4th Women in Healthcare Leadership Summit

  • October 15th - 18th, 2019
  • Emporium Hotel South Bank


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- Skills and values to step up as a healthcare leader
- Build resilience and manage stress under frontline pressures
- Create an environment which inspires improved patient journeys
- Achieve balance and success with a compassionate mindset


Genevieve Goulding

Dr Goulding served as ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists) President from 2014-2016. She is a role model for women in medicine. An advocate for women’s leadership and mentoring, she has been engaged with organisations and held numerous positions for the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) including as state committee chair, a member of the NSW Continuing Medical Education Committee, executive councillor and education officer.

Board Member
Queensland Board of the Medical Board of Australia

  • Jenny Haig
    National Rehabilitation Program Director & Former CEO of Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital
    Ramsay Health Care
  • Mellissa Naidoo
    Director of Medical Services
    Greenslopes Private Hospital
  • Jackie Hanson
    Acting Health Service Chief Executive
    Metro North Hospital & Health Service
  • Maria Boulton
    Company Director & GP
    Family Doctors Plus - 2017 Telstra Queensland Business Award winner


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Clinical leadership workshop
Delivering healthcare with humanity
Achieving leadership diversity in healthcare – Why it matters
Caring for the carers
Supporting a Health System that delivers care through the patient's eyes
Values-driven leadership - Underpinning better Healthcare
Building resilience in health services
Championing women's leadership in Healthcare
The better the balance, the better our lives
A story of advocacy, inspired by a keen sense of justice
A model for approaching difficult decisions in Healthcare leadership
Making connections that matter
Pathways to success & perspectives on Healthcare leadership
Placing value where it belongs
Moving forward
Managing stress - Harnessing the dynamic brain and mind
Pre-event Workshop

15 Oct


Many clinicians undervalue the applicability of their ‘non-knowledge’ aspects of their skillsets and how these translate into effective clinical leadership. Discover your leadership strengths and devise a strategy for applying these at the 'coal-face' to potentiate change.

- A case for clinical leadership

- Understand the Healthcare value system

- Recognise and embrace your values to thrive as a credible and inspiring leader

- Leverage your clinical passion and expert knowledge to discover, define, remediate, and evaluate problems

- Effecting meaningful change through building teams and collective leadership

  • Rebecca Stewart Director Medical Education Experts

Summit day 1

16 Oct

Case Study

The deeply personal nature of Healthcare is a dynamic that underpins how it is received. Jenny will explore how she reflects this connection in her values in her day-to-day and shares the secrets to delivering Healthcare with a human touch that patients will remember and celebrate.

- Attract the right talent for Healthcare

- Ways to achieve a patient-led culture

- Deliver inspired patient journeys

  • Jenny Haig National Rehabilitation Program Director & Former CEO of Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital Ramsay Health Care

Case Study

A diverse and inclusive workforce is critical for patient-centred care, which means stakeholders must be part of the conversation. Melissa will examine her leadership journey and share strategies for promoting diversity and an inclusive 'tone at the top'.

- Understand how leadership diversity can enhance organisational decision-making and patient-centred care

- Tackle unconscious bias to build an inclusive culture in healthcare

- Leverage diversity to create inspired patient journeys

  • Mellissa Naidoo Director of Medical Services Greenslopes Private Hospital

Case Study

The pressures of work and modern life place significant stress on teams and specialists. Hear from Dr Genevieve, who has pioneered interventions to ensure health workers are healthy - both physically and mentally - and that institutions accommodate their need for wellness. 

- The state of wellness in Healthcare

- A business and moral case for intervention

- Ideas for Healthcare that provides self-care

  • Genevieve Goulding Board Member Queensland Board of the Medical Board of Australia

Case Study

Patient-centred care requires a fundamental understanding of who the patient is. Robyn will share how her personal and professional experiences have shaped her leadership values and directions. You will learn how to develop partnerships with patients in providing healthcare.

-Understand the importance of leadership in developing a culture that supports the value of partnering with patients/consumers

-Leverage the power of “lived experiences” in delivering care

-Leadership strategies in keeping the patient at the centre of care

  • Robyn Bradley Executive Director of Mental Health & Specialised Services Wide Bay Hospital & Health Services


Australia’s healthcare system is based on the policy of universal access, ensuring everyone who calls this country home has adequate care. But healthcare outcomes vary by user group, suggesting room for improvement. What leadership values and ideas can guide our efforts to achieve a system that delivers equal outcomes?

- How can values-driven leadership be the key to Healthcare Equity?

- Engage and empower diverse teams and people

- Personal and institutional perspectives and inspirational stories

  • Joanne Shaw Executive Director Rural Darling Downs Hospital Health Service

  • Sharni Tippett Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health & Well-being Central Queensland Hospital & Health Service

  • Tami Photinos Executive Director of Community & Oral Health Metro North Hospital & Health Service

Expert Commentary

The nature of health work exposes workers to a high degree of unpreparable post-traumatic stress. Learn from a dynamic leader who's passion is building this strength in healthcare workers at all levels.

-Appreciate the need for resilience in health care

-Practical ways to build resilience

-Leverage resilience to be a better professional

  • Robyn Hargreaves Executive Coach LEA Group

Case Study

We can all act as champions in our organisations, networks, and communities. Dr Willett is a leader in his field and a committed advocate for improved representation and diversity in healthcare leadership. He shares experiences, tips, and mindsets needed to lead effectively and promote a culture of empowered women's leadership. 

- The power and importance of women's leadership in Healthcare

- Mindset changes needed to unlock the opportunities

- The benefits of an empowered woman in Healthcare

  • Bruce Willett Chair (Queensland) The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Summit day 2

17 Oct

Case Study

Achieving balance can be the toughest challenge we face, as professional and personal priorities shift and change, and yet it can unlock our greatest strengths. For Dr Boulton, that path to balance begins with kindness. She will share her remarkable story, the highs and the lows, and the women that have inspired her to become a leader and create a more generous, balanced world.

  • Maria Boulton Company Director & GP Family Doctors Plus - 2017 Telstra Queensland Business Award winner

Case Study

As a junior doctor, Anchita was faced with an administrative issue that had far-reaching ethical implications. From there she went on a historic journey to create a safer system for all doctors. Learn from her personal story of strength, resilience, and advocacy as she reflects on her experience and the lessons learned. 

-Professional experience with a personal turning point

-Identify and respond to ethical dilemmas

-Leverage a sense of justice to challenge convention

  • Anchita Karmakar Director International Natural Justice Foundation

Case Study

Delivering sustainable health services means making tough and unpopular decisions that have implications for the organisation, the patient journey, and the professionals involved. Learn how to approach decision-making with courage, clarity, and principle.

- Thought clarity - Understand the conflicts at play in challenging settings

- Simplify tough decisions with principles and values

- Leverage courage to lead through turbulent times

  • Jane Yacopetti Director Mater Group

Expert Commentary

Leadership is about reaching beyond the clutter to make meaningful connections that establish effective communication and stakeholder management practices. Lisa shares insights and perspectives on making these connections to enhance your leadership journey.

-Why connections matter

-How to find your voice

-Leverage the power of connections to thrive as a leader


Finding your place and identity can be challenging, but doing so will help reveal the most significant opportunities. This panel brings together seasoned leaders from different backgrounds to compare notes and explore perspectives on Healthcare leadership.

- Personalise the path to leadership

- The real challenges, obstacles, and opportunities on the long road to success

- The role of clinical leadership in Healthcare at a facility and administrative governance level

  • Jackie Hanson Acting Health Service Chief Executive Metro North Hospital & Health Service

  • Natalie Kolishkin Regional Sales Manager QLD, NT, WA Aspen Pharma Australia

  • Joyce McSwan Clinical Director Gold Coast Primary Health Network, Persistent Pain Program

Case Study

Stakeholder management is something we all appreciate the need for, but what does it mean to value your patients, your staff, and your community? Learn from Shareen's leadership journey and how she drives initiatives that cater to these imperatives.

- The need for stakeholder-led thinking in healthcare

- How to recognise and integrate stockholder priorities in decision making

- Build and leverage lasting relationships

  • Shareen Mcmillan Executive Director Workforce Central Queensland Hospital & Health Service


Reflect on the stories and insights from two days of engaging with inspired speakers and delegates.

- Key takeaways from the past two days

- The current state of leadership in Healthcare

- Create your action plan

  • Robyn Hargreaves Executive Coach LEA Group

Post-event Workshop

18 Oct


Occupational stress and burnout in the healthcare sector, particularly among physicians, is a well-documented and growing concern worldwide. Left unchecked, stress can lead to serious physical and

mental health problems, compromising not only quality of life but capacity to perform optimally in the workplace.

This workshop will give you a deeper understanding of what stress is, with a focus on the biological and physiological triggers and pathways, and how to manage stress more intentionally.

- What is stress? The biology of stress on brain, mind and body

- Rethinking stress: Shifting the focus to 'rewire' the brain

- Lifestyle: The science of healthy living

- Practical, evidence-based strategies for overcoming stress and avoiding burnout

  • Ineka Whiteman Director Dynamic Thought


Emporium Hotel South Bank

267 Grey St, , South Brisbane, QLD, 4101, Australia

07 3556 3333

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