Strategic Management Accounting Workshop

Enhancing performance and driving transformation as a strategic business partner

  • September 24th - 27th, 2018
  • Cliftons Sydney


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- Strategies to unlock management accounting as a change agent
- Integrated budgeting, planning and forecasting
- Adaptive planning with continual refreshment
- Value chain analysis and process improvement


Grahame Scriven

Grahame Scriven

Grahame is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sydney Finance Academy. His consulting experience includes establishing the Sydney Financial Management Consulting practice at Deloitte Consulting and a two-year period at Ernst and Young Consulting. With more than twenty years' experience, Grahame focusses on transforming business by integrating the people, process and technology aspects of change. Grahame has a focus on designing and delivering industry-specific financial performance solutions to leading organisations in the Telecommunications, Banking & Finance, Commercial, Mining, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Government and Higher Education sectors. 

Chief Executive Officer
Sydney Finance Academy


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Download the PDF
Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting
Strategic Planning and KPIs
Management Reporting, Techniques and Financial Decision Making
Commercial Partnering and Communication
Day One - 24 Sep - 08:30- 16:00



- Key challenges of the budgeting process

- Better practices of budgeting

- The integration of budgeting planning and reporting

- Transform your budgeting into robust, more responsive tools



- Building adaptive planning models

- Building targets, cost control and forecasts

- Forecasting models - Statistical, mathematical and judgmental


Building a financial model

- Key principles of effective financial modelling

- Establish model dimensions, define fixed and variable assumptions and logic

- Modelling on relevant information, identifying cost drivers, inputs and outputs


Interactive excel case study

- Base case and drivers

- Building a rolling forecast

- Scenarios

- Presentation

  • Grahame Scriven

    Grahame Scriven Chief Executive Officer Sydney Finance Academy

Day Two - 25 Sep - 08:30- 16:00


The strategic planning process

- The need for clarity and end goals to motivate and drive an organisation

- 'Big Hairy Audacious Goals' (BHAG)

- Best practices in planning and mapping strategy

- Identifying strategic risks and incorporating these into the system

Strategic reporting frameworks

- Exploring the pros and cons of different strategic reporting models:

  • Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard
  • Du Pont Analysis
  • BCG Driver Tree Analysis
  • Stern Stewart Shareholder Value Analysis

Measuring performance – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

- Changing behaviour - Leading & lagging indicators, financial & non-financial indicators

- Selecting relevant KPIs

- Analysing and measuring performance using KPIs

- How budgets can create inappropriate behaviours

Exercise - Predictive Logic Diagrams

- Defining your KPIs

- Selecting appropriate performance levels, targets and performance thresholds

- How to align your budget process with strategy planning process and KPIs

- Preparing for new frameworks of management reporting

  • Grahame Scriven

    Grahame Scriven Chief Executive Officer Sydney Finance Academy

Day Three - 26 Sep - 08:30- 16:00


The future of finance

- Speeding up the management reporting process through automation

- The shift to insights and analysis

- Finance organisation simplification

- Skills and talent

The process dimension - Value chain analysis, outputs and process improvement

- The CAM-I Cross

- Value chain analysis

- Process improvement

- Developing product and customer profitability models

ABC / ABM and output budgeting

- Output budgeting, predictive costing and predictive planning

- Linking organisational strategic planning to ABC/ABM

- Understanding ABC/ABM based KPI’s and influencing organisational behaviour

​Financial decision making

- The key elements of the decision making process

- Break-even analysis & profitability

- Cash flow forecasts

- Improving financial returns

- Risk management

- Evaluating Capex business cases

  • Grahame Scriven

    Grahame Scriven Chief Executive Officer Sydney Finance Academy

Day Four - 27 Sep - 08:30- 12:00


The role of finance as business partner

- From bean counter to strategic partner

- How to have impact and influence

- Factors driving information needs and influencing behaviour

- Converting knowledge into value

Stepping outside the silo - Mastering financial communications

- Going to outcomes, not just figures

- The medium is the message

- Building rapport

- Answering “What, so what, then what?”

Translate management accounting into effective management action plans

- Articulating complex ideas that achieve stakeholder expectations in a simple manner

- Assisting operational management to understand the financial ramifications of their service

- Helping your organisation to identify savings targets, add value and develop savings or revenue plans

Breakout practice exercise on communication

- Know your audience and define your objectives

- Plan your presentation in terms of:

  •   What happened
  •   What caused it
  •   How to solve it
  •   Record action plans

  • Grahame Scriven

    Grahame Scriven Chief Executive Officer Sydney Finance Academy


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