Women in ASX 200 Leadership Summit

Connecting, empowering and supporting female leaders in the ASX to unleash their potential and achieve career success

  • April 8th - 11th, 2019
  • Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney


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- Map & influence key stakeholders
- Expand your visibility in a large organisation
- Master change management strategies
- Foster accountability, adaptability and resilience


Debra Connelly

Debbie Connelly is a Managing Director and Head of Financial Markets distribution to the Business, BT Private Wealth and Consumer divisions at Westpac Group. Responsible for the operational management and strategic direction of the business, Debbie leads teams across Australia and New Zealand in distributing digital and traditional services in FX, Rates, Commodities, Investments and Deposits.

Debbie has over 25 years experience in Financial Markets, joining Westpac in 2009 after 15 years with Citigroup in Australia and New York in various sales, structuring and leadership roles.

Managing Director, Business, Wealth & Consumer

  • Caterina Spiteri
    Global Head of FM Corporate Sales
  • Vanessa Hudson
    Chief Customer Officer
  • Dan Chesterman
    Chief Information Officer
    Australian Securities Exchange
  • Helen Lofthouse
    Executive General Manager, Derivatives and OTC Market
    Australian Securities Exchange


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Download the brochure
Step into the C-Suite
Break out session - Challenge yourself
Break through bias
Support from the top-down
Mini-workshop - Communicate with impact and influence
Achieve work-life harmony
Build a culture of corporate social responsibility
Manage stakeholder expectations
Network for success
Create a company culture that thrives
Break out session - Focus on success
Transformational leadership
Together towards tomorrow
An inside look at the ASX
Thrive in a large organisation
Mini-workshop - Build resilience through emotional intelligence
Systemic approaches to workplace diversity
Break your leadership barriers
People, process & performance
Conference Day 1 - 9 Apr

Case Study

Executive leadership positions are incredibly competitive, so it’s important to position yourself for success and take advantage of any opportunity available to you. In this session, discover the importance of self-development and explore how to create opportunities for professional progression.

- Position yourself for career advancement

- Discover the importance of self-development

- Use initiative to create opportunity

  • Vanessa Hudson Chief Customer Officer Qantas

Break-Out Session

Embracing new challenges at work will improve your performance and enhance your skills. Use this session to identify any obstacles you face and set SMART goals to overcome them. 

Case Study

Assertive and decisive female leaders are often labelled 'bossy' or 'catty'. Women need to fight this perception, adopt leadership styles that work for them and operate with confidence authority.

- Overcome unconscious bias

- Challenge traditional gender roles and adopt a leadership style that works for you

- Operate with confidence and authority

  • Charmaine Gittleson Chief Medical Officer CSL Behring

Case Study

A top-down business strategy requires vision and a company-wide commitment to embracing positive change. In this session, you'll discover how to gain organisation-wide support and understand the benefits of rewarding outstanding contributions.

- A look into Westpac's diversity and inclusion programs

- Achieve organisation-wide support

- Reward and recognise outstanding contributions

  • Debra Connelly Managing Director, Business, Wealth & Consumer Westpac

  • Caterina Spiteri Global Head of FM Corporate Sales Westpac


To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence key stakeholders through structured conversations. In this interactive session, Arabella will provide you with the skills to make an impact and communicate with confidence.

- Discover the psychology behind the decision-making process

- Identify effective channels for communication 

- Explore influence through the power of voice


The stress of juggling heavy workloads and family responsibilities on top of maintaining a social life can leave us feeling worse for wear. Learning to recognise burn out, manage priorities and set realistic goals will help you reduce stress and master a work-life balance.

- Recognise personal and professional burn out

- Achieve a balance between competing pressures

- Set realistic expectations and goals

  • Steve Johnston Group Chief Financial Officer Suncorp

  • Jim Patrick Chief Scientist Emeritus Cochlear Limited

  • Jo Allan Chief People Officer Carsales.com.au

  • Sharyn Williams Chief Financial Officer G8 Education

Case Study

When creating a corporate social responsibility culture, you must consider your company values and purpose. In this session, you explore how to create a vision and CSR identity for your organisation's future.

- Create a vision for the future

- Build a path for employees to move from compliance to commitment

- Create a new corporate social responsibility identity for your organisation

  • Merryl Dooley Chief People Officer Tabcorp

Case Study

Identifying stakeholders and managing their expectations requires proficient leadership skills, excellent communication and an understanding of what drives individuals. In this session, you will learn how to identify and influence key stakeholder relationships for success.

- Identify and map key stakeholders

- Understand different levels of influence

- Monitor and manage stakeholder relationships

  • Gayle Philpotts General Manager, People & Performance Sydney Airport

Expert Commentary

To broaden your sphere of influence, you must build and leverage strategic networks. Fiona will explore practical strategies for overcoming the challenges of effective networking and share tips on how to build rapport.

- Understand your desired outcomes

- Preparation and its part in networking

- Master the art of small talk

Conference Day 2 - 10 Apr

Case Study

Explore how to create a company culture that thrives by committing to your values with purpose, promoting inclusion and leveraging a flexible work environment.

- Commit to your values

- Unlock the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce

- Leverage the benefits of a flexible work environment

Break-Out Session

Focusing on your goals and future can help re-motivate and increase your confidence. Reignite your passions and focus on your dream career goals. 

Case Study

In this session, you'll gain insight into creating an inspiring vision to create change in your organisation. You'll learn how to gain buy-in, deliver your vision and maintain momentum through change.

- Create an inspiring vision for the future

- Motivate people to buy into and deliver the vision

- Maintain momentum through times of change

  • Nicole Noye Former Chief Executive and Experience Officer Ardent Leisure


The world needs leaders who are willing to stand up for their beliefs. In this session, our panellists will discuss authentic leadership styles, how to champion change and explore how peer-support can help you overcome barriers in your career.

- Develop your authentic leadership style

- Create change through bold ideas and actions

- Overcome career challenges through connection and peer-support

  • Marnie Baker Managing Director Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

  • Deborah Coakley Executive General Manager, Funds Management Dexus

  • Roslyn Toms Group Executive Legal and Chief Risk Officer nib Group

Case Study

The ASX is one of the largest exchange groups in the world, acting as a market operator and promoting standards of corporate governance for some of Australia's largest companies. In this session you will take an inside look at the ASX and explore the unique environment it presents its leaders and organisations.

- Explore the unique environment of the ASX

- Build a reputation as a change leader

- Discover best practice tips and tools for success

  • Dan Chesterman Chief Information Officer Australian Securities Exchange

  • Helen Lofthouse Executive General Manager, Derivatives and OTC Market Australian Securities Exchange

Case Study

Gaining recognition in a large company can be difficult, but visibility is essential to your success. In this session, you will explore the skills and strategies required to survive and thrive in a large organisation.

- Increase your visibility and gain recognition

- Align your objectives with the company

- Navigate large company cultures

  • Marnie Baker Managing Director Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


Stress and burnout are common side effects of a fast-paced professional lifestyle. Understanding your emotional triggers and identifying stress as it occurs is essential to your success.

- Identify your personal stressors and how to combat them

- Understand the circles of control, influence and concern

- Build resilience with mindfulness techniques

Case Study

In this session, you will explore skills and strategies to promote female representation at all levels of your organisation. You will discover how to attract and retain talent through innovative HR techniques and empower your workforce to create positive change.

- Explore skills and strategies to promote female representation at all levels of your organisation

- Discover how to attract and retain talented women through innovative HR techniques

- Empower your workforce to campaign for positive change

  • Lindy Visagie Group Head of Organisational Development Dulux Group


In this interactive session, Rosanna will guide you through the key takeaways from the summit. You will identify opportunities for progression and create an action plan for your future.

- Reflect on key learning outcomes

- Identify opportunities for career success

- Create an action plan and set SMART career goals

Post-Summit Workshop - 11 Apr


The ASX top 200 encompasses countless industries, products and services, making it particularly susceptible to the challenges of today’s technology-driven, global business environment. Understanding this environment and the challenges it presents is the first step to achieving success and taking the next step in your career. 

This interactive workshop will provide you with the skills and habitual behaviours to lead with personal and positional power. You'll develop the skills, strategies and processes needed to effectively manage stakeholder engagement, expand your sphere of influence, gain professional recognition in your organisation and position yourself for success.

Create shared value through stakeholder engagement 

- Demonstrate your competence and establish trust

- Sell with the benefit, support with the feature

- Reaffirm goals and communicate progress throughout

Skills and strategies for effective influence and negotiation

- Identify existing styles of influence and negotiation 

- Expand your sphere of influence

- Understand the ‘other side’ (perceptions and expectations)

Gain professional recognition 

- Embrace the power of difference

- Offer recognition to increase recognition

- Celebrate your successes 

Position yourself for success

- Invest in the benefits of lateral progression 

- Leverage the benefit of sponsors, mentors and other advocates

- Create an action plan to move you to the c-suite


Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney

117 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

02 9253 9000

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