Women in Rail, Roads & Transport Infrastructure Leadership Summit

Accelerate your leadership capabilities & thrive

  • June 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour


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- Strategies to raise your professional profile
- Enhance your stakeholder relationships
- Sharpen your strategic communication skills
- Build & leverage your leadership strengths


Julie Anne Genter

Julie Anne Genter MP is an American-born New Zealand politician who is a member of the House of Representatives representing the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. She is currently the Minister for Women, Associate Minister for Health and Associate Minister for Transport.

Minister for Women & Transport Associate Minister
New Zealand Parliament

  • Karen Lyons
    Auckland Director
    Ministry of Transport
  • Peter Lensink
    Chief Operating Officer
    Transdev Auckland
  • Viv Heslop
    Head of Transport Sustainability
    Auckland Transport
  • Moira Manning
    General Manager People and Capability
    City Rail Link Ltd


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Download the brochure
Transition from technical expert to inspirational leader
Lead positive engagement
Communicate, collaborate & create
Create an alliance culture
Carve your leadership brand
Boost productivity with flexibility
Lead a team of technical specialists
Be the direction
Find your leadership path
Foster leadership capability
Advance in your leadership journey
Define the future workforce
Impostor syndrome
An unexpected leadership path
Start your leadership journey today
Create a positive workplace culture
Pre-Summit Workshop

25 Jun


Advancing into leadership can be a challenging transition, but mastering the art of leadership will equip you with the skills to thrive in any environment. Explore and develop the fundamental skills to seamlessly transition into leadership. You'll learn how to leverage your technical skills and build new capabilities for peak performance.

Leap out of your comfort zone

- Adopt a leadership mindset

- Identify role models for success

- Deal with the demons

Your leadership toolbox: What do you bring? What do you need?

- Clarify your leadership capabilities and values

- Define your leadership style

- The 5 conversations you need to schedule in

Plan for early wins

- Introduction to emotional intelligence 

- Communicate like a pro

- Measure your success

Plan for career progression

- Expand your sphere of influence

- Define your brand and market yourself

- Develop your action plan

  • Janet Tuck Career Specialist and Director The Career Clinic

Summit Day One

26 Jun

Case Study

Creating a positive workplace culture will increase productivity, employee morale and drive engagement. Stephanie will explore how she leads her team to boost performance.

- The impact on curating positivity

- Why kindness matters

- Understand the needs of your team

  • Stephanie Campbell General Manager Strategic Land Use Kiwirail

Case Study

To create a high performing team, you need the right culture for your organisation. Karen will discuss her strategies for building team success.

- Have everyone's voice heard

- Create value within your team

- Celebrate your team’s success

  • Karen Lyons Auckland Director Ministry of Transport

Case Study

Working in an alliance requires the management of people from different organisations. Jennifer will discuss the key learnings from a significant 10-year project.

- Work collaboratively with stakeholders

- Strategies for achieving business objectives

- Leave a lasting legacy on the roading landscape

  • Jennifer Hart Principal (Technical Director) Beca Group Ltd

Case Study

Leaders who evolve their leadership brands are more likely to be successful in the long term. Michel will discuss how all-inclusive leadership is imperative for your brand.

- Identify your core values

- Leverage your strengths

- Earn respect from your team

  • Peter Lensink Chief Operating Officer Transdev Auckland


Striking a work-life equilibrium is easier said than done. Our panel will discuss how they balance their personal and professional priorities, ensuring their staff are empowered to do the same.

- Communicate your needs

- Eliminate the feeling of guilt

- Identify your values

  • Rebekah Pokura-Ward Project Director NZ Transport Agency

  • Victoria Day Technical Director - Advisory Mott MacDonald NZ

  • Teresa Monahan General Manager Operations DHL Supply Chain

  • Mel Taylor Senior Transport Planner Aurecon

Case Study

Leaders of technical departments will need to manage diversely skilled people. Victoria will explain how she has managed high performing teams of multi-disciplinary specialists to deliver great project outcomes.

- Redefine the leadership role – it’s not about being the most experienced

- Facilitate generational knowledge transfer

- Enable strong teamwork

  • Victoria Day Technical Director - Advisory Mott MacDonald NZ

Case Study

The vision, value and delivery of CRL are due to dedicated, committed and outcome-focussed leadership. Moira will discuss putting together one of the vastest projects in New Zealand.

- Lead the way with the alliance delivery model

- The outputs of committed and outcome-focussed leadership.

- Be agile and collaborative to capture public and political momentum

  • Moira Manning General Manager People and Capability City Rail Link Ltd

Case Study

Identifying the right career path will help you build confidence. Julie Anne will explain how to find your personal power.

- Empower yourself to step up

- Find your inner voice

- Establish your career goals

  • Julie Anne Genter Minister for Women & Transport Associate Minister New Zealand Parliament

Summit Day Two

27 Jun

Case Study

Diane will share some of the highlights or her eclectic career and share some tips on how this has helped her to develop the leadership capabilities of others with amazing results.

- Know your own strengths and weakness

- Identify and nurture talent

- Have courage to be an authentic leader

  • Diane Edwards General Manager People,Systems and Technology Ports of Auckland

Case Study

Navigating your career pathway is essential for professional growth. Viv will discuss her incredible road to leadership.

- Identify leadership opportunities

- Learn to say yes

- Show your leadership capability

  • Viv Heslop Head of Transport Sustainability Auckland Transport


To be a powerful leader, you must create a sustainable workplace environment that encourages diverse thinking. Our panellists will discuss how they are defining the future workforce.

- Embed that right culture

- Create a diverse environment

- Create your leadership legacy

  • Rebecca Reti Head of Strategic Change & High Performance New Zealand Post

  • Nesh Pillay LRT Transport Consenting Lead (on City Centre to Mangere Light Rail) City Centre to Mangere Light Rail

  • Josephine Dando National Health, Safety and Quality Manager TIL Freight Ltd

  • Ami Willmoth Commercial Manager (Transport Services) Brian Perry Civil

Expert Commentary

Realising your potential will create an efficient leadership pathway. Jess will discuss ways to empower yourself.

- Recognise the symptoms

- Ways to extract self-doubt

- Accept a positive mindset

Case Study

Leadership journeys can start in many different ways. Doris will discuss her leadership journey and how she prepared the unexpected.

- Build confidence in your abilities

- Identify career opportunities

- Build trust and capabilities

  • Doris Stroh Technical Director, Transport Aurecon New Zealand


This closing roundtable discussion will ignite reflection and equip you with tools to help you redefine your future leadership journey.

- Reflect on key learnings

- Strategies to apply today

- Prepare your future goals

Post-Summit Workshop

28 Jun


Workplace culture starts from the top and requires exemplary leadership to create an environment of trust. Discover best practice strategies to create an innovative workplace culture and boost productivity.

Build strong self-awareness

- Understand what exceptional leadership looks like

- Harness the power of emotional intelligence

- Build your leadership brand

Create your authentic leadership style

- Uncover your authentic identity

- The power resilience

- Leverage your strengths

Understand your team's needs

- Learn how to inspire and motivate others

- Understand the difference between managing versus leading

- Master the art of positive leadership and build engagement

The imposter syndrome

- Encourage positive thinking from your team and yourself

- Improve your outlook on the future

- Set goals and expectations you know you can achieve

  • Jess Stuart Leadership Coach Jess Stuart


Sofitel Auckland Viaduct Harbour

Auckland, New Zealand

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