4th Women in Construction, Infrastructure & Engineering Leadership Summit

Develop the skills, strategies & technical know-how to position yourself for success

  • January 28th - 31st, 2020
  • Pan Pacific Perth


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- Navigate male-dominated environments
- Attract & retain top female talent
- Transition from technical specialist to leader
- Champion change in your organisation & beyond


Kate West

Kate has worked with Arup for over 18 years. She first started in the Perth office as an engineering graduate. After a number of years in the Perth office Kate headed to Arup Melbourne and then Arup London, working in the Buildings Teams as a structural engineer and design manager. Kate then moved to Europe to work on the Dublin Airport Terminal 2 development, and later became part of the Design Team Leadership team based in London. Kate is now the Consulting group leader and part of the Arup Perth leadership team and sits on the Arup Australasia Region Board.

Principal & Group Leader

  • Joanna Carson
    Executive General Manager, Strategy, Innovation & Change
    ABN Group
  • Miriam Stanborough
    Group Manager, Productivity & Innovation
  • Tanya Eales
    General Manager, People & Culture
  • Denita Wawn
    Chief Executive Officer
    Master Builders Australia


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Optimise leadership effectiveness for career acceleration
It begins with you
Construct a path for progression
Transition from technical specialist to leader
Navigate male-dominated environments
The glass ceiling - Intact, cracked or shattered?
Power success through mentoring
Create & cultivate your professional network
Lift as you lead
Focus on the future
Champion change in your organisation & beyond
Leaders of the future
Cross functional thinking for collaborative decision making
Gain recognition for your success
Hi-Vis Women - Paving the way forward
Lead teams for impact
Pre-Summit Workshop

28 Jan


Reaching your career potential and achieving your leadership goals requires strategic consideration. Identifying your strengths and understanding how your leadership style can be harnessed to maximise your influence is vital. This interactive workshop will demonstrate the significance of embracing your leadership identity. You will explore the value of authentic leadership, develop practical skills to communicate authentically, master strategies to build emotional agility, and create a personal action plan to unleash your leadership potential.

Build your professional brand and leadership identity

- Identify your purpose and build your brand 

- Leverage your brand to strengthen your leadership identity

- Align your leadership strength with the expectations of your organisation


Enhance authentic and strategic communication

- Learn to understand and prioritise relationships

- Identify different channels for effective communication

- Develop strategies to communicate with influence and impact


Develop emotional agility and overcome criticism

- Strategies for self-awareness and self-regulation

- Understand the circles of control, influence, and concern

- View criticism as a stepping stone, not a brick wall


Balance your workload and create a career action plan

- Manage and maintain a work-life balance with an ever-increasing workload

- Establish a leadership mindset to accelerate your career development

- Develop a personal action plan for strategic career progression

  • Natalie Lincolne Strategic Performance Consultant Incredible People

Summit Day 1

29 Jan

Break-Out Session

This interactive mini-session meets you where you are, helps you identify areas for improvement, and celebrate what's working well.

  • Jessica Moore-Jones Principal Consultant Unleashed Coaching & Consulting

Case Study

Career progression is nonlinear, so you must be prepared to make lateral career moves, departmental transfers, and role transitions. You must commit to developing your skillset, continuous personal development, and adopting a willingness to expand your experience. Anna will share experiences from her award-winning career and provide strategies to help you position yourself for progression.

- Define your desired career goals and aspirations

- Identify and leverage opportunities for growth

- Develop strategies to position yourself for career advancement

  • Anna Dartnell General Manager, Bulk, Iron Ore & Central Aurizon


Transitioning into leadership requires you to move from depth of knowledge to breadth of perspective. At the organisational leadership level, you must transform your technical competence into business success, and this means developing a distinct skillset. Our panellists will explore the unique challenges faced by technical professionals wanting to make the transition, strategies and skills to succeed, and the benefits your technical background can present your team.

- Identify the challenges for technical professionals moving into leadership

- Explore strategies to put yourself forward for management positions

- Share your technical expertise for more inclusive team success

  • Fionnuala Hannon Principal & Technical Director, Environment Agribusiness Leader GHD

  • Sohaila Habibi Technical Director & Team Leader, Highways & Bridges AECOM

  • Vivienne Edwards Civil Project Engineer, Principal Wood & Grieve Engineers

  • Kassia Ralston Project Manager, METRONET Public Transport Authority

  • Kirsty Edwards Project Manager Probuild

Case Study

For many women, "making it" necessitates learning how to navigate male-dominated environments. Unconscious bias, male preferential norms, and a lack of recognition are all challenges women must learn to overcome if they wish to succeed. Teresa will discuss the importance of staying true to yourself while exploring strategies to be seen and heard.

- Develop strategies to be seen and heard

- Play to your unique strengths and thrive

- Find a sponsor to champion your success

  • Teresa McGuane Senior Project Engineer Built.

Expert Commentary

The glass ceiling may be invisible, but it exists. Implicit prejudice or bias based on age, ethnicity or sex are the forces behind these barriers. Women are outnumbered by men in senior leadership positions, even more so when we look at Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure. Jessica will explore the myths and facts surrounding the glass ceiling, uncover the meaning behind the ‘Glass Cliff,’ and provide you with skills to do something about it. 

- Debunk myths and discover facts surrounding the glass ceiling 

- Understand the glass cliff effect and develop strategies to navigate it 

- Build practical strategies for overcoming bias and achieving success

  • Jessica Moore-Jones Principal Consultant Unleashed Coaching & Consulting

Case Study

Successful mentoring relationships are a win-win for everyone involved. Studies have shown that mentoring leads to greater career success, increased opportunities and recognition for the individual, as well as higher levels of employee engagement and retention for the organisation. Rachael will share her experience coaching and mentoring employees throughout her career, and the benefits she's seen from her mentor-mentee relationships.

- Set goals for personal growth and learning

- Build effective personal and professional relationships

- Embrace the opportunity to learn and give back

  • Rachael McDonald Group Manager, Learning & Development DECMIL


The transformative power of technology in developing networks should not be underrated. In this interactive session, Jo will explore the potential of connection and communication in building your brand in offline and online environments.

- Understand the value of networking

- Develop strategies to foster mutually beneficial connections

- Tips and tricks to optimise your LinkedIn network

  • Jo Saunders LinkedIn Trainer & Professional Speaker Wildfire Social Marketing

Summit Day 2

30 Jan

Case Study

Leaders understand that leadership is not about them, but those they serve. When we work together and support each other, breakthrough taboos, and speak up - everyone wins. Joanna will share experience from her career journey, explore how you can leverage the potential of your workforce, and lift others as you lead.

- Empower each other at every level

- Identify potential and nurture talent

- Bring others along for the journey

  • Joanna Carson Executive General Manager, Strategy, Innovation & Change ABN Group

Break-Out Session

  • Jessica Moore-Jones Principal Consultant Unleashed Coaching & Consulting

Case Study

A change champion doesn't just have a clear vision for the future - they advocate for making it happen. However, change often needs to take place internally, in people's perceptions and thoughts, before action can follow suit. Miriam will explore how you can communicate your vision and provide practical strategies to become a change champion in your organisation.

- Communicate your vision and its value in your organisation

- Gain stakeholder buy-in and translate this into action

- Overcome reluctance and resistance to cultural change

  • Miriam Stanborough Group Manager, Productivity & Innovation Monadelphous

Case Study

As the world becomes more connected, more transparent, and more diverse, businesses need a new type of leadership. This new leadership requires different skills to lead organisations into the future successfully. CEO for Master Builders Australia, Denita Wawn, will share insight from her own leadership journey, her experience mentoring industry leaders across the country, and the tips, tools and technical know-how to accelerate and adapt your leadership for the future.

- Explore industry trends and the future of women in leadership

- Develop leadership agility and resilience for career success

- Unleash the power of mentorship in career development 

  • Denita Wawn Chief Executive Officer Master Builders Australia

Expert Commentary

Collaborative decision-making is at the heart of every successful project, and as leaders, we must learn to listen to and collaborate with our stakeholders. By leveraging the benefits of cross-functional thinking, you can challenge traditional business practices and lead with a multi-directional approach. Nicole will explore best practice for communicating and engaging with stakeholders, and how you can develop influence in the decision-making process.

- Understand and leverage the benefits of cross-functional teams

- Master two-way communication to achieve business results

- Foster collaboration to achieve out-of-the-box thinking for innovative solutions

  • Nicole Walton Director, Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Aurecon

Case Study

Being skilled isn't the only requisite for getting ahead in your career. You'll need to raise your profile to find new opportunities that'll improve your skills. Hannah was recently recognised as an outstanding woman in construction, winning the 2018 NAWIC (WA) award for 'Creating the best project' for her work on Stadium Park at the new Optus Stadium. Hannah will share her journey, explore strategies for increasing your visibility at work, and discuss how you can receive recognition for your success.

- Advocate for yourself and celebrate your achievements

- Engage key stakeholders in everything you do

- Develop strategies for increasing your visibility at work

  • Hannah Galloway Senior Associate Landscape Architect HASSEL

Case Study

Women occupy less than 12% of the current workforce, meaning the industry ranks last on the gender equity ladder. Fortunately, award-winning business owner, Linda Hamilton, is committed to addressing this imbalance in new and innovative ways. Linda will share experiences from her long-standing career in the industry and explore the cultural benefits ‘all-female build’ projects can reap.

- Discover strategies to empower change in your industry

- Deconstruct organisational hierarchies to motivate your workforce

- Explore the cultural benefits of an 'all-female build'

  • Linda Hamilton Director Build Craft WA & Hi-Vis Women

Post-Summit Workshop

31 Jan


Business leaders are transitioning from a hierarchical organisational structure to flexible, team-centric models that foster collaboration, information sharing, and empowerment. Empowered teams are energised and productive, delivering breakthrough results. However, high-performing teams are a result of intentional, strategic leadership. In this full-day workshop, you will hone the strategies and skills to build and lead diverse teams towards organisational goals. 

Develop a growth mindset 

- Develop your mindset for team leadership

- Identify the individual strengths and limitations of team members

- Set common team goals and vision, connecting the team to organisational purpose

Lead empowered teams 

- Create a culture that attracts and retains high-performing talent, empowers employees, and values ownership

- Understand the impact of team cohesion on commitment, productivity, and performance

- Improve team performance by creating a culture of continuous improvement

Turn conflict to collaboration

- Recognise sources of conflict and the different paths towards resolution

- Take responsibility for dealing with conflict, diversity and disagreement

- Develop practical skills for resolving conflict, providing feedback, and holding team members accountable

Move from vision to results 

- Encourage authority, accountability, and responsibility in your team 

- Provide recognition and reward as an incentive to high-performance

- Leverage individual strengths and pool resources for team success

  • Jessica Moore-Jones Principal Consultant Unleashed Coaching & Consulting


Pan Pacific Perth

207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth, WA, 6004, Australia

08 9224 7777

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