innovate. Our panel will help you fuel ambition for yourself, your team and the organisation.

- Embrace ambition

- Foster confident growth

- Construct courage

  • Charlotte Walshe Chief Executive Officer Jade Software

  • Fiona Hawkins Head of Customer Enablement Kordia

  • Gavin Lennox Former CEO Invenco

Case Study

Manage your image and visibility without creating a different version of yourself. Learn how to be confident in asserting your brand and values to others around you.

- Advocate for yourself

- Be bold and take ownership

- Harness the skills to charge forward with conviction

  • Talei Wood Vice President Customer Support Vend

Case Study

In the volatile world of tech and telco, prioritisation is an essential skill. Learn how to integrate work into your life without compromise.

- Manage competing demands

- Create open environments

- Harmonise your priorities

  • Anne-Lise Blackburn National Manager, People and Culture Dimension Data


To turn challenges into opportunities, you must quickly adapt to change and build authenticity. This session will bring together the key outcomes from the summit and map the future for women in tech and telco.

- Capturing key skills

- Confident leadership

- Forward-thinking


Create long-lasting connections and put theory into practice.

Post-summit workshop

26 Jul


Communication is the pillar that supports successful leaders. Learning the psychology behind communication will help you harness new methods of thinking and strategising to get positive results. Identify your communication style, enhance your interpersonal skills, and develop emotional intelligence to strengthen your leadership profile.

Understand the science of communication

- Understand your brain

- Recognise your cues

- Influence the conversation

Maximise influential abilities

- Understand your communication style

- Deliver with versatility and confidence

- Increase self-awareness

Develop your interpersonal skills

- Manage emotional intelligence

- Learn assertiveness not aggression

- Learn to motivate your team

Navigate change

- Know your value

- Embrace change with confidence

- Plan your legacy


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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