6th Women in Operations Leadership Summit

Develop essential leadership skills to excel and reach your true potential

  • April 2nd - 5th, 2019
  • Pullman Melbourne on the Park


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- Refine your leadership toolkit
- Navigate a disruptive workforce
- Communicate as a confident leader
- Build a resilient and adaptable team


Michelle Armstrong

Michelle joined Monash Sustainable Development Institute as Chief Operations Officer in 2015. Her career has included leadership roles with arts organisations and Government body, Arts Victoria where she was a General Manager with oversight of funding programs supporting major organisations, community-based projects and schools initiatives. Michelle joined Monash University in 2012 to manage the Australian Research Council team at Monash Research Office. Michelle is currently on the board of Westside Circus. 

Chief Operating Officer, Monash Sustainable Development Institute
Monash University

  • Alexandra Coates
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Rod Heale
    Chief Operating Officer
    John Holland Group
  • Marija Maher
    Chief Operating Officer
    Victorian Ombudsman
  • Karen O'Sullivan
    Chief Operating Officer, Equity Research
    Credit Suisse


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Download the brochure
Supercharge your personal leadership brand
Unleash your potential
Create a culture of growth
Make effective decisions
Establish your personal brand
Develop an effective work-life harmony
Achieve success through mentorship
Seven vital steps to network like a pro
Build an adaptable & resilient team
Maintain internal & external stakeholder relationships
Take a C-Seat - The road to the top
Pave a pathway for future success
Navigate a changing workforce
Credible communication – Is your value visible?
Step into your full potential as an operations leader
Improve your professional visibility with confidence, communication and clout
Pre-Summit Workshop - 2 Apr


Establishing values early on in your career will play a huge role in how it pans out. These values will strengthen your ability to influence others, find clarity and guide your actions throughout your career.


This interactive workshop will explore how you can establish your values, develop your leadership identity and use these to earn the trust and respect of your team. You will learn to communicate your values with confidence and mould how you are perceived by others in a way that aligns with your core values. 


Identify your leadership values

-Consciously identify what is important to you

-Communicate your personal and professional values

- Shape how you are perceived by others


Develop your personal leadership brand

- Craft a leadership style that plays to your strengths

- Create a positive influence within your organisation and leave a lasting leadership legacy

- Develop a standout personal brand


Lead with authenticity

- Develop an emotionally intelligent workplace culture

- Overcome imposter syndrome and develop your authentic identity

- Earn trust and respect through being authentic 


Lead with confidence

- Understand the effect of emotions on behaviour

- Promote yourself positively and influence others

- Enhance your communication effectiveness

Conference Day 1 - 3 Apr

Case Study

You must be able to leverage your strengths and position yourself for success if you wish to stand out from the crowd. Demonstrating your professional value is integral to unlocking new career opportunities and reaching your full potential.

-Identify your strengths

-Leverage your value

-Position yourself for success

  • Michelle Armstrong Chief Operating Officer, Monash Sustainable Development Institute Monash University

Case Study

Establishing a strong set of values and communicating these to your team is a fundamental characteristic of outstanding leadership. Once the foundation has been laid, you can cultivate an environment that supports growth, development and trust.

- Create a culture that reflects your leadership values

- Establish and communicate your vision with your team

- Lead by example

  • Nicholas Hoare General Manager Operations Telstra

Case Study

As an operations leader, you are are often faced with difficult choices and the decisions you make will not always be easy. As such, you must learn how to make confident, direct and insightful decisions.

- Maintain a balanced perspective

- Develop essential decision-making skills

- Stay calm in a fast-paced environment

  • Scott Power Group Executive Director, Operations BMD

Expert Commentary

Leaders are more successful in their roles when they have clear perception of their personal branding. In this interactive session, Jo will teach you how to maximise your presence and build your personal brand.

- Develop your unique brand

- Communicate your values

- Play to your strengths


In the fast-paced world of operations, it's not always easy to prioritise your personal goals and commitments. This interactive panel discussion will explore techniques to master the art of balancing your personal and professional priorities. 

-Maintain ambition without compromising on wellbeing

-Manage expectations

-Communicate your priorities

  • Suzanne Duffy Superintendent Border Force Officer Capability, Operational Readiness Branch Australian Border Force

  • Magda Edmonds Head of Metrol Metro Trains Melbourne

  • Scott Power Group Executive Director, Operations BMD

  • Andrew Murray Major Projects Manager Glencore Technology

Case Study

Behind every great leader is an extensive support network of mentors, advocates and sponsors. Taking time to nurture this network will provide you with advice and guidance that will help you achieve your goals faster.

- The impact of mentors and sponsors

- How to find a successful long-term partnership

- Strengthen your support system

  • Kari Banick General Manager Linfox

Expert Commentary

The ability to develop and maintain meaningful face-to-face relationships is a critical part of your career, though networking can often be a challenge. In this practical and interactive session, you will explore strategies and techniques to develop the skills to build sustainable networks and break down mental barriers associated with being outside your comfort zone.

- Tips and tricks for successful networking

- Establish strategic connections

- Form lasting relationships

Conference Day 2 - 4 Apr

Case Study

Developing an adaptable, resilient team during tough times is fundamental to your leadership trajectory and your organisation's long-term success. Learn how to build trust and strength in this invigorating session.

-Build mutual trust

-Increase resilience to change

-Develop a reliable team synergy

  • Marija Maher Chief Operating Officer Victorian Ombudsman

Case Study

To succeed as an operations leader, you need to collaborate and manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. To do so, it is essential to build trust, confidence and consistency. 

-Explore effective stakeholder management strategies

-Communicate with confidence

-Understand you stakeholders

  • Livia Bonazzi General Manager of Strategy Western Water


Pathways to senior leadership positions can be the result of strategic, complex and long-term planning or a series of successful - though unexpected - opportunities. Join our panel of C-Suite leaders in this interactive discussion as they share advice on how they realised their full potential.

-Explore personal career journeys

-Embrace challenges as opportunities

-Advice to emerging leaders

  • Alexandra Coates Chief Operating Officer Datacom

  • Rod Heale Chief Operating Officer John Holland Group

  • Marija Maher Chief Operating Officer Victorian Ombudsman

  • Karen O'Sullivan Chief Operating Officer, Equity Research Credit Suisse

Case Study

Karen is leading a task force to develop and implement a new people strategy for her department. Drawing on examples from her experience, she will offer insights into paving the way for sustainable organisational success.

- Practical examples from the field

- Prepare for the unexpected

- Lead through the challenges of change management

Case Study

Leading teams comprising of multiple generations can be a major challenge. However, with effective planning, you can use generational variety to your advantage and reap the benefits of a diverse team.

-Adopt a variety of communication styles

- Understand motivations between each generation

-Build synergy between old and young

Expert Commentary

You may be a powerhouse of knowledge and experience but if your language patterns and non-verbal cues do not support this truth, you might be facing leadership or career invisibility. Anneli will provide a fresh perspective on communication and the language of success.

- Explore language patterns that undermine credibility and confidence

- Discover the non-verbal signals that enhance your professional presence when communicating

- Learn how others see you and what that means for your career potential


Over the last two days, you've heard from a variety of inspirational leaders and acquired a vast array of tips for the future. However, it is vital to ensure you continue using this information effectively for continued success.

-Review key themes over the last two days

-Make your action plan

-Share knowledge from the conference back at work

Post Summit Workshop - 5 Apr


Developing and maintaining a refined leadership skill set is an essential aspect of progression, but it is not always enough to move your career forward. With women taking up less than a quarter of senior leadership positions, you may face greater pressure and more difficult barriers to advancement.

This interactive workshop will address the impact of low confidence on leaders. You will learn to develop executive communication skills and reignite your professional confidence. With insight into the unwritten rules of a male-dominated environment, you will develop techniques to navigate your career direction, gain strategies to manage your professional impact and create a plan to build your presence at the executive level. 

Prepare for an executive career

- Understand the ‘invisible rules’ of competitive leadership

- Women infiltrating the boys' club

- Navigate your vision of success

Develop a new professional confidence 

- Assess common reasons you may experience low confidence in the workplace 

- Harness the upside to low confidence

- Unlock your personal confidence code

Communicate with poise

- Strategies to make your voice heard 

- Overcome the double-bind of simply speaking-up 

- Recognise the problem with just speaking up 

Clarify your influence and clout

- Manage relationships with big egos and power players

- Develop empowerment beyond capability 

- Highlight your confidence effectively


Pullman Melbourne on the Park

192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia

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