Talent Management 2.0 Workshop

Explore the future of work and the impact of technology to improve recruitment, retention, and deliver ROI

  • January 31st - February 1st, 2019
  • Cliftons Melbourne


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- What is the future of talent management?
- Disruptions to training and development
- Identifying your talent gaps and projecting future talent gaps
- Using technology to improve talent diversity and deliver ROI


Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes is an in-demand executive coach and talent management specialist, with diverse experience in corporate & operational HR, leadership and consulting roles and a passion for integrating mindful practices into our digital and fast paced workplaces and lives.

A collaborative, authentic and pragmatic business leader, Elizabeth’s role prior to establishing The Mindful Executive was Director of Hudson’s Talent Management business in Queensland, and worked extensively in Talent Management, recruitment and HR in Australia and overseas, for Rio Tinto, ARCO Coal, Flight Centre, Downing Teal, and Graham Group.

Managing Partner, Executive Coach and Talent Management Specialist
The Mindful Executive


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Day One - 31st January 2019
Day Two - 1st February 2019
Talent Management 2.0 Workshop - 31 Jan - 08:30- 16:00


Talent Management and the Transformation of Business

- Insights into the transformation of business in a digitally disrupted world

- Placing talent at the forefront of shifts in economy and business

- How to respond appropriately and create a sustainable workforce for the future

- Conceptualise intelligent entities as partners in talent management

Disruptions to Talent Management

- Explore the current reality of talent management - What does it look like today? How does it measure up?

- Contingent workforce, enterprise feedback, L&D shakeout, new world talent acquisition and intelligent self-service

- Reviewing reactions to talent management disruptions - Case studies and discussion

- What’s working and what’s not? - Alignment with business strategy and imperatives, customer and employee expectations and engagement

Talent Management’s Opportunity for Innovation and Impact

- Where has the economy and business environment outpaced talent management?

- Closing the gap - Don’t just partner with the business, be the business

- Learn how to unlearn, review, renew and reinvent talent management for your organisation

- Build digital aptitude to drive innovation and business astuteness of impact

Leverage Cultural Intelligence for Talent Management Influence

- Understand the importance of social, emotional and cross-cultural intelligence and how it is demonstrated at an individual and functional level

- Identify key organisational knowledge that could derail or strengthen your influence

- Making sure talent management has a seat at the top table - Aligning business strategy with your people strategy

- Complete an action plan to leverage you and your team’s talent management impact, innovation and influence

  • Elizabeth Hughes

    Elizabeth Hughes Managing Partner, Executive Coach and Talent Management Specialist The Mindful Executive


Humans Wanted! Using Big Data and Data Analytics to Recruit, Retain and Develop Tomorrow’s Talent

- Exploring the future skills market (and gaps) to see how we can use technology to create sustainable workplaces

- Understanding big data and HR analytics - How it informs current and future talent gaps

- Engage the broader business through pilots to project and utilise the new attributes and skills of tomorrow’s workforce

- Managing a dynamic and responsive talent pipeline for a diverse workforce - How big data can help unlock age, gender and cultural diversity in the talent pipeline

What Humans Want - Developing Sustainable Workplaces and Systems of Productivity

- Successfully aligning employee needs and business outcomes

- The rise of values, meaning, wellbeing and productivity

- Redefining success - Sustainable performance and engagement with continuous feedback

- How to measure success? Design measurements that relate to your organisation

Talent Development Strategies

- Identifying and developing high-performers and assessing executive potential

- Enabling flexibility for different groups at different life-stages - How to reflect differential value 

- Develop and implement talent and succession planning frameworks

Is Talent Management a ‘Wicked Problem’?

- Grappling with the complexities of human systems and behaviour

- Reexamining ‘best practice’ and exploring best in class technology through a Cynefin framework

- Talent Management digital maturity - What’s next for your organisation?

One Size Fits One - Create Your Talent Management 2.0 Action Plan

- Starting the internal conversation on changing workforce expectations and workplace arrangements

- Building a business case and stepping into your first pilot to practically demonstrate the power of talent management disruptions

- Bringing together content, mindsets and takeaways to launch you back into your organisation with clarity and momentum

  • Elizabeth Hughes

    Elizabeth Hughes Managing Partner, Executive Coach and Talent Management Specialist The Mindful Executive


Cliftons Melbourne

Level 1, 440 Collins St., Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

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