Women in Education Leadership Summit

Unleash your potential and pave the path to personal and professional success

  • June 17th - 21st, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Position yourself for promotion
- Expand influence and communication skills
- Develop strategic leadership for the education sector
- Strengthen resilience and wellbeing


Annabelle Duncan

Professor Annabelle Duncan is the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of the University of New England. She joined the University in September 2010, initially as Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and then as Deputy Vice-Chancellor.Prior to joining UNE, Professor Duncan spent 16 years in the CSIRO, including 6 years as Chief of the Division of Molecular Science. Professor Duncan was awarded a Public Service Medal in 1996, and an Honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) from Murdoch University in 2005 for her work in arms control.

Vice Chancellor
University of New England

  • Katherine Belov
    Pro Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement
    University of Sydney
  • Jane Simmons
    Executive Director - School services
    Department of Education NSW
  • Angela Hawkins
    Assistant Dean of Students
    Stanford University
  • Michelle Hoad
    Managing Director, North Metropolitan
    Central Regional TAFE


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Download the brochure
Set yourself up for success as an impactful leader
Establish long-lasting professional relationships
Draw inspiration from those around you
Juggle priorities in your work and personal life
Reach beyond manager to a leader
Craft your leadership vision
Improve communication and influence
Define your leadership journey
Enhance staff engagement and inclusion
Overcome the challenges of unconscious bias in the workplace
Source support through mentors, sponsors and networks
Develop an authentic leadership style
Future directions for women in Education
Leadership for Principals & Aspiring School Leaders Workshop - Day 1
Leadership for Principals & Aspiring School Leaders Workshop - Day 2
Tertiary Education Women's Leadership Workshop - Day 1
Tertiary Education Women's Leadership Workshop - Day 2
Pre-Summit Workshop

17 Jun


To set yourself up for leadership success in the Education sector, you must be able to effectively influence and engage a multitude of internal and external stakeholders. Mastering this ability will not only help you to gain support along your career, but is a crucial step in gaining organisational buy-in to drive change as a leader. 

In this hands-on, experiential workshop, our expert facilitator will explore the power of communication and how it can be employed to foster support, expand your leadership influence and ultimately achieve traction for sustainable transformational change. Discussing workplace culture, change management and emotional intelligence, she will offer the tangible tools for you to boost your career.

Understand and develop your Emotional Intelligence

- Explore the essential elements of Emotional Intelligence

- Expand your emotional agility

- Understand emotional drivers to better motivate yourself and your team

Foster a workplace culture that is resilient to change

- Manage team stress and promote well-being amidst challenges

- Cultivate a healthy and positive mindset in the office

- Instill opportunities for innovation

Elevate your communication skills and stakeholder engagement

- Speak with confidence and authority to make an impact

- Tailor communication styles to your audience

- Expand your influence with team members, stakeholders and supporters

Generate organisational buy-in to drive transformation

- Lead with authenticity to generate trust

- Communicate a clear, strategic vision with long-term sustainability

- Maintain ongoing communication to demonstrate the benefits of change

Conference Day 1

18 Jun

Case Study

Kathy believes that one of the most important tools in career progression is the ability to build strong and sustainable relationships. She will share her own experiences to highlight how you can build better relationships and propel your career.

- Identify the sponsors in your life

- Cultivate authentic professional relationships

- Navigate the challenges in business friendships

  • Katherine Belov Pro Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement University of Sydney

Case Study

Regardless of where you are in your path to success, you can always benefit from the wisdom and support of those we admire. Angela will share her personal experiences enacting advice from a robust support system, be it role models, colleagues, family or those who have paved the way before you.

- Develop a robust support system

- Enact the advice of your role models

- Take inspiration from those before you

  • Angela Hawkins Assistant Dean of Students Stanford University

Case Study

  • Christina Chun Leader, Business Engagement and Development NSW Department of Education

Case Study

With a wealth of competing responsibilities, leaders face a formidable balancing act, especially when juggling multiple priorities inside and outside the office. Michelle will share her insights when it comes to managing these challenging demands.

- Maintain well-being without compromising ambition

- Know when to say 'no'

- Balance competing priorities at work and home

  • Michelle Hoad Managing Director, North Metropolitan Central Regional TAFE


Leadership is more than hierarchy alone and requires the ability to cultivate followership. In this interactive discussion, our panel of experts will share what they consider the anatomy of a leader.

- Make the distinction between manager and leader

- Explore the defining principles of a good leader

- Tackle change and transformation as a leader

  • Lucy Arundell Chief Education and Training Officer TAFE NSW

  • Kerry Penton Director, Workforce Engagement TAFE NSW

  • Joanna Watts Director of Operations The University of Melbourne

  • Karen Garling Deputy Principal Kelso Public School

Case Study

A vital part of leadership is the ability to not only create a strong vision, but to execute it well. Tara will explore and share her own success stories and some of the lessons she learned along the way.

- Balance long-term and short-term goals

- Better execute your plan to achieve your vision

- Communicate your vision to staff and the community

  • Tara Taylor Board Chair, Inner Sydney Montessori School & Board Chair, Sydney Montessori Training Centre Inner Sydney Montessori School & Sydney Montessori Training Centre

Expert Commentary

To make sustainable connections to propel your career, you must have the ability to make a lasting impact. To do this, you need to utilise superior communication and networking skills. Through this interactive session, explore how to maximise your influence.

- Enhanced authentic and strategic communication

- The confidence to find your voice

- Strategies for effortless networking

Conference Day 2

19 Jun

Case Study

With an extremely diverse career spanning Education and the Public Sector, Annabelle has a wealth of insight from her journey. Drawing on her own career journey, she will share her insights and experiences on how to make the most of your career.

- Take ownership of your journey

- Develop the confidence to seize opportunities

- Know when to make a move and take a risk

  • Annabelle Duncan Vice Chancellor University of New England

Case Study

As a male champion of change, Tim finds staff engagement and inclusion vital to long-term retention and team performance. Having led a staff engagement and culture improvement plan to provide for the needs of female employees, he will discuss the discoveries of Trinity's journey to improving inclusion.

- A case study of cultural engagement

- Best methods to change staff culture

- How to deal with pressing problems

  • Tim Bowden Head Master Trinity Grammar School

Expert Commentary

While many education roles are seeing the unique business and technical value that women in leadership roles bring to the table, the impact of unconscious bias remains an ongoing challenge. Karen will share the ways you can overcome the challenges of unconscious bias and confidently find your voice in the sphere.

- Defy the odds and be brave enough to put up your hand

- Give yourself due recognition and acknowledge room for improvement

- Support other women on their journey


The journey to the top is accomplished with a strong network of supporters. Sponsors and mentors can help accelerate growth and guide you along potential pathways. In this interactive panel, our experts will explore support frameworks to propel your career.

- Locate the right mentor/sponsor for you

- Nurture your informal and formal mentorships

- Learn how to maximise the benefit of networks

  • Jane Simmons Executive Director - School services Department of Education NSW

  • Joanna Brown Executive Director People, Culture and Organisational Development Melbourne Polytechnic

  • Megan Krimmer Headmistress Abbotsleigh School for Girls

  • Elizabeth Ovens Principal St Aloysius Catholic Primary School

  • Pascale Drever Deputy Head of School Ascham School

Case Study

Ann-Maree has had a fantastic career, building a lasting leadership legacy through her authentic style. She will share her journey and the importance of staying true to yourself.

- Develop a well-fitted leadership voice

- Cultivate followership and influence

- Remain true to your unique strengths

  • Ann-Maree David Chief Executive Officer The College of Law


In the final interactive session of the summit, our chair will reflect upon the various themes and inspiring stories to fuel your leadership journey. Through an engaging discussion, she will offer ideas around the key takeaways from the conference.

- Key skills to succeed as an education leader

- Map out your leadership career

- Create an action plan for success

Post-Summit Workshop A

20 Jun - 21 Jun


Discover fundamental leadership capabilities

- Capabilities, attributes, and skills of an influential leader

- Develop personal worth, power, and responsibility 

- Embrace complexity, uncertainty and diversity


Think creatively to design innovative models for your school

- Diagnosing issues unique to your school to determine your innovation needs

- Enhance your problem solving skills to overcome obstacles

- Have courage behind your convictions

Lead diverse teams and generating support

- Understand the needs of a diverse staff team

- Build a balanced team 

- Establish rapport and improve communication skills 


Project confidence to survive self-doubt and uncertainty

- Continually striving for improvement 

- Recognise your strengths as a leader

- Deal with resistance in the workplace

  • Pam Ryan Industry Professor (Learning and Education) UTS


The art of educational leadership - Balance the demands of today’s environment

- Improve your relational and organisational skills to lead a secondary school into the future

- Establish and staying true to your values 

- Keep focussed on the greater good 


Lead through change

- Lead through challenging times 

- Deal with difficult people and difficult situations

- Give and receiving unwelcome feedback 

- Manage competing priorities and react to pressure effectively


Lead with Emotional intelligence (EQ)

- Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for further growth and leadership development

- Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader 

- Leverage your EQ in the workplace

- Embrace qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader 


Build trust and influence your key stakeholders

- Work through trust and the trust equation

- Know how you influence, what is in your toolkit

- Know who you need to influence and why

- Address dysfunction and boost performance

  • Pam Ryan Industry Professor (Learning and Education) UTS

Post-Summit Workshop B

20 Jun - 21 Jun


Develop self-awareness and authenticity

•   Management vs. leadership – what makes you distinctive?

•   Leadership Styles – what the evidence says about what works and what doesn’t 

•   Developing resilience in a competitive leadership space

Understand your value and your values

•   Recognising your values

•   Understanding how your values lead your decision making 

•   Unleash your authentic leadership style

Strategic career progression

•   Skills and approaches in managing your executive presence: Key derailers

•   Positioning yourself for promotion - Highlighting your aptitude for leadership

•   Maximising existing relationships and networks and building new ones for professional opportunities

Leading into the future

•   Understanding where you are in your career journey

•   Establishing your goals for leadership progression

•   Creating a personal leadership plan

  • Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


High level communication, influence and negotiation

•   Developing your communication strategy: Style, structure and substance

•   Knowing your audience’s expectations: Effectively managing up and how important it is to do it differently

•   Develop more flexibility in your communication overall

Conversations that build trust

•   Develop your conversational influence 

•   Using Verbal tracking skills like a professional

•   Get the outcomes you want and need

Keeping the team on track for exceptional performance

•   Monitoring behaviour and outcomes

•   Communicating success - Dashboards and KPIs

•   Preparing for and having difficult performance conversations with confidence 

Dealing with high performers 

•   Being the manager, that the best people want to work for

•   How to identify High Performers

•   Giving feedback to keep high performers engaged

  • Karen Whittingham Director Impact Psychology Pty Ltd


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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