7th Women in Operations Leadership Summit

Future-proof your career in a disruptive environment

  • October 15th - 18th, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Successfully implement meaningful change
- Advance your career in a changing world
- Sharpen your leadership skills
- Promote a happy & healthy workforce


Kate Munnings

Kate Munnings joined Ramsay Health Care as Chief Operating Officer in January 2016 and is responsible for Ramsay's extensive hospital operations across Australia. Kate qualified as a registered nurse then later completed a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Laws. In 2003, she was appointed as a partner at Corrs Chambers Westgarth, specialising in contract and construction law. In 2006, Kate moved into a corporate role at Transfield Services. Kate was later appointed to the role of Chief Executive of Operations where she had operational responsibility for the Logistics, Construction & Consulting businesses.

Chief Operating Officer
Ramsay Health Care

  • Bob Black
    Group Chief Operating Officer & EGM, eCommerce Delivery
    Australia Post
  • Karen Jones-Gudmunson
    Head of Operations and Program Director
    ANZ Bank
  • Kylie Fraser
    President FMCG & Healthcare
  • Debbie Johnstone
    Head of Governance and Operations - Procurement
    Woolworths Group Limited


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Effective communication
Skills of a successful leader
Key to building a successful team
Emerging risks in Operations management
Adapting to changes in technology
Navigating career transitions
Stress in a workplace
A career of challenge
Navigating changing technology as an Operations leader
The art of assertive leadership
Work-life harmony for employees
Success as a leader
Implement organisational change
Eliminate barriers
Personal skills of a leader
Pre-Summit Workshop

15 Oct


When effective communication is carried out, not only does it increase productivity, it develops a stronger team. Be guided through the five core skills for effective communication and gain a sound understanding of communication strategies. You will gain the skills to communicate confidently at all levels, across all mediums.

Five key effective communication skills

- Being clear and concise

- Non-verbal communication - body language

- Active listening

- Empathy

- Appreciation and encouragement

Barriers to effective communication

- Not paying attention or listening

- The use of technical language

- Providing unwanted advice

Effective communication to people at all levels

- How to get the message across

- How to be assertive

Developing a methodology to handle different communication across all mediums

- Difficult conversations

- Negotiation

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)

Summit Day One

16 Oct

Case Study

In today’s changing industry landscape, certain skills are essential to successful leadership. Kate will address her take on the most important skills of a leader in 2019.

- Essential skills to leadership

- ‘Influence’ as well as ‘lead’

- New challenges faced in the changing work environment

  • Kate Munnings Chief Operating Officer Ramsay Health Care

Case Study

A successful organisation build the right teams for the business. Corrine will draw from her experience to outline what it takes to build a successful team.

- Find the right people for your business

- Why diversity is critical to business success

- Misconceptions in recruiting women

  • Corrine Murphy TBC TBC


Risks in Operations management are constantly changing in today’s landscape. Our panel will share what they consider to be the most impactful disruptions and emerging risks to their business.

- Upcoming regulatory changes that may affect your business

- Manage data security

- Align skill growth with technology growth

  • Ruth Thompson Senior Manager Procurement Group Operations AGL Energy Limited

  • Jackie Khoo General Manager, SEO, Customer Channels & Enterprise Operations NBN

  • Beverley Britz SPS Training, Services and Consulting Operations Manager SEQTA Software

  • Samantha Abeydeera Chief Operating Officer Marine NRMA

Case Study

It can be difficult to manage and maximise productivity simultaneously. Learn from Karen’s experience of the challenges that come with implementing technology changes in a business.

- Challenges of an evolving workplace

- Maximise staff buy-in

- Pitfalls to avoid when implementing change

  • Karen Jones-Gudmunson Head of Operations and Program Director ANZ Bank

Case Study

Nowadays, career transitions are not always linear. Learn from Kerry’s experience about how she has progressed in a non-traditional way.

- Understand the non-linear nature of career progression

- Overcome technology and societal challenges

- Create the best version of yourself through complex situations

  • Kerry Pronk Chief Operating Officer Springday

Expert Commentary

Everyone manages stress differently, and sometimes we let it get the best of us. Anca will break down what it means to be stressed scientifically, and how we can manage stress to get the best from ourselves.

- How to use stress to your advantage

- How do we keep ourselves level in a crisis?

- Different solutions for different people

  • Anca Ramsden Director, Clinical Psychologist Affect Regulation Therapy

Case Study

There are many obstacles on the road to success. Learn from Tara’s experience of overcoming challenges and acquiring skills in an Operations role.

- Overcome operational challenges

- Learn from mistakes

- Refine your knowledge through real-life examples

  • Tara Czinner Chief Operations Officer, Westmead Applied Research Centre The University of Sydney

Summit Day Two

17 Oct

Case Study

It can be difficult to keep afloat among the constant developments in technology. Keep abreast with Bob on the latest developments in how technology is driving change to operations.

- What kinds of technologies are having an impact on business operations?

- How AI is becoming part of the modern workforce

- What do you need to adapt to this change?

  • Bob Black Group Chief Operating Officer & EGM, eCommerce Delivery Australia Post

Case Study

Assertiveness is often mistaken for aggression, but it's a critical leadership capability. Deep dive into the importance of image and discover what it means to be assertive.

- What it means to be assertive

- Find the right balance

- Know the power of your leadership style and image

  • Kristi McLachlan  Head of Delivery Strategy and Support Sydney Airport


Explore what employees value most in an employer and what it means to be an employer of choice.

- Identify your priorities

- Create an action plan

- Maintain harmony

  • Kylie Fraser President FMCG & Healthcare Linfox

  • Debbie Johnstone Head of Governance and Operations - Procurement Woolworths Group Limited

  • Megan Webster-Bradman Executive Director, Strategy and Court Operations Courts Administration Authority SA

  • Jodie Osborn Executive Manager, Strategic Planning Insurance Australia Group

  • Erica Pickford Head of Operations Genworth

  • Shirley Robertson Senior Advisor Asset Management QIC Global Infrastructure

Case Study

Mastering the skill of prioritising and understanding your limits is no easy feat. Hear Nicci’s story about progressing her career while balancing spinning plates.

- Overcome challenges and perception

- Understand your limits

- Prioritise efficiently

  • Nicci Harrison Operations Director ANZ George Weston Foods Limited

Case Study

Implementing a change throughout an organisation can be challenging. Learn from Nuria’s experience of what it takes to drive effective and enduring change in an organisation.

- Culture coming from the top

- When has a change been successfully implemented?

- Communicate to all levels

  • Nuria Florentino People Manager - Infrastructure VIC/SA/TAS/NZ and Tunnelling John Holland


Within Operations, there are many barriers we must conquer. Explore how to take on the challenges we regularly face.

- Develop and implement policies

- What is fair to you

- One size may not fit all

  • Maria Newport Managing Principal Newport O’Connor

Post Summit Workshop

18 Oct


The image of a successful leader is different to everyone, but the core qualities remain the same. Explore the characteristics of a powerful, influential leader and then develop the skills to help you establish your leadership profile.

What makes a successful leader?

- Emotional intelligence

- An authentic personal brand

- Building confidence and imposter syndrome

Influence - How to influence and impact others

- Coach and develop others

- Stakeholder management

- Conflict management - How to handle and approach

Time management

- How to be effective in the workplace

- Stay on top of ongoing organisation changes in a competitive environment

Work-life balance

- Prioritise needs

- Set boundaries

- Pull it all together

  • Maria Newport Managing Principal Newport O’Connor


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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