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20th - 21st, July 2023
Virtual / Streaming

Learn the top traits of exceptional leaders and take your skills to the next level


- Build your leadership skillset to shift from technical specialist to strategic business enabler
- Enhance essential communication and stakeholder management skills
- Understand the latest trends, issues and challenges facing technology professionals
- Become a change leader, learn to overcome resistance and bring people on the journey


Dr Desley Lodwick

From coding in the 70s to becoming the Managing Director of a global IT company, Desley has had first-hand experience of the challenges faced in leadership roles; the barriers that hold people back and the conditions that create success. With a PhD in Leadership Development, Coaching and Cultural Change, Desley masterfully connects research and ideas to ease the challenges of work in ways that make a difference.

Executive Director
Aberrant Learning


Workshop Day One - Be a better leader of you
Workshop Day Two - Be a better leader in your organisation
Technology Professionals High Performance & Leadership Workshop

20 Jul - 21 Jul


Latest trends, issues, and potential impacts facing leaders in technology

- Prepare for future challenges

- Explore the impact of technological advances on leaders

- Learn essential leadership skills and qualities 

The transition from technical specialist to a strategic business enabler

- The shift from technical specialist to leader - What’s the difference?

- Characteristics of exceptional leaders and how to develop these skills.

- Understand how businesses and leadership are evolving.

Modernise your skillset

- Identify and break habits that derail us.

- Develop effective personal leadership habits for planning, productivity, deep work, and continuous learning.

- Identify your values and goals.

  • Dr Desley Lodwick Executive Director Aberrant Learning


Leading through change

- Communicate effectively to influence and add impact

- Mind Traps to avoid during change and creating safe to fail environments

- Practical strategies to approach resistance to change and managing the conversation

Leveraging Design Thinking

- Explore and understand Design Thinking

- Applying design thinking

- Organisational culture that produces innovation

Establish networks and connection for digital transformation

- Identify and understand your internal and external stakeholders.

- Practical approaches to building better connection, collaboration, and how to facilitate co-creation.

- How to support and partner with others to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

  • Dr Desley Lodwick Executive Director Aberrant Learning



Virtual / Streaming

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