• August 20th - 23rd, 2019
  • Brisbane, Australia
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    1 Day

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10th Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit

Strategies to break barriers and unleash your potential

  • August 20th - 23rd, 2019
  • Pullman Brisbane King George Square


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-Develop your distinct leadership profile
-Navigate different work styles & personalities
-Boost emotional intelligence to be an effective leader
-Harness the power of sponsors and networks


Lily Habib

Lily Habib has comprehensive experience in business planning, sale and acquisitions, portfolio management, sustainability strategy, risk management, and change management, Lily has almost two decades of experience in the energy sector. She currently leads Pacific Hydro’s generation business from new business, development, delivery and operations as the company pursues new opportunities in solar, wind and storage; and has led the addition of 1.5GW large-scale solar development to the company’s current project pipeline. Lily holds an MBA, a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment, and a Bachelor of Business (Applied Economics).

Acting Head of Australia
Pacific Hydro

  • Rachel Durdin
    Chief Advisor – Social and Stakeholder Engagement Corporate Relations
    Rio Tinto
  • Janny Spilsbury-Schakel
    Senior Vice President, Subsurface
    Oil Search Limited
  • Carly Irving
    General Manager Customer & Market Operations
    Energy Queensland
  • Caoilin Chestnutt
    Resources Investment Commissioner
    Queensland Government


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Forge your leadership path
Reignite your passion & purpose
Be your best brand ambassador
Communicate with influence
Discover your leadership sponsor
Work-life balance - Where to draw the line
Navigate unconscious bias
Master the art of networking
Your strides to success
Emotional intelligence for leadership
Powerful communication to gain buy-in
Manage different styles of learning & personalities
The Neuroscience of Resilience & Success in Life
Prepare for the future
Take action
Harness the power of emotional intelligence
Pre-Summit Workshop

20 Aug


To be the leader you envision, you must explore your values and goals and learn how to turn your aspirations into concrete plans for success. Discover how to create new opportunities and build the confidence to take ownership of your career path.  

Build your leadership profile

-Learn the characteristics of successful leaders and how to apply them

-Discover and leverage your strengths

-Identify your authentic leadership style 

Set personal goals and achieve them

-Define your aspirations and SMART goals

-Break down goals into daily routines

-Effective reward systems to encourage success and turn thoughts into action

Shine as a confident leader

-Raise your voice and leadership profile

-Convert challenges into opportunities

-Assert yourself to stand out and seize opportunities

Position yourself for advancement

-Cultivate negotiation skills for any situation

-Create a support system to help achieve your goals

-Step up as a leader

Summit Day One

21 Aug

Case Study

When faced with a challenge, it's how you respond that determines your success. Learn how to refuel your determination, turn obstacles into opportunities and take pride in your achievements.

-Strategies to reignite your drive

-Reflect on the ‘why’

-Methods to overcome high-pressure challenges

  • Janny Spilsbury-Schakel Senior Vice President, Subsurface Oil Search Limited

Case Study

To stand out, we must be clear about what we stand for. Reflect on your value in the workplace, take ownership of how your self-brand is perceived, and market yourself as the leader you want to be.

-Understand your identity, values and goals

-Recognise and leverage your strengths 

-Create a strong value proposition for your work

  • Jo-Anne Dudley Chief Operating Officer Turquoise Hill

Case Study

Language is fundamental for presenting ideas, proposing solutions, forming relationships and delivering outcomes. How we speak shapes perception, so you must use that to your advantage with a strategic approach.

-Ensure your assertive communication results in positive outcomes

-Strategies to make your voice heard

-Develop influential communication skills

  • Michelle Barry Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations ERM Power

Case Study

Great leaders don’t act alone. Instead, they leverage the power of sponsors. Learn how to identify someone who believes in your leadership aspirations and establish the right connections for career advancement.

-The benefit of ‘personal’ sponsors and supportive relationships

-Identify and approach those that align with your goals and vision

-Align your weaknesses with a sponsor’s strengths

  • Colin Rossetti Group Director - Resources, Power & Industrial (QLD and NT) AECOM


Work-life balance is a simple concept but difficult to apply. Discover how to take care of yourself at home so that you can bring your best self to work.

-Be present and prepared

-Cope with stress

-Manage wellbeing without sacrificing ambition

  • Caoilin Chestnutt Resources Investment Commissioner Queensland Government

  • Sarah Withell Head of HSE Business Partnership BHP

  • Stephanie Pasco Portfolio Coordinator – Gas & Renewables Stanwell Corporation Limited

Case Study

Unconscious bias and other adversities can be overcome by upholding self-worth and assertively conveying your value. Facing and overcoming these challenges will put you in great stead for your leadership development.

-A spotlight on the unconscious

-Overcome bias and demonstrate your value

-Thrive in challenging circumstances

  • Danielle Roche General Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance Queensland Urban Utilities

Expert Commentary

Whether you're office-based or on-site, networking is vital for career growth. Learn to establish mutually beneficial connections, strengthen existing relationships, and develop strategies for effective persuasion. 

-Strategically enhance your network

-Build sustainable relationships

-Leverage your connections

Summit Day Two

22 Aug

Case Study

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity, so it's essential to be accountable for your leadership journey. This session will provide you with the strategies needed to achieve your goals.

-Uncover your focus

-Build the confidence to step up

-Keep yourself at the forefront

  • Lily Habib Acting Head of Australia Pacific Hydro

Case Study

A sound understanding of emotional intelligence will help you reach peak performance. Explore techniques to leverage this skill and manage stakeholders. 

-Self-regulation, self-motivation and empathy

-Apply emotional intelligence to interpret, manage, and articulate messaging

-Communicate and understand verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Carly Irving General Manager Customer & Market Operations Energy Queensland

Case Study

Rachel will share how she achieved buy-in to create cultural change within her organisation. You'll gain tips for negotiating effectively and leading with a clear vision.

- Create a clear vision

- Step up to the challenge by taking an initiative

- Negotiation tactics to influence

  • Rachel Durdin Chief Advisor – Social and Stakeholder Engagement Corporate Relations Rio Tinto


Diversity in the workplace brings innovation and creative solutions, but it can be tricky managing these dynamics. Learn how to get the best out of different personalities and working styles. 

-Navigate different personalities and communication preferences

-Earn the respect of your team

-Adapt to different team environments

  • Clare Lawley General Manager, People and Wellness Snowy Hydro Limited

  • Lisa Roobottom HSEQ Manager, Manufacturing Caltex Australia

  • Melissa Bruce Product Manager, Digital Services Siemens

  • Carly Irving General Manager Customer & Market Operations Energy Queensland

Expert Commentary

Develop the ability to manage stress and overcome challenges with a strong can-do attitude and professional composure. 

-Why the natural biases of the brain must be understood in an organisational setting

-How to master the power of the mind

-How to become empowered in moments of challenge

Case Study

In the midst of governmental policy and environmental changes, is your organisation being proactive or reactive? Discover strategies to navigate change and remain agile.

-Understand the future for energy and resources

-Remain proactive in times of governmental policy changes

-Develop skills needed to lead teams through change

  • Catherine Cussen General Manager Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy


This interactive roundtable session will give you the opportunity to reflect on the previous two days and set your career action plan.

-Key takeaways of the summit

-Align it with your journey

-Create an action plan

Post-Summit Workshop

23 Aug


As you step up into leadership, emotional intelligence will help you reflect on your emotions, learn how to communicate them effectively, and adapt to new environments. Discover how to harness the power of emotional intelligence to positively influence and manage stakeholders and teams.

The fundamentals of emotional intelligence

-What is emotional intelligence?

-How to identify your strengths and weaknesses

-The science of emotions

Develop your authentic leadership style

-Identify who you want to be as a leader

-Utilise self-awareness and self-regulation to establish your leadership capabilities

-Emotional reasoning for effective decision making

Improve communication skills to build networks and relationships

-Communicate with confidence

-Master the art of articulation

-Develop situational awareness

Leverage your emotional intelligence

-How to manage interactions

-Use empathy to enhance your leadership

-Emotional intelligence in times of change


Pullman Brisbane King George Square

Corner of Ann & Roma Streets, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

+617 3229 9111

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