RIM & ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop

Practical skills, tools & strategies to lead yourself & your organisation in the digital age

  • February 20th - 21st, 2020
  • Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


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- Learn to adapt & thrive with the future of work
- Step up from a technical IM specialist to an analytical & strategic business enabler
- Develop a ‘Design Thinking’ user experience approach to IM & ICT Change projects
- Drive & lead digital transformation that aligns with business goals


Kate Fuelling

Kate Fuelling is an information management specialist, author, optimist, and the founder of Kate Fuelling Consulting. Her purpose in life is to lead with courage, fun and respect. After many years in the information management industry, Kate founded her consulting business in 2014 in response to the frustration she felt when constrained within organisational ‘that’s how we do things around here’ approach. Instead of accepting the status quo, she chose to build a business out of questioning it. Kate Fuelling Consulting is a consultancy working towards a world where information, technology and processes integrate seamlessly to create extraordinary knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

Consultant, Facilitator & Digital Transformer
Kate Fuelling Consulting


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Workshop Day One - Be a better leader of you
Workshop Day Two - Be a better leader in your organisation
RIM & ICT Professionals Leadership Workshop

20 Feb - 21 Feb


Latest trends, issues, and potential impacts facing RIM & ICT professionals 

- How RIM and ICT is evolving and how you can prepare for future challenges

- Delve into the impacts of technological advances

- Explore essential leadership qualities 

The transition from technical specialist to a strategic business enabler

- The shift from technical specialist to leader - What's the difference?

- What does authentic leadership mean to you?

- Characteristics of exceptional leaders and how to develop them


Modernise your skillset 

- Identify and break habits that derail us

- Develop positive personal leadership habits - planning, productivity, deep work, and continuous learning

- Identify your values and goals


Prepare to be a change leader

- Communicate change effectively and promptly

- Break down complex jargon and processes to communicate with non-IM business peers

- Build consistent visions, goals, and messages of your digital transformation plan

  • Kate Fuelling Consultant, Facilitator & Digital Transformer Kate Fuelling Consulting


Leading digital transformation

- Understand how businesses are evolving and the impact on the existing resource/technology structures in your organisation

- Align your digital transformation plan with business needs

- Create and lead an integrated information, data, and technology approach

Explore project management methodologies – the good, the bad, the ugly

- Lead an IM change project - What is required? What works? What doesn’t? How do you avoid the pitfalls?

- Challenges and issues to mitigate risk and maximise competitive advantage

- Practical strategies to approach change resistance 

- Manage challenging conversations

Digital by design - Create and deliver a seamless user experience

- Understand IM and ICT from the users’ perspective

- Explore and understand Design Thinking

- Applying design thinking to digital transformation and projects

- Support an organisational culture that welcomes innovation

Establish networks and connection for digital transformation

- Identify and understand your internal and external stakeholders

- Practical approaches to building better connection, collaboration, and how to facilitate co-creation

- How to support and partner with others to achieve greater efficiency and productivity

  • Kate Fuelling Consultant, Facilitator & Digital Transformer Kate Fuelling Consulting


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, VIC, 3006, Australia

(03) 9235 8000

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