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19th - 22nd, April 2021
Virtual / Streaming

Connect with Australia’s healthcare leaders & learn how to unleash your potential


Breakthrough unconscious bias & barriers to progression
Develop strategies for balancing progression with practice
Elevate your team’s engagement & performance through collaborative leadership
Build mental mechanisms for personal & professional success


  • James Downie

    Chief Executive Officer

    Independent Hospital Pricing Authority
  • Viv Allanson

    Chief Executive Officer

    Maroba Aged Care
  • Petra Milnes

    Director, Office of the Chief Executive & Chief Information Officer

    eHealth NSW
  • Karen Booth


    Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association
  • Sidney Chandrasiri

    Group Director, Academic & Medical Services

    Epworth HealthCare
  • Illana Halliday

    Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer

    RSL Life Care
  • Vanessa Vanderhoek

    Chief Executive Officer

    The FlexAgility Group
  • Julie Alexander

    Chief Executive Officer

    Changing Change International (CCI)
  • Katharine McLennan

    Executive Psychotherapist

    What is Leadership
  • Naomi Deck

    Healthcare Consultant & Inspirational Speaker

    Naomi Deck
  • Rachel David

    Chief Executive Officer

    Private Healthcare Australia
  • Kym Ayscough

    Executive Director, Regulatory Operations

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency


Measuring leadership in the age of AI - Will I be replaced by a machine?
The future of healthcare - Playing your part
2020 - The year of the midwife & nurse
Be the difference, not the title
Stand out from the crowd
Balance practice with progression
Drive progression - Implementing positive organisational structures for women
Build resilience through emotional intelligence
Empower your resilient self
Learn to live your truth - Identify your values & live mindfully
The importance of informed & collaborative leadership in healthcare
CX in Healthcare - It's all about culture
Achieve true flexibility in your organisation
Rethinking work - Empower your employees through flexibility
Facing the hard yards head on
Being true to yourself - Success without compromise
Harness your authentic leadership style in the healthcare industry
Pre-Summit Workshop

19 Apr


As we enter the age of AI, how can we assure ourselves that our leadership skills will remain relevant in a changing world? As we leave the Information Age and enter the Imagination Age, the ability to generate new ideas and co-create are becoming the main drivers of economic value. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore and assess yourselves against the skills of the new world. Explore the four pillars of the Neuro-Leader and how you can develop these skills to future-proof your career.

  • Performance
    • This is the power that fuels self-development so we can constantly expand our brain's ability to create, find purpose and integrate our many lives. With the rise in neuroscience and the recall of our thousands-year-old wisdom of what it takes to discipline our mind, we can now expect our leaders to be as mentally, physically and emotionally ready as we would an Olympic athlete. 

  • Collaboration

Our boundaries are changing. Authority to one fixed manager no longer applies to our ever-changing virtual teams, as functional lines and supply chains shift. We need to fuel coordination and collaborate, rolling up our sleeves to create new ideas.

  • Innovation

The ‘last year plus 10%’ mentality is no longer sufficient to move us into a successful future. We need new ideas to respond to a continually disruptive world. We must call forth an ability to imagine, a curiosity that will energise our people and an attitude that will expect failure and success.

  • Agility

Armed with technology that puts the intelligence in the field, agility is crucial to forming new strategies. You must have the ability to evolve and adapt. You need to be able to influence up, down, across, and diagonally.

  • Katharine McLennan Executive Psychotherapist What is Leadership

Summit Day 1

20 Apr


Annie is the Federal Secretary for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, bringing more than a decade’s experience working in public hospitals, the community, and health education projects. Join Annie as she shares her passion for improving Australia’s health and aged care system, and the critical role you play in the future of healthcare.


Karen is the APNA President and a veteran of primary healthcare reform, appointed by Health Minister Greg Hunt to advise on the development of the Government’s Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan. Karen’s passion is preventative healthcare, utilising surveillance and health checks to identify health problems so that care can be initiated early to prevent damage to a person’s wellbeing. Karen will share her vision for our healthcare future and the importance of embodying the spirit of 'The Nurse & Midwife'.

  • Karen Booth President Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association

Case Study

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. For leaders, it should be about impact, support and encouragement - not money, title or power. Viv has been a CEO in the Aged Care sector for over 19 years and will explore the importance of leading to make a difference, rather than chasing a title.

- Identify your vision and make a difference in your organisation

- Develop strategies to overcome resistance or reluctance to change

- Empower others to make a difference at every level regardless of seniority

  • Viv Allanson Chief Executive Officer Maroba Aged Care

Case Study

With a multitude of leadership styles, how can you stand out from the crowd? Exceptional leaders recognise the power of listening to their people, their customers, vendors, members of their community, and others. Illana will get you to think outside the box and promote yourself as a leader that stands out from the crowd to reach your leadership goals.

- Dare to be different

- Leverage off your strengths but also your weaknesses

- Create self-awareness in others

  • Illana Halliday Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer RSL Life Care


As a healthcare leader, you may have to decide between a career in medical practice or executive leadership. But who says you can’t have both? A combination of practical and executive experience can mean better decision making for your organisation, the ability to influence your employee’s clinical activities, and the opportunity to follow your passion in the pursuit of leadership. Emma will share experiences as a practising Pediatrician and Executive Director, and how she manages to balance the two while staying close to her patients and staff.

- Define your vision and find your unique leadership path

- Embrace your passion while pursuing an executive leadership career

- Source mentorship in your organisation and learn to maximise these relationships


Despite more than 25 years of anti-discrimination legislation, it remains the case that the higher up any organisational ladder you look, the fewer women you see. In January 2011, the ASX Corporate Governance Council introduced a diversity policy requiring all publicly listed companies in Australia to set and report on targets for increased female representation. The question is, do we need gender quotas to promote skilled and qualified women?

- Promote yourself as a leader, no matter the role you’re in 

- Empower other women to dream big 

- Develop a strategy for your organisation to prevent unconscious bias

  • Sidney Chandrasiri Group Director, Academic & Medical Services Epworth HealthCare

Expert Commentary

Burnout is a common side effect of a fast-paced professional lifestyle. Understanding your emotional triggers and identifying stress as it occurs is essential to your success.

- Strategies to develop resilience in a high-pressure environment

- Using tough times as an opportunity for developing resilience

- Controlling reactions to challenging job demands

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)

Case Study

Understanding and applying human factors in healthcare leadership provides opportunities for improving patient safety and organisational effectiveness. One of the most critical human factors is resilience, affecting how individuals, teams, and organisations monitor, adapt to and act on failures or high-risk situations. Kym from AHPRA will share her experience in the industry, walk you through the steps of a clinical practitioner complaint, and how you can stay resilient through the process, so your work and peace of mind don’t suffer.

- Overcome the fear of failure and put yourself forward

- Develop strategies to remain resilient in stressful situations

- Implement a strategy for how you handle complaints in your organisation

  • Kym Ayscough Executive Director, Regulatory Operations Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Summit Day 2

21 Apr

Case Study

The fact that compassion and leadership are seldom positively correlated is perhaps the reason it’s resonating so widely. People are hungry for a more profound sense of meaning in their work, which means a closer connection between what they do and how it serves a greater good. Many healthcare professionals join the industry for this exact reason. Verity will share her experience juggling the role of a health professional, wife and mother, and how she stays true to her core values of compassion and kindness. 

- Embody your vision and empower your employees to act with passion and purpose 

- Stay true to your values while climbing the corporate ladder

- Overcome the struggle of work-life balance in the healthcare industry

Case Study

Informed leaders don’t always make better decisions, but better decisions start with informed leaders. Confident decision-making and leadership are integral to success, and this starts with collaboration and self-directed learning. Louise York is responsible for the team maintaining and analysing national data to support reporting on the health and welfare of Australia’s key population groups. Through a presentation where statistics meet reality, Louise will explore why you might be working in the healthcare industry in the first place.

- Understand the value of collaborative and informed decision making 

- Leverage self-directed learning to establish yourself as a healthcare leader 

- Reflect on your career journey and use industry statistics to reignite your passion 

Case Study

Customer service experiences set the expectation for the quality of care. You may have the most skilled physicians and experienced nurses in the industry, but if you can’t provide a consistently high-quality experience for your patients, they won’t recognise you for outstanding healthcare. Kay Hyman will highlight the value of strengthening service and share her experience revolutionising CX across rural, privately owned, and tertiary hospitals in NSW. 

- Reinvent the public sector patient experience 

- Instil the same values across different institutions 

- Empower your employees through your customers 


The nature of the healthcare industry presents barriers for managers and leaders implementing flexible working arrangements. With jobs differing between physical, shift work, and office or administrative roles, there's no one size fits all. To achieve a flexible and agile working environment, we need to start thinking outside the box and become creative in how we view flexibility. Vanessa has specialised in helping organisations achieve flexible working environments for 10+ years, and will provide you with tips, tools, and strategies for beginning your organisation's journey towards implementing a flexible working space. 

- Change your mindset on flexibility 

- Learn to structure your work around top priorities vs. non-urgent tasks 

- Develop a flexible approach that works for your organisation and needs

  • Vanessa Vanderhoek Chief Executive Officer The FlexAgility Group


As the world of work is changing, employees are increasingly working remotely and the four walls of the workplace are evaporating. Flexible work arrangements are increasingly becoming reasonable adjustments that can be accommodated not only without hardship to employers, but indeed with improved productivity, efficiency and engagement. But with the Healthcare industry consisting of small to large businesses, government organisations and not-for-profits, and professionals working both shift-work and full-time, is workplace flexibility truly possible? 

- Change yours and your organisations mindset around flexibility

- Prioritise effectively in both your work-life and your private-life

- Overcome the fear of asking for time off when you need it

  • James Downie Chief Executive Officer Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

  • Petra Milnes Director, Office of the Chief Executive & Chief Information Officer eHealth NSW

Case Study

A change champion holds the vision for a possible future in their hands and becomes an advocate for making it happen. Jumping into an organisation and implementing large scale change immediately may seem impossible, as change often needs to take place internally, in people's perceptions, before action can follow suit! When Rachel joined Private Healthcare Australia as the new CEO in 2015, she had a future vision of what she wanted to achieve and dedicated herself to making it happen. Rachel will explore how you can communicate your vision, gain buy-in and provide practical strategies to become a change champion in your organisation, industry and beyond.

- Communicate your vision and its value in your organisation

- Gain stakeholder buy-in and translate this into action

- Overcome reluctance and resistance to cultural change

  • Rachel David Chief Executive Officer Private Healthcare Australia


Staying true to your core values can be effortless when life is a smooth sail. But what happens when the waters get rough? Over the past two days, you have listened to and participated in inspirational keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and practical workshops. In this closing roundtable, you will explore key takeaways from the summit, discuss factors influencing your success, create an action plan for your future, and how to stay true to your healthcare values.

- Reflect on the key learnings from the past two days

- Discuss factors influencing your core healthcare values

- Create an action plan for the future

  • Julie Alexander Chief Executive Officer Changing Change International (CCI)

Post-Summit Workshop

22 Apr


Authentic leaders have a deep understanding of their values and beliefs, using this self-awareness to foster productive and positive relationships with their teams. Their authenticity is recognised by their reports and allows them to promote excellent team cultures and achieve the best outcomes for their organisations and stakeholders.

In this workshop, you will learn to channel your passion for the care professions into your leadership. You will acquire skills to stand out as a leader, while staying true to your principles, harnessing your innate strengths as a healthcare professional to advance your leadership career.


- Embrace your passion for healthcare

- Harness your natural strengths to develop your leadership capability 

- Gain self-awareness and establish trusting and genuine relationships

Emotional Intelligence

- Develop a deeper understanding of your leadership style

- Understand how emotions, thoughts and behaviours are connected

- Foster a positive work climate and increase productivity

Collaborative teamwork 

- Enhance a sense of shared responsibility and establish common goals

- Set expectations around collaboration and ensure team members have a voice in the process

- Master how to resolve relational vs task-oriented conflict

Influence others 

- Lead by practising what you communicate to your team 

- Use your own display of emotions to influence team members behaviour

- Maximise collaboration, consultation and alliances 

  • Naomi Deck Healthcare Consultant & Inspirational Speaker Naomi Deck


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