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QLD Public Sector Grades AO 3-4 Essential Skills Workshop

1st - 2nd, October 2024 / Brisbane, AU
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The starting point of your leadership journey

• Enhance your professional competence to achieve results
• Practical tools to communicate with impact and influence
• Effective change management principles to support strategic direction
• Career planning and pathways in the QLD Public Sector


Miriam Henke

Miriam is an experienced Executive Coach and registered Psychologist with the ability to have a significant positive impact on people and results. She achieves this by bringing more depth and focus on particular challenges and collaborating with her clients on strategic solutions and personal growth. In her consulting role, Miriam supports individuals, teams and organisations with bespoke coaching and training programs, particularly incorporating positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming tools. With a special interest in Mind-Body Medicine, Miriam is also the Creator of The Mainspring Method.

Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd



Establish your personal and professional values

- Establish your core values at the heart of your professional band

- Learn to demonstrate your value to the organisation

- Become a reflective practitioner and lifelong learner

Essential communication skills

- Learn to tailor communication for different audiences and contexts

- Understand the impact of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to communicate with influence

- Use authenticity, acceptance, and empathy to build trust and nurture relationships

Increase accountability and positively influence others

- Learn to take ownership of tasks and inspire others through a collaborative approach

- Study conflict resolution techniques and models

- Build team capacity through performance feedback and coaching

Harness the ability to problem solve and make effective decisions

- Use flexible thinking styles to find solutions

- Reframe your thinking to solve problems

- Trust your experience to develop robust decision-making processes

  • Miriam Henke Director Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd


Understand change management principles

- Improve situational awareness and solution finding

- Support stakeholders and teams through changes

- Learn to set measurable goals and communicate expectations clearly

Improve stakeholder management for career success

- Expand influence and better understand stakeholder interests and needs

- Resolve complex enquiries and competing viewpoints

- Strengthen your negotiation skills

Develop resilience to thrive during challenging times

- Practical skills to support yourself and others through difficult circumstances

- Grow strong internal and external networks for advice

- Invest in self-care - maintain your emotional and physical wellbeing

Key approaches to grow trust, credibility and build confidence in your abilities

- Trust models - learn to generate trust and actively seek feedback

- Embrace flexibility on the road to success

- Commit to a conscious development path

  • Miriam Henke Director Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd

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