3rd Women in Rail, Roads & Transport Infrastructure Leadership Summit

Unpack your leadership potential and develop essential skills to strengthen your career

  • May 28th - 31st, 2019
  • The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney


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- Strategies to raise your professional profile
- Cultivate strategic communication skills
- Carve a career that supports your priorities
- Build and leverage your leadership strengths


Kylie Gallasch

During Kylie’s tenure at ARTC, the company has grown from a passionate organisation of less than 100, to a fearless team of 1,300+ and she feels proud to have played her role in the growth and success of our business.

Kylie has been with ARTC for 19 years and currently holds the role of Group Executive Corporate Services & Safety.

She has played a significant role in a number of important projects and initiatives throughout our company’s

history, including the take up of New South Wales Infrastructure Maintenance in 2004, the Privatisation Scoping Study while developing ARTC's finance strategies and systems to respond to emerging challenges.

Group Executive, Corporate Services & Safety
Australian Rail Track Corporation

  • Donna Jones
    Group Manager, Talent, Diversity & Inclusion
    Transdev Australasia
  • Sue McCarrey
    Chief Executive Officer
    Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator
  • Sarah Dixon
    General Manager, Bulk East
  • Anne Koopmann-Schmidt
    Head of Quality Australia & South East Asia


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Download the brochure
From lost to limitless: Your essential leadership toolkit
An unconventional journey
Strengthen your leadership brand
Create your confident self
Create a movement within your organisation
Unify your team to create a positive workplace culture
Shape the future workforce
Build your influence in a male-dominated environment
Authentic self-promotion
From technical specialist to leader
Navigate difficult conversations
Strengthen your remote leadership skills
Embed a culture of resilience
To the future leaders
Promote the participation of women in your organisation
Take the leap into your future career
The high-performance communications workshop
Pre-Summit Workshop

28 May


For many aspiring leaders, particularly women in traditionally male-dominated industries, your authentic self can feel lost and ignored as you attempt to fit the mould. Whether you're a new leader or looking to reboot, this full-day interactive workshop will provide you with the tools to conquer your fears and take back your authentic power. 

Network and learn alongside fellow women in your industry as you delve into the essential leadership skills you need to excel. Unlock your creativity, define your leadership brand and harness these skills to implement with your teams and back in the workplace. 

Become your authentic, limitless self

- Who are you as a leader and who do you want to be?

- Define and refine your leadership brand

- Accelerate your leadership capability 

Unlock diversity of thought and innovation

- Leverage an invaluable workforce ready to tackle industry disruption

- Harness the unique strengths of yourself and your team

- Empower career development in your organisation

Boost your workplace engagement and improve retention

- Create a sustainable work-life integration

- Encourage authenticity

- Practice and solutions for real work scenarios

Take back the power in your career

- Amplify your leadership impact

- Concrete your personal and professional values

- Unlock your limitless career potential

Conference Day 1

29 May

Case Study

Careers are never linear, which means there's no single path to leadership. Kylie will share how identifying and leveraging her strengths was crucial to the advancement of her nonlinear career.

- Learn to say yes

- Demonstrate your aptitude for leadership success

- Identify professional opportunities

  • Kylie Gallasch Group Executive, Corporate Services & Safety Australian Rail Track Corporation

Case Study

Leadership isn't just about managing. You will become a mentor, a teacher, a boss, and a role model. It can be challenging to wear so many hats in one day, so you'll need to have a firm grasp on your leadership identity. Hear as Anne helps you to understand your strengths and teach you how to build on them. 

-Identify your core values and strengths

-Be the author of your identity

-Earn trust and respect through honest leadership

  • Anne Koopmann-Schmidt Head of Quality Australia & South East Asia Bombardier

Expert Commentary

Self-doubt is of the significant barriers facing aspiring female leaders and must be managed to build a resilient mindset. In doing so, you'll strengthen your emotional intelligence, which allows you to lead with greater influence and effectiveness.

- Silence self-doubt

- Identify and leverage your natural skills

- Develop an emotionally intelligent workplace culture

Case Study

Leadership can be leveraged to drive internal change, but only if you gain trust and buy-in to support you. Donna will share how Transdev has promoted an inclusive environment, boosted productivity, and grown peer to peer engagement.

- Build and maintain trust

- Foster an innovative and engaged environment

- The future of your workplace

  • Donna Jones Group Manager, Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Transdev Australasia

Case Study

Workplace culture is a fundamental element of organisational success. If your team are motivated and engaged, your values will naturally align, which means you can continue to work towards your future.

- Transparent leadership

- Develop a high-functional team

- Use recognition and praise to create a positive culture

  • Sarah Dixon General Manager, Bulk East Aurizon


Leaders invest a lot of time sourcing and recruiting qualified talent, but nurturing and developing your workforce is the most indispensable part of the process. Talented employees leave when they feel unsatisfied, but engaged teams give back to your organisation tenfold.

- Recruit, retain and develop your workforce

- The benefits of support and mentorships

- Challenge unconscious bias

  • Julie Morgan Director, Insights & Education, Compliance & Regulatory Services Roads & Maritime Services

  • Rochelle Reynolds Project Director V/Line

Case Study

You need to be seen as an indispensable and trustworthy component of your business to build influence. This session will help you raise your voice and authenticate your leadership brand.

- Find your voice and be heard

- Authority vs influence

- Negotiation skills and strategies

  • Shannon Roma Head of HR, Coal Pacific National

Expert Commentary

Some of the inherent attitudes we have towards our careers can be unfulfilling. In this session, Kellie will help you unlock a new mindset to enhance your career and create limitless opportunities for your organisation.

- Tactics to help you promote your brand

- Learn to stop underselling yourself

- Create and seize career opportunities

Conference Day 2

30 May

Case Study

Gaining credibility for your technical skills in a male-dominated environment can take a lot of time and energy. Discover how Helen navigated her career and applied her professional knowledge to get ahead.

- Utilise your technical knowledge

- Build confidence in your abilities

- Leap out of your comfort zone

  • Helen Williams Director, Engineering Transport NSW

Case Study

An inherent part of your career journey will involve handling difficult conversations. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and developing the confidence to handle these situations will assist you in taking the next step in your career.

- Develop a practical approach to negotiation and influence

- Enhance your executive presence and leadership impact

- Formal and informal authority

  • Sue McCarrey Chief Executive Officer Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

Case Study

The management of major industrial projects means teams are stationed across the country. This presents a challenge for leaders who must continue to exert influence and create engagement. Judith leads regionally dispersed teams of up to 1,000 people and will share insights into remote leadership.

- Build your influence remotely

- Manage remote workers and projects

- Engage stakeholders wherever you are

  • Judith Sturman Executive Director, Public Transport Operations Transport Canberra & City Services

Case Study

To remain successful amidst the continual change of a business environment, you must adopt a resilient mindset. Catherine will share how she used resilience and effective change management strategies to remain productive through significant change.

- Top tips for effective change management

- Encourage lateral thinking, innovation and diversity of thought

- Master the art of bouncing back

  • Catherine Baxter Executive Director, People Metro Trains Melbourne


Join this unique panel of speakers to discuss the essential and time-tested qualities for authentic leadership, influence, reliability, branding, vision, problem-solving and resilience.

- An exchange between industry leaders

- Learn the essential skills for stepping up

- Key takeaways from experienced leaders

  • Latrice Treharne General Manager, Projects & Development Qube Ports

  • Katharina Gerstmann Principal Transport Beca

  • Tanya Smith General Manager, Human Resources, Infrastructure Projects & Rollingstock Services Downer EDI

Case Study

A diverse workplace is becoming an organisational necessity, creating a positive environment for employees to succeed. Kerry will share how she has implemented initiatives to promote gender equality and flexible work practices for her team and her organisation.

- From civil engineer to group director

- Tips for inclusive leadership

- The need for a diverse workforce

  • Kerry Van Donderen Regional Managing Director - NSW & ACT AECOM


Discuss the takeaways from the last two days and reflect on the expert knowledge you've gained. Stacey will revitalise the learning outcomes and empower you to design your future.

- Prepare your future goals

- Reflect on key learnings

- Establish your leadership plan

Post-Summit Workshop

31 May


Effective communication is the cornerstone of powerful leadership. As a leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry, you must develop a mutual understanding and connectivity with others. This will allow you to influence stakeholders, manage remotely and build client relationships. 

This workshop will explore the power of effective communication and how conversing with precise intention will maximise your influence. You will gain the skills and strategies to leverage your communication for leadership success.

The neuroscience of confident communication

- Apply strategic thinking before communicating

- Project confidence and credibility

- Master the art of negotiation

Recognise and embrace conflict

- Navigate workplace politics

- Use communication to manage challenging situations

- Give and receive difficult feedback

Build trust and credibility

- Collaborate to create growth and innovation

- Enhance workplace relationships

- Leverage the strength of diverse teams

Build influence across all levels and roles

- Effectively pitch your concepts to stakeholders

- Coach your team towards organisational success

- Build natural influence


The Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

11 Jamison St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9696 2500

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