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29th - 30th, March 2023
Sydney, AU

Apply a structured systems thinking approach to analysing problems and formulating strategy


- Expand your perspective on opportunities and deepen your understanding of strategic issues
- Harness stakeholder engagement principles to work collaboratively on organisational issues
- Understand your role as a senior leader in empowering others to solve problems
- Overcome common roadblocks to strategic thinking and problem solving


Martin Brooker

Martin is a veteran of 37 years service as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. His extensive career included command at sea, and operational service in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Pacific. He retired from the Royal Australian Navy in March 2015 with the rank of Commodore.

Now Founder and Director of the Quench Group, Martin specialises in helping individuals and organisations realise their potential through personal and organisational change. He shares his real-life experiences from both leadership positions and leading culture change to explore the challenges of leadership and addressing what he believes to be key lessons for all leaders who want to be authentic.

Quench Group


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Strategic Thinking & Advanced Problem Solving Workshop

29 Mar - 30 Mar


Strategic thinking and problem solving 

- How the current strategic context is shaping organisations 

- Senior leadership and the importance of strategic thinking and problem solving

- Responding to emerging strategic challenges in 2022 and beyond


Strategic thinking skills and tools

- The cognitive principles, tools and strategies essential to strategic thinking

- Common limitations and challenges to strategic thinking

- Models, tools and tactics to shape strategic thinking


Advanced problem solving for senior leaders

- How to objectively collect and evaluate evidence

- Exploring reason-based approaches to problem solving

- Applying rational and creative problem solving tools and techniques to address strategic issues


Leading and influencing others on strategic issues

- Effectively engaging stakeholders to understand the problem and identifying potential solutions

- Integrating multi-stakeholder perspectives and facilitating shared understanding

- Resolving conflict and disagreement in group problem solving

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group


Definition: Understanding the problem

- Reaching agreement on the problem: Defining key variables, known causes, structure, scope, stakeholder impact, interdependencies and constraints 

- Evaluating problem impacts

- Developing solution criteria and the problem solving approach


Analysis: Identifying and evaluating possible solutions

- Generating and evaluate solutions based on feasibility, impact and risk

- Taking stock of required skills, knowledge and resources to resolve the problem or realise the opportunity

- Leadership, management, planning and team deployment considerations 


 Implementation: from strategy to results

- Testing solutions: prototypes, pilots, simulations

- Adopting a systematic approach to solution implementation

- Building engagement and embedding change 


Overcoming roadblocks to strategic thinking and problem solving

- Cognitive biases, ideological paradigms and group-based

- The inherently challenging nature of ‘wicked problems’ 

- Cultivating your skills and maintaining your edge as a strategic thinker and problem solver

  • Martin Brooker Founder Quench Group



Cliftons Sydney

Level 13, 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

+61 2 9250 0999

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