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12th - 13th, July 2022
Brisbane, AU

Essential leadership strategies for career success in uncertain times


- Lead with confidence through uncertainty
- Define your leadership qualities
- Use Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to drive productivity
- Design your leadership action plan


Alison Jardie

Alison has over 20 years’ experience in organisational and leadership development across the public and private sectors. As a trained and experienced psychologist, coach and facilitator, she works with senior teams to implement organisational transformation, leadership and cultural change programs that provide a genuine return on investment. Alison’s methodology in consulting, coaching and facilitation draws on the disciplines of psychology and management tailored to each client based on their needs. Her approach centres around relational leadership and applied action learning. 

Leadership Evolution


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
QLD Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop

12 Jul - 13 Jul


Leading through rapid change

- The VUCA environment (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous)

- Public sector challenges in a VUCA world

- Key differences between management and leadership

 Understanding organisational complexity

- Distinguish types of complexity (imposed, inherent, designed and dysfunctional) and their characteristics

- How do effective leaders promote performance in complex settings?

- Leading a team and developing people


Understanding managerial and leadership shifts

- Collaborative knowledge generation and sense-making

- Dealing with difficult people

- The role of the leader in helping staff cope with VUCA challenges

Maximising culture and performance

- What does ‘good’ culture look like in the new environment

- The innovation challenge - Where are we now, and how do we get to ‘good’?

- Self-assessment - Strengths to build on, and strengths to build

  • Alison Jardie Director Leadership Evolution


Discovering fundamental leadership capabilities

- Capabilities, attributes, and skills of an influential leader

- Developing personal worth, power, and responsibility

- Embracing complexity, uncertainty and diversity

Maintaining resilience and authenticity through difficult times

-Techniques to maintain resilience

- Being an authentic leader

- Practicing and maintaining integrity as a leader

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

-   Evaluating your EI level and identifying opportunities for further growth and development

-   Leveraging your EI in the workplace

-   Embracing qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader

Personal action plan for success in the QLD Public Sector 

- Identify and respond to threats and see challenges as opportunities

- Determine your areas for development, key resources, change agents and networks

- Plan your actions - identify and pursue opportunities beyond your to-do-list

  • Alison Jardie Director Leadership Evolution



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