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20th - 21st, June 2023
Brisbane, AU

Develop essential skills to position yourself as a future leader


- Understand your Emotional Intelligence (EI) and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader
- Techniques to maintain resilience in times of change
- Practical tools to drive operational service delivery
- Career planning and pathways in QLD Public Sector


Miriam Henke

Miriam is an experienced Executive Coach and registered Psychologist with the ability to have a significant positive impact on people and results. She achieves this by bringing more depth and focus on particular challenges and collaborating with her clients on strategic solutions and personal growth. In her consulting role, Miriam supports individuals, teams and organisations with bespoke coaching and training programs, particularly incorporating positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming tools. With a special interest in Mind-Body Medicine, Miriam is also the Creator of The Mainspring Method.

Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Director
Miriam Henke Consulting & Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
QLD Public Sector AO 5-6 Women in Leadership Workshop

20 Jun - 21 Jun


Managing your inner critic

- Recognise and manage your inner critic voice

- Strategies for controlling self-doubt

- Finding the mentor within


Authentic leadership - What it is and why it's important

- Developing a ‘leadership at every level’ mindset

- Recognise demands of leadership and the expectations of your organisation

- Embracing your diverse and inclusive leadership style


Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

- Evaluate your EI and identify opportunities for further growth and development

- Leverage your EI in the workplace

- Embrace qualities of empathy and understanding to become a better leader


Practising resilience and authenticity through times of change

- Embrace resilience to maximise personal focus

- Working under pressure: resilience and self-management

- Trust your intuition and step outside your comfort zone

  • Miriam Henke Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Director Miriam Henke Consulting & Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd


Vital skills to communicate with impact and influence

- Understanding different communication styles

- How to talk about the issue, not the person

- Non-verbal skills to communicate with authority


Coaching techniques to create positive change in your team

- Develop effective coaching skills and ‘conversational intelligence’

- Effective techniques of persuasion and negotiation

- Understand the nature of conflict and why it exists


Stakeholder engagement and management

- Explore the best structure and style to effectively connect with others

- Maintain strong internal and external networks

- Identify and meet stakeholder needs and expectations


AO 5-6 Women’s Leadership think-tank

- Wrap up discussion on key themes and your career action plan

- What will you do differently as a result of this program?

- How to stay on track when other priorities demand attention

  • Miriam Henke Health Psychologist, Executive Coach, Director Miriam Henke Consulting & Lifespan Dynamics Pty Ltd



Cliftons Brisbane

Level 24, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000, Australia

07 3231 0999

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