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Women in Road, Rail & Transport Infrastructure Leadership Workshop

11th - 12th, April 2024 / Online
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Develop the key skills, strategies and technical know-how to position yourself and your team for success

• Develop your individual leadership style
• Hone your communication skills to gain visibility and raise your professional profile
• Gain practical strategies to motivate individuals and teams
• Master conflict management and difficult conversations


Jo Wise

Jo Wise is a Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Executive Performance & Behavioural Adviser to leaders who really care about what they do and how they do it.

Jo is very passionate about working with leaders in coaching sessions and workplace training seminars to help them up-level their professional brand and executive presence to take their leadership and career to new heights in a sustainable way. 

Leadership Performance Coach
Jo Wise Leadership



Build your professional brand and leadership identity

- Identify your purpose and build your personal brand

- Leverage your personal brand to strengthen your leadership identity

- Align your leadership strength with the expectations of your organisation

Enhance authentic and strategic communication

- Learn to understand and prioritise key relationships

- Identify channels for communication and recognise which are the most effective

- Develop successful strategies to make an impact

Develop emotional agility and overcome criticism

- Effective strategies for self-awareness and self-regulation

- Understand the circles of control, influence and concern

- View criticism as a stepping stone, not a brick wall

Interactive Discussion Session

Executive Leadership Secrets - Paths to Progression 

- Career reflections - The journey to the top and what it took to get there

- Discover the importance of self-development and personal growth

- Develop strategies for navigating your path to progression

Balance your workload and create an active career plan

- Manage and maintain a work-life balance with an ever-increasing workload

- Establish a leadership mindset that will accelerate your career development

- Develop a personal action plan and practical strategies to implement

  • Jo Wise Leadership Performance Coach Jo Wise Leadership


Embrace a growth mindset for personal and team success

- Develop your mindset for team leadership

- Identify the individual strengths and limitations of team members

- Set common team goals and vision, connecting the team to organisational purpose

Develop the strategies for creating and leading empowered teams

- Create a culture that attracts and retains high-performing talent, empowers employees, and values ownership

- Understand the impact of team cohesion on commitment, productivity, and performance

- Improve team performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement

Build techniques to move your team from conflict to collaboration

- Recognise sources of conflict and the different paths towards resolution

- Take responsibility for dealing with conflict, diversity and disagreement

- Develop practical skills for resolving conflict, providing feedback, and holding team members accountable

Move from vision to results

- Encourage authority, accountability, and responsibility in your team

- Provide recognition and reward as an incentive to high-performance

- Leverage individual strengths and pool resources for team success

  • Jo Wise Leadership Performance Coach Jo Wise Leadership

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