Women in ICT & Digital Leadership Summit

Build your leadership legacy and unleash your potential

  • July 22nd - 26th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour


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- Leverage your strengths & advance your career
- Build resilience & thrive in a fast-paced environment
- Power success through mentoring
- Boost your confidence & prepare for the age of AI


Wendy Bryant

Chief Information Officer
Transport for NSW

  • Chris Locke
    Chief Information Officer
    Flight Centre
  • Joyce Harkness
    Chief Information Officer
    Avant Mutual Group Limited
  • Brendan Mills
    Chief Information Officer
    NIB Health Funds Ltd AU
  • Stuart Harrison
    Chief Information Security Officer


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Download the brochure
Prepare yourself for promotion
Lead with impact
Construct a course for success
Empower yourself through self-confidence
Break through unconscious bias
Find harmony between work & life commitments
Inspire the leaders of tomorrow
Transform workplace culture
Realise your leadership potential
Embrace agility in a rapidly evolving space
Unleash your power as a mentor
Leverage AI to drive innovation
Technology, jobs & the future of work
Build your legacy
ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop - Day 1
ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop - Day 2
Pre-Summit Workshop

22 Jul


This interactive workshop will explore how you can begin to confirm your values, build your leadership brand and use these to overcome barriers to progression. You will understand how to effectively mould and adapt your skills to communicate clearly, overcome self-doubt and network for success.

Communicate with a clear intention

- Convey confidence through body language

- Emphasise meaning in your message

- Prepare for job interviews

Rise to the challenge

- Learn to leverage your skills with confidence

- Overcome self-doubt

- Be flexible when asking for support

Develop a lasting self-brand

- Identify your core values

- Align your personal and professional perception

- Maintain integrity as a leader while remaining authentic to your brand

Network for success

- Learn how to command a room

- Maximise your support network and create new opportunities

- Develop a networking strategy

Summit Day 1

23 Jul

Case Study

Purpose and impact are energising forces that maintain your motivation on the road to success. Learn how to navigate career challenges, nurture your passion and advance your career.

- Navigate career challenges

- Foster your passion

- Step into leadership

Case Study

Having a career plan is vital for career success. When you begin to understand yourself and what you want, you’ll be able to more easily create a plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle. In this session you will reflect on your values, skills and passions, as you develop effective skills and strategies for career progression.

- Identify career goals

- Find your pathway to promotion

- Excel by using your strengths

  • Chris Locke Chief Information Officer Flight Centre

Expert Commentary

Many successful people credit their sense of self and their confidence in their success. But how can you build self-confidence? Uncover the steps to conquer self-confidence, expose your skills and step up in all areas of your life.

- Find your inner value

- Build your self-brand

- Expose your skill set

Case Study

Women have made huge strides in tackling workplace inequality, but unconscious biases continue to shape our behaviour in ways we don’t realise. Learn how to identify and manage the hazards of bias in the workplace to cultivate a healthy workplace culture.

- Identify the hazards of bias in the workplace

- Implement strategies for reducing unconscious bias

- Cultivate a healthy corporate culture

  • Wendy Bryant Chief Information Officer Transport for NSW


The stress of juggling heavy workloads and family responsibilities on top of maintaining a social life can leave us feeling worse for wear. Learning to recognise burn out, manage priorities and set realistic goals will help you reduce stress and master a work-life balance.

- Recognise personal and professional burn out

- Achieve a balance between competing pressures

- Set realistic expectations and goals

  • Niamh Collins General Manger, Digital HCF

  • Kirsty McKay Group Manager - Program Delivery & Digital Transformation Coates Hire

  • Keli Saville Regional Head of Data, AsiaPac Vanguard

  • Jade Carson Director, IT Investments Department of Education & Training

  • Katie Payten Director, Technology Assurance and Governance Australian Securities & Investments Commission

  • Joanne Murray Program Manager, Transformation & Innovation Boral

Case Study

Leadership is about elevating others and empowering their success. Learn how to encourage others to improve their skills and achieve their goals.

- Create a positive perspective

- Encourage room for growth

- Develop personal and team goals

  • Kylie McLean Chief Digital Officer, Australia & New Zealand IBM

Case Study

Workplace culture begins with people. Culture can have a huge influence on the quality of work produced and a major impact on an employee's sense of belonging and self worth. Discover change leadership capabilities, leverage diversity and align your team around your vision to create positive change in your organisation.

- Develop change leadership capabilities

- Leverage diversity to improve workplace culture

- Align your team around your vision

  • Simon Noonan Chief Information Officer SportsBet

Summit Day 2

24 Jul

Case Study

What do you know now that you wished you knew then? It is crucial to reflect on your leadership journey and hone in on your passions and strengths as a leader. In this session you will explore what success means to you, learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities and understand the importance of aligning your skills with your aspirations.

- Define your vision of success

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

- Align your skills with your aspirations

  • Stuart Harrison Chief Information Security Officer Medibank

Case Study

With rapid change and ongoing disruption, agility is essential for maintaining career satisfaction. Learn how to transform challenges into opportunities with a positive problem-solving mindset.

- Develop skills to transform setbacks as opportunities 

- Understand the benefits of failure

- Apply agility in your everyday

Expert Commentary

To be an empowering mentor, you must leverage your knowledge and communicate with confidence. In this session you will explore strategies for mentorship and establishing yourself as a thought leader.

- Structure conversations so they are as instructive as possible

- Use advanced influencing techniques to engage and motivate others

- Develop an authentic mentoring style

Case Study

Technological sophistication is creating new business possibilities that improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Explore the potential of AI, discover how to maximise its use across your organisation and how AI can be leveraged to drive innovation.

- Explore the potential of AI 

- Maximise the use of AI across your organisation 

- Leverage AI to drive innovation and insights


The jobs of the future will be tech-heavy, portable and, most interestingly, they will put the worker in the driver’s seat. Explore how you can make a difference, innovate the way you work and identify new opportunities for the future.

- Break the mould and make a difference

- Leverage innovation in your role

- Identify new opportunities to redefine the future

  • Joyce Harkness Chief Information Officer Avant Mutual Group Limited

  • Brendan Mills Chief Information Officer NIB Health Funds Ltd AU

  • Kathryn Porter Director, Customer Experience Cisco

  • Kirsten Murray Director, International, Faculty of Engineering & IT University of Technology Sydney

  • Sarah McCullough Head of eTech Operations Essential Energy


In this final interactive session, Catherine will bring together the themes and ideas explored over the conference. Through engaging discussion, Catherine will summarise key takeaways from the event and offer ideas for taking the next step in your career.

- Reflect on key learnings from the summit

- Identify important skills to help you succeed

- Develop an action plan moving forward

  • Catherine Nolan Director & Principal Coach Gender Gap Gone

Post-Summit Workshop

25 Jul - 26 Jul


This two-day workshop will delve into strategies for driving performance. You'll learn how to modify your communication style, engaging staff and stakeholders while adding strategic value through enhanced ICT leadership. Delegates will address their own leadership styles, strengthen existing skills and develop new leadership techniques.

Attributes of executive level technology leaders

- The psychology of leadership

- Emotional intelligence, the art of knowing yourself and others 

- Adapt and understand individuality and its advantages 

Develop cohesive and high performing teams 

- Recognise the value of your team

- Utilise their skills to drive performance 

- The dysfunctions of a team

Self-mastery and balance

- Overcome demotivation, stress and frustration

- Better you, better team

- The significance of balance 

How to have and accept the hard conversations 

- Understand the significance of feedback 

- Measure performance - the good, the bad and the ugly

- Deliver constructive criticism


The business of leading organisational change and projects

- Challenges leaders face in ICT & Digital

- Navigate challenging business scenarios

- Mentoring, coaching and professional development 

Manage change through times of transformation

- Define change and its attributes

- Foster innovation in times of trouble

- Establish trust within your team

Career planning - A story of yours and mine

- Recognise where you want to be 

- Review and reflect on the past

- Create the stepping stones to your goal

The future of ICT and Digital 

- What’s next in the ICT & Digital sphere?

- Create a realistic action plan

- Revisit key themes and lesson


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