Women in Manufacturing Leadership Summit

Unleash your leadership capabilities for accelerated career progression

  • March 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Crowne Plaza Auckland


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Communicate with confidence
Embrace leadership opportunities
Harness & sharpen your inherent strengths
Build leadership influence & unlock innovation


Gretta Theobald Stephens

Chief Executive New Zealand & Pacific Islands
New Zealand Steel Limited

  • Catherine Beard
    Executive Director, ExportNZ and ManufacturingNZ
    Business NZ
  • Justine Pearce
    GM Operations Specialty (Consumer and Food Service), NZ Manufacturing
  • Susan D'Lima
    Head of Replenishment
    Progressive Enterprises
  • Mary Alice Simon
    Head of Quality
    API Consumer Brands


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Download the brochure
Cultivating confidence & resilience to become an influential leader
Drive positive change
The accidental career - from music to manufacturing
Resilience in a changing world
Confidence & influence as a leader
Transition from technical expert into leadership
Foster courage to make executive decisions
Approach challenges with confidence
Discover your leadership voice
Communicate as a leader
Retaining & developing a diverse workforce
Inspire authentic leadership
Challenging traditional mindsets
Map the future for female leaders in manufacturing
Lead outstanding teams
Pre-Summit Workshop - 26 Mar


The key to effective leadership comes from building confidence and developing resilience. To achieve the best outcomes and empower your team, you must strive to build positive relationships and embrace new challenges.

This workshop will empower you to build effective strategies and develop your unique leadership talents. It will equip you with the knowledge to build your team’s strengths and inspire supportive leadership.

Establish a resilient attitude

- Lead through challenges

- Gain trust with your team

- Bounce back and step up

Boost leadership credibility

- Offer transparency to gain respect

- Lead by example

- Listen to your team and action changes

Build confidence to embrace challenges

- React and respond like a leader

- Take risks and learn from outcomes

- Break out of your comfort zone

Strengthen your team

- Advocate open communication

- Manage difficult relationships

- Encourage positive interactions

Conference Day 1 - 27 Mar

Case Study

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, it is important to pioneer change and champion diversity for the benefit of the wider community. In this session, Becky will help you build confident leadership and pursue positive change in your organisation.

- Build confidence and credibility

- Challenge norms and shift culture

- Embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Becky Lloyd General Maanager Humes New Zealand

Case Study

Loren is the General Manager of an international business and previously led the largest FMCG Sales & Operations Planning team in New Zealand. Hear about the critical elements which contributed to her successful (and accidental) career path, from music teacher to commercial leadership. 

- Put your hand up for opportunities

- Listen to others and yourself

- Demonstrate your capability

  • Loren Astridge General Manager Bevie

Case Study

Cultivating resilience will brace you for industry turbulence and allow you to exert sustainable leadership. Elspeth will share her experience developing unwavering resilience.

- Strategies for success

- Build self-awareness 

- Strengthen your support networks

  • Elspeth MacRae Chief Innovation and Science Officer Scion Research

Expert Commentary

The impact you can make as a leader comes down to your self-confidence and influence. Sunet, an experienced professional with extensive experience in manufacturing, will address these important skills.

- Bounce back with resilience

- Channel influence to empower your team

- Build leadership credibility

  • Sunet Klopper Industrial Engineer, Professional Organisational & Management Coach Coaching Defined


It can be difficult adjusting to a new position, embracing new skills and seizing new opportunities. Hear from our accomplished panellists on their experiences and advice on establishing leadership excellence.

- Execute the climb toward leadership

- Embrace new opportunities

- Make great strides toward goals

  • Gretta Theobald Stephens Chief Executive New Zealand & Pacific Islands New Zealand Steel Limited

  • Claire Morgan Head of Quality Griffins Food Ltd

  • Johanna Kelly Quality Manufacturing Manager, New Zealand Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Case Study

Stepping into leadership requires the ability to make a call on difficult decisions and not being afraid of failure. Catherine will discuss her many years in manufacturing and tips for confident decision making.

- Lead through challenges

- Own your success

- Apply a framework for making decisions

  • Catherine Abrahall General Manager, Quality NIG Nutritionals

Expert Commentary

Dealing with complex situations is inevitable when broadening your scope of responsibility, so you must understand how to address these challenging circumstances. Learn from Leanne on how to embrace challenges and build confidence.

- Grow with self-confidence

- Trust your decision

- Be open to change

  • Leeanne Walters Director NZ Wilson Consulting Group

Conference Day 2 - 28 Mar

Case Study

To embrace new heights, you must passionately articulate your mission with your team. Catherine will explore how she developed her communication style and achieved success.

- Establish your communication style

- Connect and develop meaningful relationships

- Identify the natural strengths in your own communication style

  • Catherine Beard Executive Director, ExportNZ and ManufacturingNZ Business NZ

Case Study

Participating in strategy-setting will accelerate your leadership progression. Mary Alice will share key communication skills and discuss how best to convey your message to different stakeholders.

- Adapt communication for your audience

- Manage up to gain credibility

- Express your leadership voice

  • Mary Alice Simon Head of Quality API Consumer Brands


Creating opportunities for future leaders to grow is key for a successful and connected organisation. Learn from our experienced panellists on how to implement progressive change.

- Pave the way for future manufacturers

- Develop mentorship programmes

- Build individual strengths

  • Justine Pearce GM Operations Specialty (Consumer and Food Service), NZ Manufacturing Fonterra

  • Susan D'Lima Head of Replenishment Progressive Enterprises

  • Michelle Bunting General Manager, New Zealand Honeywell

Expert Commentary

Authentic leaders are aware of who they are and what they stand for. They hold themselves accountable for their impact on others and lead in a way that creates trust and confidence. Joan will share ideas for establishing an authentic leadership profile.

- Be mindful of your strengths and limitations

- Empathy and courage to inspire and empower others

- Trust as the cornerstone of success

  • Joan Mather Director Mather Consulting

Case Study

The world is rapidly changing, with disruption challenging the rules of the business world. Hear from Rebecca as she shares her story of why different is good.

- Remain relevant through turbulence and change

- The power of collaboration

- A continuous journey of adapting

  • Rebecca Knapman Senior Supply Chain Specialist Fonterra


Use this session to reflect on key learning outcomes from the summit and plan for your future.

- Pave your career path 

- Progress towards leadership 

- Connect and broaden your network

  • Carmen Doran Director Tracks Business Consulting Ltd

Post-Summit Workshop - 29 Mar


Great leaders invest time in building engaged and high-performing teams. This interactive workshop will provide strategies and practical tools to inspire and coach your team to achieve their potential.

Inspire teams to achieve greatness

- Guide your team towards a compelling shared purpose

- Explore what success looks like

- Value diverse perspectives

Establishing an effective team

- Defining an effective teams

- Assessing your team’s strengths and gaps

- Developing TEAM Attitudes and Behaviours (Mindset)

Coach for team success

- Methods to build team capability

- Develop confidence in leading courageous conversations

- Support your team to realise their full potential

Maintain sustainable leadership

- Steps to ensure your team continues to thrive

- Practical ideas for team building

- Motivation and purpose


Crowne Plaza Auckland

128 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

(09) 302 1111

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