• November 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Auckland, New Zealand
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    7 Days

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3rd Women in Construction, Infrastructure & Engineering Leadership Summit

Develop diverse thinking capabilities & encourage growth

  • November 26th - 29th, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Build the resilience to thrive through turbulence
- Nurture high-performing, adaptive teams
- Transition from technical expert to strategic leader
- Establish an inclusive culture to develop opportunities


  • Lisbeth Jacobs
    General Manager, Innovation
    Fletcher Building
  • Emma Trembath
    Associate Director, Technical Practice Leader Geoscience Remediation Services
    AECOM New Zealand
  • Leonie Rae
    General Manager, Corporate Services (secondment)
    Christchurch City Council
  • Amy Barrett
    General Manager, Business Development Facilities Services & Utilities
    Downer New Zealand Ltd
  • Rekha Kharbanda
    Practice Director, Digital Strategy and Transformation (APAC)
    GHD Ltd New Zealand


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Communication skills to elevate your leadership potential
Do you need to be a technical expert to be an effective leader?
Promote & establish positive change
Get projects on track – Challenges of leading multi-disciplinary teams
Create that two-way flow
Develop & drive inclusiveness
Back yourself to introduce change
Become the happy juggler
Navigate the work-life conundrum
Strategies for success – Leadership vs management
Acknowledge the impostor
Build resilience in the face of industry pressures
Embracing innovation - What technology has to offer
Strategic transformation through high-performing teams
Establish your next steps
Navigate the future of leadership
Pre-Summit Workshop

26 Nov


Strategic communication skills allow you to build lasting relationships, engage and maintain stakeholders, and negotiate successful outcomes with multidisciplinary teams.

This interactive and experiential workshop will cover the foundation to enhance your ability to communicate. With her hands-on, energetic style, Debra will help you develop the communication skills you need to propel your career. 

Enhance authentic and strategic communication

- Understand and prioritise critical relationships

- Identify channels for communication

- Develop successful strategies to make an impact


Engage with and maintain your relationships with critical project stakeholders 

- Analyse your stakeholders and understand their needs

- Understand and tailor your communication style

- Become an expert listener


Develop high-level communication skills

- Know and leverage your communication style

- Manage conflict and execute difficult conversations with confidence

- Influence with integrity


Maximise your interpersonal skills

- Manage emotional intelligence

- Learn assertiveness, not aggression

- Learn to motivate your team

Summit Day One

27 Nov

Case Study

Is technical expertise sufficient to lead a team? Join Leonie as she explores what it means to be a technical expert, the relevant skills for an effective leader, and discover what her leadership experiences have taught her to help answer this question.

- Walk away with an understanding of what being an effective leader means to you

- Explore your feelings concerning this question

- Be inspired to make the transition to leadership

  • Leonie Rae General Manager, Corporate Services (secondment) Christchurch City Council

Case Study

It's no secret that in the past, diversity has been lacking. In recent years, momentum has been building, and a positive shift is underway at all levels. Amy will discuss the positive changes she has witnessed within Downer and the broader industry.

- Establish diverse thinking capabilities

- Explore the challenges of the past and how things are changing

- Discuss the social outcomes of this industry-wide shift

  • Amy Barrett General Manager, Business Development Facilities Services & Utilities Downer New Zealand Ltd


Working collaboratively is a necessity, no matter what industry you're in. But when you're working with teams comprised of multiple disciplines, how can you guarantee success? Furthermore, what impact has technology and innovation had on traditional teams and projects? Join our diverse range of panellists as they explore the challenges of working with multidisciplinary teams.

- Utilise your team's strengths and weaknesses through delegation

- Be consistent and build trust

- Collaborate, don't dictate

  • Lisbeth Jacobs General Manager, Innovation Fletcher Building

  • Rekha Kharbanda Practice Director, Digital Strategy and Transformation (APAC) GHD Ltd New Zealand

  • Jennifer Carvill Technical Director - Planning Tonkin + Taylor

  • Maria Mingallon Technical Director, Advanced Computational Design Lead, Australia & New Zealand Mott MacDonald

  • Marija Batistich Partner, Environment & Planning Kensington Swan

Case Study

As a leader working on multiple projects and within different teams, open and confident communication is a necessary trait. Ensuring your teams and stakeholders are well informed and working together is essential. Jennifer has worked in a number of alliances and teams and she will discuss her experience with establishing communication flow.

- Establish a balanced communication process, so all parties stay informed

- Retain and build relationships

- Foster confidence in your teams

  • Jennifer Hart Senior Technical Director Beca Group Ltd


Different cultures, opinions, and backgrounds bring new ideas to the table and enable innovation. Our esteemed panellists will discuss what an inclusive organisation looks like and why diversity in all its forms is crucial.


- Initiate open communication, so everyone feels listened to and included

- Be inspired to drive inclusiveness

- Learn to create welcoming environments

  • Emma Trembath Associate Director, Technical Practice Leader Geoscience Remediation Services AECOM New Zealand

  • Margaret Louie People & Culture Manager Northern Corridor Improvement - Alliance

  • Mary Nabunobuno Quality Manager, Senior Project Engineer Fulton Hogan

Case Study

Change is a word that induces different reactions in different people. Some are excited to embrace it, while others are intent on keeping the status quo. Discover the challenges Lupe has faced and the initiatives she is leading at Auckland Council to promote transformation within the industry.

- Recognise the value of your skillset

- Learn to be confident in your abilities and beliefs

- Meet adversity with confidence

Case Study

All leaders are forced to juggle several priorities in their day-to-day lives. Join Emma as she discusses the challenges of working on multiple projects at once, how she balances her professional priorities like a pro and continues to meet the expectations of her teams and clients.

- Learn to trust and delegate to your team

- Maintain healthy relationships with your stakeholders

- Understand that mistakes happen and learn from them

  • Emma Trembath Associate Director, Technical Practice Leader Geoscience Remediation Services AECOM New Zealand

Case Study

Finding an equilibrium between your work and everything else can pose a significant challenge to leaders. Whether you are making time for your family, friends, or just you, creating balance requires careful navigation. Doris and Peter will share their experience and discuss their challenges, solutions, and opinions on the subject of work-life balance.

- Hear different opinions and strategies to achieve work-life balance

- Learn about the challenges our speakers have faced and how they have achieved this harmony

- Establish your boundaries to ensure a life outside work

  • Doris Stroh Technical Director, Transport Aurecon New Zealand

  • Peter Theiler Associate, Transport Aurecon New Zealand

Summit Day Two

28 Nov

Case Study

How do you plan for the future and lead teams in an ever-changing environment? Join Mayurie as she discusses her experiences within the New Zealand Transport Agency and the private sector. She will address what her teams are planning to achieve, how they navigate change and the lessons learned along the way.

- Gain insights into the challenges in planning, investing and delivering transport infrastructure

- Understand the difference and importance of leadership vs management

- Adapting your leadership style to different sectors

  • Mayurie Gunatilaka Head of Transport System Planning New Zealand Transport Agency

Expert Commentary

Impostor syndrome is not a new phenomenon. Men and women alike have engaged in the struggle against this unseen presence for decades. The phrase is thrown around a lot, but how well do you understand it? Can you tackle or notice its effects? Join Jess as she discusses what impostor syndrome looks like and explore how you can break free.

- Discover and acknowledge the everyday symptoms

- Explore how we get ourselves into this mindset

- Walk away with tools to create a more positive mindset

  • Jess Stuart International Speaker & Author Jess Stuart


Working in Construction, Infrastructure & Engineering comes with significant pressure for teams and leaders to produce results. How can you tackle these stresses without them taking a toll on your wellbeing? Our panellists will share their stories and discuss strategies to remain resilient.


- Explore strategies to manage stress

- Establish trusting relationships with your team

- Develop a resilient mindset

  • Nicky Smith Delivery Excellence Lead HEB Construction Ltd

  • Kate Loveridge Regional Project Completions Manager Fletcher Construction Company Limited

  • Katrina van Houtte Senior Construction & Litigation Lawyer Kensington Swan

Case Study

What impact does technology have in the Construction & Infrastructure sectors? What will the future of these industries look like with the disruption of technology? As a senior leader in construction with a background in technology, Maria will explore the challenges of leading teams in this emerging environment.


- Build confidence to engage with leadership around implementing novel ideas

- Prepare your team to embrace digital technologies

- Nurture a culture of innovation in your organisation

  • Maria Mingallon Technical Director, Advanced Computational Design Lead, Australia & New Zealand Mott MacDonald

Case Study

Creating high performing teams will increase productivity and inspire change. As a senior industry leader Claire knows the benefits and challenges of cultivating a high performing team. She will explore her own experiences and discuss how a high performing team can lead to transformation.

- Discover strategies to engage high performing teams

- Explore the benefits of high performing teams

- Foster the individual strengths of your team members

  • Claire Stewart General Manager, People & Transformation Fletcher Construction Company Limited


Over the last two days, we have heard inspirational stories, discovered new skills, and gained knowledge. Join our Chair as she pulls all the themes together and helps you create an action plan for the future.

- Discuss key takeaways 

- Make new goals 

- Map your future

Post-Summit Workshop

28 Nov


Construction, Infrastructure & Engineering are some of the fastest-growing sectors in New Zealand. While the industries continue to grow, the number of women in leadership positions has remained low by comparison.

This workshop will help you identify opportunities for career advancement and develop skills to chase your leadership goals. Walk away from this workshop with a toolbox of practical skills to enable you to navigate your future leadership path.

Understand your leadership identity

- Develop your authentic leadership voice

- Internalise your unique skill-set

- Unlock your potential

Cultivate confidence and resilience

- Strategies to build confidence

- Leverage your strengths

- Constructively manage adversity

Enhance your self-awareness to be a confident, authentic leader

- Use reflection as a leadership development process

- Communicate your worth to those around you

- Inspire and motivate others to get results

Refine your leadership skills

- Lead from your values and purpose

- Connect leadership and wellbeing

- Cultivate a high performing mindset


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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