• July 16th - 19th, 2019
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Event Starting In!

    18 Days

  • Priority Code: QA3

2nd Women in Environment & Sustainability Leadership Summit

Practical skills to generate environmental change and drive career growth

  • July 16th - 19th, 2019
  • Pullman Melbourne on the Park


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- Drive collaborative change with stakeholders
- Cultivate a forward-thinking mindset
- Advocate your value & vision
- Innovative techniques to tackle environmental issues


Kelly O'Shanassy

A leader and Chief Executive Officer with a record of driving transformative environmental and economic outcomes in climate, water and business sustainability. An expert in strategy and policy development, organisational growth and crafting innovative programs across the business, government and community sectors. A strategic thinker and trusted advisor and negotiator, Kelly is sought after to lead complex multi-stakeholder collaborations across politics, government, business and the community.

Chief Executive Officer
Australian Conservation Foundation

  • Rachel Lowry
    Chief Conservation Officer
  • Wendy Craik
    Climate Change Authority
  • Ed McManus
    Chief Executive Officer
    Meridian Energy & Powershop Australia
  • Kate Auty
    Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment / Honorary Professorial Fellow
    ACT Government / The University of Melbourne


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Download the brochure
Lead for the future - a leadership toolkit
Walk the tightrope between collaboration & leadership
Set your goals
Foster a forward-thinking mindset
Pay it forward
Channel passion into action
Empower the next generation of leaders
Overcome environmental challenges through collective action
Optimise networking opportunities
Liberate the leader within
Drive sustainable change
A look into leadership
Communicate with impact
Opportunities, roadblocks & everything in between
Think outside the box
Make your mark
Bring stakeholders on the journey
Pre-Summit Workshop

16 Jul


To expand your influence, you must establish respect and recognise the importance of empowering future generations of environmental leaders. Discover how to channel your passion, harness innovative and adaptive leadership approaches, drive environmental progress and nurture a sustainable future. 

Identify your leadership style 

- Identify your personal and professional strengths 

- Align and incorporate your values and vision

- Establish yourself as a respected leader

Evolve with changing environmental circumstances

- Cultivate the skills for adaptive leadership

- Resilience in the face of change

- Maintain team momentum 

Foster a collaborative, innovative workplace culture

- Drive internal and external collaboration

- Encourage diversity of thought

- Embrace failures and mistakes

Enable high performing teams

- Mentor as you manage

- Advocate for women’s leadership in the field

- Recognise opportunities for your team

Summit Day One

17 Jul

Case Study

Achieving a sustainable future requires cooperation across the community, businesses and government. Kelly will help you walk the fine line between leadership and collaboration to achieve impactful environmental outcomes.

- Improve collaboration to drive change

- Build trust in bold leadership

- Navigate tensions between leadership and collaboration

  • Kelly O'Shanassy Chief Executive Officer Australian Conservation Foundation

Break-Out Session

Case Study

Sustainable solutions require out-of-the-box ideas. As a sustainability entrepreneur, Gary will share advice on how you can foster an innovative mindset for yourself and your team.

- Develop an entrepreneurial mindset

- Encourage innovation within your team

- Trigger creative solutions

  • Gary Smith Chief Executive Officer Biopak

Case Study

The benefits of mentoring are myriad for the mentor and mentee. In this collaborative session, Nicole and Michelle will discuss how a mentoring relationship requires both parties to take responsibility for its development.

- Make the connection

- Build a relationship 

- Benefits of mentoring to both mentor and mentor

  • Nicole Neal Director, Environment & Sustainability Cardno

  • Michelle Wilson Sustainability Advisor Aesop

Case Study

Environmental leaders are motivated to secure a sustainable future by passion. Join Rachel to hear how she has harnessed this passion and used it to propel her leadership career.

- Incorporate values into your authentic leadership style

- Advocate for women in leadership

- Navigate unconscious bias

  • Rachel Lowry Chief Conservation Officer WWF


Managing and mentoring an agile team is a challenging task. To cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders, you must support your team and enable them to thrive.

- Nurture your team’s potential

- Tactics for engaging millennials

- Leave a leadership legacy

  • Kate Auty Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment / Honorary Professorial Fellow ACT Government / The University of Melbourne

  • Stephanie Ziersch Director, Communities & Climate Change Sustainability Victoria

  • Narelle Simmons Group Manager, Environment VicTrack

  • Deb Cailes Manager, Urban Sustainability City of Melbourne

  • Antoniette Michail Acting Manager, Environment & Water Wyndham City Council

Case Study

An effective way to drive sustainable change is through community-led approaches. Kate will reflect on examples of community leadership programs that have resulted in positive environmental outcomes.

- Drive positive behavioural change

- Nurture collaborative relationships

- Bring people and ideas together

  • Kate Auty Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment / Honorary Professorial Fellow ACT Government / The University of Melbourne

Expert Commentary

Knowing how to build constructive networks is an indispensable skill for unlocking your leadership potential. Productive networking skills can lead to the creation of support networks for like-minded individuals.

- Identify and build support networks

- Tips for initiating conversation

- Strategies for effortless networking

Summit Day Two

18 Jul

Case Study

Amanda will take you through her start up journey of developing Lord of the Fries. She will focus on what it takes to pursue a dream, how to be your own leader in order to lead others and why focusing on who you are will get you far in business. 

- Know your why

- Turn vision into action

- Lessons from the road to success

  • Amanda Walker Co-Founder & Head of Operations Lord of the Fries

Case Study

We can't create a sustainable future without disrupting the norm. Ed will share practical strategies to help you become a change agent within your organisation and beyond.

- Bring others along for the journey

- Embed sustainable values

- Promote social change for environmental change

  • Ed McManus Chief Executive Officer Meridian Energy & Powershop Australia


This interview-style session will give you the opportunity to gain insight into Wendy's leadership journey and hear how she has made her mark along the way.

- Navigate male-dominated spaces

- Identify pathways to progression

- Lessons from leadership

  • Wendy Craik Chair Climate Change Authority

Case Study

Leaders at the forefront of sustainability must harness the power of communication to enable progress. Lyn will share some practical tools to communicate your vision and values with optimum effectiveness.

- Communicate your values and vision

- Moderate communication style for your audience

- Be clear, confident and coherent

  • Lyn Bowring Executive Director, Solar Homes Transition Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning


Effective leaders leverage failure as an opportunity to learn, build and grow. Join this panel of experienced leaders to learn from their successes and failures.

- Turn obstacles into opportunities

- The road to resilience

- Lessons from leadership

  • Rachel Ollivier General Manager, City Sustainability & Strategy Darebin City Council

  • Eloise Bishop Head of Sustainability Country Road Group & David Jones

  • Catherine Anderson Chief Customer Officer Powershop Australia

  • Deirdre Griepsma Manager, Sustainable Environment Bass Coast Shire Council

Case Study

To make your mark, you need to step outside your comfort zone and collaborate with non-traditional partners. Olivia will share her insights, experiences and anecdotes working across a range of sectors to advance organisational and personal sustainability goals.

- Progress new approaches for sustainability

- Identify non-traditional partners

- Drive collaboration and unlock value

  • Olivia Tyler Director, Sustainable Business Services Westpac Banking Corporation


This interactive roundtable provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and collaborate, allowing you to find solutions to propel your leadership career and make your mark.

- Reflect on your goals

- Share highlights and key takeaways

- Create your action plan

Post-Summit Workshop

19 Jul


Engaging multiple stakeholders with differing perspectives and motivations can be a tricky task, but it's critical to the creation and delivery of sustainability strategies. This workshop will supercharge your stakeholder engagement skills and leave you feeling hopeful about your ability to create change.

Identify and understand your stakeholders

- Know your audience

- Take a systems view to stakeholder mapping

- Build a plan to engage them

Influence up and down the chain

- Achieve greater impact

- Build your empathy skills

- Focus on shared value

Get creative with your communication skills

- Generate awareness through inclusive language

- Communicate with those that have different value sets to you

- Create a shared vision

Tactics to drive change

- Communicate with impact

- Build relationships

- Deepen your stakeholder engagement approach


Pullman Melbourne on the Park

192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, Victoria, 3002, Australia

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