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May 22nd, 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Develop the mindset & practices for an involved & interactive safety culture


Dr Hillary Bennett

Dr Bennett is a registered psychologist with 30 years’ experience in assisting organisations deliver innovative, customised solutions to organisational and health and safety challenges. A key focus of her work, in the last 10 years, has been the development and facilitation of health and safety related learning and development programmes to all levels in organisations in New Zealand and Australia.

Leading Safety


- Relationship between a safety mindset & safe practices
- Underlying psychological drivers
- Assess your organisation’s safety culture
- Explore common causes & impacts of disengagement in the workforce
- Foster the right behaviour & attitude in your team
- Strategies to overcome obstacles & uplift safety culture through psychology


The Psychological Factors Underpinning Safety Culture
Safety Psychology Workshop

22 May

Mindset and practices to develop an engaged health and safety culture 

- What is a safety mindset?

- A mindset and practices framework for understanding safety culture

- Strategies to change the mindset in teams and across your organisation


Relationship between the safety mindset and safe practices

- Why do people do what they do?

- Applied behavioural analysis (ABCs) to correct unsafe behaviours 

- What can be done to give people the best chance of making safe behavioural choices and judgements?


Assessing safety culture in your organisation

- Tracking safety mindset and practices across the organisation

- Explore links between safety culture and psychological drivers

- Use the current mindset and practice to identify health and safety gains


The role of leadership to develop and sustain an engaged health and safety culture

- How leaders shape the safety culture

- Leadership mindset and practice for an engaged workforce

- Health and safety leadership - a ‘wicked’ problem?

  • Dr Hillary Bennett Director Leading Safety


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Virtual / Streaming

Virtual / Streaming

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