Women in Agribusiness & Primary Industry Leadership Summit

Practical solutions to leadership challenges faced in today's climate

  • September 17th - 20th, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Enhance your communications skills
- Strategise your leadership pathway
- Thrive in an ever-changing landscape
- Embrace changes in your field


Deborah Capill

Deborah Capill joined Fonterra as Managing Director of People and Culture in 2019. She leads a team responsible for delivering Fonterra’s people strategy, which includes innovative solutions to attract, develop and retain the best global talent and drive strong engagement across the Co-operative’s 22,000 employees. With over 25 years’ global experience in both strategic and operational Human Resources roles, Deborah has previously worked for several market-leading companies including Deutsche Post DHL, Williams Lea Tag, NZI and Kodak NZ. 

Managing Director People and Culture

  • Roz Urbahn
    Chief People Officer
    Livestock Improvement Corporation
  • Fiona MacMillan
    General Manager, Corporate Communications
    Sanford Limited
  • Lucy McLeod
    General Manager Supply Chain
  • Toni Brendish
    Chief Executive Officer
    Westland Co-operative Dairy Company


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Pathway to leadership
What I’ve learned through leadership
Exceptional external relations
Recruiting young talent
Developing and engaging new talent
Transforming the public's perception
Break barriers to leadership success
Prepare for the unexpected
Women supporting women
Courage and collaboration
Adaptation vs prevention - How climate change affects your organisation
Ensuring diversity in the workplace
Leading successfully in a changing industry
Lead the change
Effective communication
Pre-Summit Workshop

17 Sep


Agribusiness and Primary Industries are ever-evolving, so it is crucial to put forth a leadership brand that stands out from the crowd. Gaining confidence within yourself and knowing where you’re headed will empower you to take the next step. Explore the principal areas designed to set you on your path to leadership.

Develop your leadership style

- Unlock your strengths

- Understand your weaknesses

- Strategies to build and emanate confidence

Find your path to leadership

- Seize opportunities for growth

- Promote your brand

- Build a plan for your leadership journey

Be the leader you want to see

- Identify the traits of a distinguished leader

- Create genuine connections

- Support a high performing team

Build career opportunities

- Cultivate conditions for success

- Engage and embolden those around you

- Drive change and innovation

Conference Day One

18 Sep

Case Study

Leadership isn’t just the end goal - it's a way to build your skills and knowledge. Toni will explore what leadership taught her.

- Break the glass ceiling

- Explore a career journey

- Strive for success

  • Toni Brendish Chief Executive Officer Westland Co-operative Dairy Company

Case Study

External partnerships can be a minefield. Explore how to navigate the path to mutually beneficial relations with external parties.

- Communicate effectively

- Work positively with opposing parties

- Share knowledge to encourage cooperation

  • Fiona MacMillan General Manager, Corporate Communications Sanford Limited


Young, dynamic talent is essential to the survival of the industry. Discover how you can entice those who are new to the workforce into Agribusiness and the Primary Industries.

- Recognise what young talent can do

- Inspire young people into the industry

- Gain new recruitment skills

  • Lucy McLeod General Manager Supply Chain Miraka

  • Susan Doughty Director - Talent and Engagement Fonterra

  • Claire Bourne General Manager - People and Development Ngai Tahu Farming

  • Dana Muir Associate Director, Natural Capital Bank of New Zealand

  • Christel Chapman Territory Manager - Taranaki/Manawatu NZ Young Farmers

Case Study

It’s necessary to develop and engage new talent so to improve retention rates. Learn strategies to ensure your talent is in it for the long run.

- Create a constructive workplace culture

- Identify the drivers of your organisation

- Contribute to a positive employee experience

  • Deborah Capill Managing Director People and Culture Fonterra

Case Study

How the public perceives an industry is relevant to any sector. Discover how you can help transform how the public sees you.

- Establish a new, unique brand

- Abolish the stereotypes

- Engage with the public

  • Michelle Glogau Chief Executive Primary Industry Capability Alliance

Case Study

With so many barriers to leadership success, you need to know which ones to tackle, when, and how. Explore how to overcome these challenges and use them to your advantage.

- Find the courage to succeed

- Navigate hurdles

- Champion confidence

  • Roz Urbahn Chief People Officer Livestock Improvement Corporation

Case Study

A crisis can strike at any time. Explore and master the art of working with the unexpected.

- Manage a crisis effectively

- Empower your team through the stress

- Find new innovative modes of management

  • Jane Hunter Managing Director Hunter's Wines

Conference Day Two

19 Sep

Case Study

In a male-dominant industry, it’s easy to see other women as your competition. Angela will explore how best to lift as you lead.

- Empower other women in your workplace

- Lead others to their leadership pathway

- Inspire those around you

  • Angela McLeod Acting Chief Executive Rural Women New Zealand Inc.

Case Study

Leading takes courage, resilience, humility, confidence, and perseverance. As women thriving in a traditionally male environment, you’ve had to embody all these qualities and more. Now more than ever, as you enjoy the spoils of your efforts, you must continue to foster strong collaborative bonds with the women who have come before and those who will come after, lest the wins of yesteryear be lost. Sandra Falukner reflects on her leadership journey, and looks to a bright future for women in agribusiness and primary industries.

- Celebrate the achievements of your predecessors

- Build resilience and self-worth for the next challenge

- Forge lasting and powerful relationships with your peers

Expert Commentary

Climate change is one of the significant issues affecting Agribusiness. Discover practical solutions to drive positive change and be at the forefront of progress. 

- Understand what’s at stake

- Explore methods for transformation

- Tackle one of the sector's prominent drivers of change

  • Anita Wreford Associate Professor Lincoln University


Diversity is intrinsic to leadership success. Our panel will discuss their experiences and provide strategies for inclusion.

- Look at your unconscious biases

- Embrace your differences

- Create strategies for diverse hiring

  • Lee-Ann Marsh Global Market Innovation Manager Beef + Lamb New Zealand

  • Kylie Hansen General Manager - People and Culture Landcare Research

Case Study

Agribusiness and Primary Industries are forever changing. Hear how you can successfully lead through changes as they happen.

- Inspire and lead by example

- Establish your credibility as a leader

- Confidently implement strategies


Identify the changes you want to see and discover how to implement them. You’ll also reflect on takeaways and discover how to put them into action.

- Key points from the conference

- Develop new strategies

- Make changes to benefit your organisation

Post-Summit Workshop

20 Sep


Recognising your communication style and that of others will assist you in focusing on areas for improvement. In this workshop, Jen will take you through the vital communication skills to lead successfully with confidence. You will leave with a toolbox of communication skills to help with your leadership career.

Understand your communication style

- Evaluate yourself and your communication style

- Embrace and develop your strengths

- Understand the behaviours of others

Build your communications toolbox

- Necessary communications tools

- Determine solutions for influencing others

- Strategies for success

Have powerful and engaging conversations with staff, employees, and stakeholders

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication

- Prepare for and have difficult conversations with confidence

- Establish credibility in your conversations

Communicate the prominent issues

- Integrate your communications skills with significant issues

- Handle conflict in the hot seat

- Support and connect employees in times of crisis


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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