• September 9th - 13th, 2019
  • Brisbane, Australia
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    17 Days

  • Priority Code: QA3

5th Queensland Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit

Develop & leverage your leadership profile

  • September 9th - 13th, 2019
  • Novotel Brisbane


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- Discover & define your value
- Hone your abilities for leadership
- Develop the courage & resilience needed to grow
- Reposition yourself for success


Tracey de Simone

Tracey de Simone is the Official Solicitor in the Office of the Child and Family Official Solicitor in the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. Tracey has been admitted since 1997. She worked at Legal Aid Queensland for 14 years in a variety of roles including as the coordinator of Women’s Legal Aid, the senior solicitor at the Woodridge Legal Aid office, a strategic policy advisor and as an assistant director in Family Law Services. She previously worked in private practice. She specialises in family law, domestic violence cases, independent children’s representation and separate representation in child protection matters.

Official Solicitor & Executive Director
Department of Child Safety, Youth, and Women

  • Linda Dobe
    Deputy Director-General, Water Markets & Supply Division
    Department of Natural Resources and Mines
  • Jane King
    Deputy Commissioner, ASIC Registry Transition
    Australian Taxation Office
  • Maryanne Kelly
    A/Deputy Under Treasurer, Agency Performance
    Queensland Treasury
  • Steve Biddle
    Regional Director Qld
    Department of Home Affairs


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Download the brochure Download the brochure
Growth mindset - Expand your leadership
A matter of mindset
Fight, flight or thrive - Discover your hidden strength
Reinventing your leadership story
Goal-setting for clarity and purpose
Pay it forward
Self-belief & courage
Reposition yourself with resilience
Insights from a leadership career of firsts
Finding balance
Stay relevant amidst change
Reflections on a career in the QPS
Leading the inclusion & diversity conversation
Difficult versus developmental conversations
Moving forward
Leadership Evolution
Workshop Day Two
Pre-Summit Workshop

09 Sep


Growth is something we all want but reducing it to actionable steps is not a natural instinct to say the least. Hence growth can be an elusive goal. 

Learn to identify growth opportunities and create action plans towards them. 

Lead with a values-based approach

- Clarify your values

- Respecting diverse values

- Strategies to align teams around common values

Effective ways to manage for outcomes

- Personal effectiveness - identify your strengths

- Managerial effectiveness - identify your strengths and gaps

- Strategies to build on your strengths and address gaps 

Building trust within your team

- What trust is and why does it matter?

- How trust influences communication

- Practical strategies to build team trust

Becoming a thought-leader

- What is thought leadership?

- Develop and leverage innovative thinking

- Practical strategies to build a thought-leadership platform

  • Penny Beeston Chief Executive Officer, Leadership & Executive Coach Strategic Options

Summit Day 1

10 Sep

Case Study

To step up into leadership, you must reflect upon and learn to interpret your experiences. Tracey will discuss her personal leadership journey through this lens and explore the three pillars for success the public sector.

- Ethics

- Courage

- Commitment to service

  • Tracey de Simone Official Solicitor & Executive Director Department of Child Safety, Youth, and Women

Expert Commentary

It may not always be clear to you what you bring to the table, or how you will be able to respond to the pressures of leadership. Learn how to identify your unique value, and hone your resilience and confidence to make it count.

- Tackling the human response to threat

- Leverage your ability to make a difference

- Position yourself for success

  • Amanda Folkes Associate, BlueZenith Leadership and Coaching Solutions BlueZenith Leadership and Coaching Solutions

Case Study

The public service is changing, but how do you embrace reinvention to stay relevant, and still stay grounded and true to your leadership style and values? Jane King will share insights from her remarkable career, touching on the ATO's Reinvention journey, and explore the steps taken toward leading in an evolving sector.

- Maintain authenticity whilst practicing adaptive leadership

- Innovative styles of leading

- Digital transformation to support business agendas

  • Jane King Deputy Commissioner, ASIC Registry Transition Australian Taxation Office

Case Study

Sometimes the uncertainty of a situation can make it hard to lead. Learn how the best leaders maintain clarity of thought in uncertain times.

- Why goals make for better leaders

- How goals make for better teams

- Set goals that matter

  • Steve Biddle Regional Director Qld Department of Home Affairs


Leadership is a continual process of growth, learning from your experiences, and passing on your knowledge. Explore the power and value of mentors and mentees.

- Why we need mentors

- A commitment to lifelong learning

- Personalise the path to leadership

  • Linda Dobe Deputy Director-General, Water Markets & Supply Division Department of Natural Resources and Mines

  • Sonia Cooper General Manager, Corporate & Risk Cross River Rail

  • Wendy Fox Delivery Director Queensland Health

Case Study

What you believe about yourself affects your ability to lead with conviction. Gain insights that will transform your view of self to be bold and authentic.

- Why you need these qualities to thrive

- Develop clear strategies to resolve self-doubt

- Inspire change in yourself and others

  • Kylie Williams Director, Economic Development Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

Expert Commentary

Having a positive mindset and an optimistic approach to achieving personal goals is a characteristic of successful leaders. Master these techniques and remain resilient against volatility, conflict, change, stress, and setbacks. 

- Leverage experience to achieve success

- Develop resilience in your personal and professional life

- Cultivate an adaptive leadership mindset

  • Nicole van Hattem Success Strategist & Resilience Coach Hot & Healthy Business Life

Summit Day 2

11 Sep

Case Study

Leaders are prepared to step up and take risks, and sometimes be the first to run the gauntlet. Michelle will share insights from her remarkable career, and its many firsts, including her role as first female Chief Superintendent in the Queensland Public Service.

- What are the challenges you can expect to face?

- When to step up the career ladder

- What the best do differently

  • Michelle Young Chief Superintendent Queensland Fire & Emergency Services

Case Study

There’s an enduring need to balance personal and professional commitments regardless of your role. Learn to strike a healthy balance with practical strategies.

- Understand how to manage conflicting priorities

- Resolve conflicts with priorities

- How to find the opportunity in the conflict

  • Pauline Elliott Whole of State Team Leader Queensland Treasury Corporation

Case Study

Workplaces are changing at a remarkable pace, making it hard to know for sure that you’ll be relevant in the future. Learn to future-proof yourself and your team. 

- Understand the changing nature of work

- Develop adaptive leadership

- Learn to thrive through turbulence

  • Bridget Mather Director, Community & Client Services Mackay Regional Council

Case Study

Maryanne has spent over 20 years as a leader across the UK and Australia, delivering strategic policies and programs in dynamic, multifaceted and fiscally challenging environments. Learn to thrive from her personal story of resolution and resilience.

- The road less travelled

- The lessons of failure as well as success

- How to identify help and support

  • Maryanne Kelly A/Deputy Under Treasurer, Agency Performance Queensland Treasury


Gender inclusion is not something that benefits a few - it serves all of us. Learn from these insights to play your part in the inclusion narrative.

- Why we should all be part of the conversation

- Best practice to include everyone

- Leverage the power of gender diversity

  • Jeanette Allom-Hill Group Executive, Business Performance, Chief Operational Officer Sunshine Coast Council

  • Jason Lawler Fire & Rescue Area Commander Queensland Fire & Emergency Services

  • Alison Rayner Deputy Under Treasurer, Economics and Fiscal Coordination Queensland Treasury

Expert Commentary

Communication enables us to engage meaningfully with each other. Learn the skills you need to manage and leverage difficult conversations.

- What is a tough conversation?

- Why developmental conversations work best

- How to pivot toward developmental conversations

  • Penny Beeston Chief Executive Officer, Leadership & Executive Coach Strategic Options


Knowledge is power, and to leverage it, we must first recap and consolidate the learnings from the past two days.

- Key takeaways from the past two days

- The current state of gender inclusion

- Create your action plan

  • Nicole van Hattem Success Strategist & Resilience Coach Hot & Healthy Business Life

Post-Summit workshop

12 Sep - 13 Sep


Leading through rapid change

- The VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

- Public sector challenges in a VUCA world

- The role of the leader/manager in VUCA organisations

- Key differences between management and leadership

Understanding organisational complexity

- Distinguish types of complexity (imposed, inherent, designed and dysfunctional) and their characteristics

- How do effective leaders/managers promote performance in complex settings?

- Leading a team and developing people

Understanding managerial and leadership shifts

- Collaborative knowledge generation and sense-making

- Dealing with difficult people

- The role of the leader in helping staff cope with VUCA challenges


Maximise culture and performance

- What does ‘good’ culture look like in the new environment

- The innovation challenge - Where are we now, and how do we get to ‘good’?

- Self-assessment - Strengths to build on, and strengths to build

  • Alison Jardie Director Leadership Evolution


Discover fundamental leadership capabilities

- Capabilities, attributes, and skills of an influential leader

- Develop personal worth, power, and responsibility

- Embrace complexity, uncertainty and diversity

Maintain resilience and authenticity through difficult times

-Techniques to maintain resilience

- Being an authentic leader

- Practice and maintain integrity as a leader

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-  Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for further growth and development

-  Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader

-  Leverage your EQ in the workplace

-  Embrace qualities of empathy to become a better leader

Understand your own leadership style

- Build self-awareness of leadership traits and how they align with organisational goals

- Recognise the demands of leadership and the expectations of the organisation                     

- Understand the expectations of team members and direct reports

- Develop a personal leadership plan

  • Alison Jardie Director Leadership Evolution


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