Women in Data & Analytics Leadership Summit

Inspiring stories, professional insights and practical training for leadership excellence

  • June 25th - 28th, 2019
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Square


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- Transition from technical specialist to a leader
- Communicate confidently and gain recognition
- Maximise visibility and raise your profile
- Navigate male-dominated environments


Kathryn Gulifa

Chief Data Analytics Officer
Worksafe Victoria

  • Kate Carruthers
    Chief Data & Insights Officer
    University of New South Wales
  • Kari Mastropasqua
    Chief Data & Analytics Officer
  • Ying Yang
    Senior Director, Data Science
    Australian Taxation Office
  • Ian Oppermann
    Chief Data Scientist & Chief Executive Officer, NSW Data Analytics Centre
    NSW Treasury


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Download the brochure
Lead with authenticity, insight and intelligence
Achieve recognition for your success
Exceed your career aspirations
Create data-driven value
Stay ahead of the curve
Mini-workshop - Communicate with impact and influence
Women blazing trails
Attract & retain top female talent
Network for success
Empower the next generation
Overcome self-doubt
Network to make a difference
Mini-workshop: Superpower your leadership brand
Data, analytics and the future of jobs
Targeted communication - effective stakeholder engagement
Navigate male-dominated environments
From vision to results
Make the transition from technical specialist to a leader
Pre-Summit Workshop

25 Jun


Explore how you can establish your values, supercharge your leadership identity and overcome the challenges of leadership. Learn how to mould and adapt your skills to effectively manage stakeholders, enhance team performance and become a confident, authentic leader.

Leverage your leadership values

- Identify your core values

- Assess how your colleagues and staff perceive you

- Develop an authentic leadership brand

Explore strategies for success

- Contrast the different aspects of situational leadership

- Nurture the mindset of a confident leader

- Use your leadership brand to connect with your team

Earn trust and respect through credibility

- Develop an emotionally intelligent workplace culture

- Overcome imposter syndrome 

- Develop your authentic identity

Overcome leadership challenges

- Maintain transparency and be the author of your identity

- Build a repertoire of leadership techniques to prepare for complex situations

- Master techniques to inspire, motivate and engage diverse contemporary teams

Summit Day 1

26 Jun

Case Study

Understanding your organisation's needs, volunteering for new opportunities and sharing your achievements are the first steps in raising your internal profile and gaining recognition at work.

- Volunteer and advocate for yourself

- Align your objectives with the organisation

- Share your achievements

  • Kari Mastropasqua Chief Data & Analytics Officer Equifax

Break-Out Session

Success demands focus, and focus requires a clear goal. So what does success look like to you? Take time to reflect on this and set goals for your career.

Case Study

Data is the currency of the technological era, though many companies are yet to embrace its potential. Explore emerging trends and discover strategies for creating collaborative data-driven values in your teams.

- Identify emerging industry trends

- Create data-driven values

- Boost collaboration

  • Ying Yang Senior Director, Data Science Australian Taxation Office

Case Study

Anticipating trends gives you a competitive advantage. Discover how to embrace discomfort, proactively respond to change and invest in your personal development to stay ahead in your career.

- Embrace discomfort in a rapidly evolving space

- Be innovative and proactive to respond to change

- Invest in personal and professional development

  • Elizabeth Moore Data Reporting & Analytics Executive Telstra

Expert Commentary

To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence key stakeholders through structured conversations. Gain the skills to make an impact and communicate with confidence.

- Discover the psychology behind the decision-making process

- Identify channels for communication

- Formulate persuasive phrases to gain buy-in


Data careers are ripe with opportunity, yet women remain critically underrepresented in the profession. Explore the obstacles and opportunities for women in data and discuss the path for change. 

- Identify the obstacles and opportunities for women in data

- Overcome industry stereotypes and biases 

- A path for change

  • Elanor Huntington Dean of Engineering and Computer Science Australian National University

  • Katie Rushforth Senior Manager, Enterprise Data & Strategy Metlife Insurance

  • Kristina Sara Johnson HPC Data Visualisation Specialist Defence Science & Technology Group

  • Clare Leighton City Manager DishDash.Co

Case Study

To attract and retain women in the workplace, you must understand how women look for new job opportunities, promote workplace culture and provide internal mentorship opportunities.

- Understand how female talent search for job opportunities

- Broadcast your benefits, culture and policies for exposure

- Encourage internal mentorship and sponsorship of women

  • Stephanie Norris Talent Acquisition Manager, ANZ Cisco Systems

Expert Commentary

To broaden your sphere of influence, you must build and leverage strategic networks. Explore practical strategies for overcoming the challenges of effective networking and gain tips on how to build rapport.

- Understand your desired outcomes

- Preparation and its part in networking

- Master the art of small talk

Summit Day 2

27 Jun

Case Study

Big data is booming and becoming a primary player in the boardroom, so why do women remain underrepresented at senior leadership levels? To bridge the gap and empower women at the top, we must encourage those who have recently entered the field.

- Inspire, educate and support women in the data industry

- The importance of female role models in encouraging participation

- Be the movement

  • Kathryn Gulifa Chief Data Analytics Officer Worksafe Victoria

Break-Out Session

Self-doubt can motivate you to keep learning and growing. Assess your career goals and refresh how they align with your unique strengths.

Case Study

Explore the benefits of networking, develop strategies to increase your visibility and unlock valuable opportunities for professional development.

- Take ownership of your personal growth and learning

- Increase your internal visibility and recognition

- Enhance your career direction and advancement

  • Kate Carruthers Chief Data & Insights Officer University of New South Wales

Expert Commentary

Discover how embracing your flaws - not just your strengths - will lead to greater authenticity and a powerful leadership brand.

- Construct your leadership brand

- Earn trust and respect through credibility

- Superpower your leadership mindset


Despite industry growth, organisations continue to struggle with the shortage of talent and technological advances in the space. Explore the data science boom, develop strategies to attract talent, and discover how to keep pace with this rapidly evolving space. 

- Understand the data science boom 

- Combat the increasing shortage of talent in the space 

- Prepare for job disruption and identify re-skilling opportunities

  • Ian Oppermann Chief Data Scientist & Chief Executive Officer, NSW Data Analytics Centre NSW Treasury

  • Nathan Brewer Director Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Department of Human Services

  • Portia Cerny Head of Analytics, Central Rik, Customer Experience & Operations Macquarie Banking and Financial Services

  • Violetta Misiorek Senior Manager, Data Science Suncorp Group

  • Ilaria Tavecchia Data Scientist Airtasker

Case Study

The art of stakeholder engagement is an essential skill for any technical leader. Learning to communicate complex information to stakeholders is crucial to your success. 

- Understand the importance of language

- Establish rapport to build confidence 

- Manage stakeholder expectations and assumptions

Case Study

To foster positive work environments, you must master the art of navigating the social and political aspects of a male-dominated workplace.

- Understand and leverage your strengths

- Adapt without changing your core beliefs

- Strategies to overcome unconscious bias

  • Sandra Hogan Head of Data Science & AI Innovior


Rosanna will guide you through the takeaways from the summit. You will identify opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on your career journey

- Skills and strategies to unleash your leadership potential

- Create an action plan for the future

Post-Summit Workshop

28 Jun


Gain tools and strategies for leadership success by broadening your portfolio of skills. You’ll learn practical strategies to create a passion-driven career and create an action plan to accelerate your leadership transition. 

Combine your skills for leadership excellence

- Identify the challenges for technical professionals moving into leadership

- Leverage your credibility and use your knowledge as power

- Create a passion-driven career

Strategic communication skills for technical specialists

- Understand and adapt to different communication styles 

- Build rapport with a variety of individuals

- Strategies for explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences

Master the growth mindset

- Understand the mindset/skillset distinction

- Reignite your passions and purpose 

- Instil a growth mindset in you and your team 

Propel your leadership career

- Identify and evaluate your strengths

- Gain buy-in and earn respect

- Design an action plan and take the next step


Novotel Sydney Darling Square

17 Little Pier Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 8217 4000

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