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19th - 20th, May 2020
Virtual / Streaming

Developing, promoting & enabling executive women’s leadership


Ruth Hamilton

Ruth has 20 years' experience in the New Zealand public sector working in local government, shared service environments and consulting. She has worked extensively with governance boards, chief executives, leaders and teams in the development and delivery of complex transformational programmes.


By synthesising her formal qualifications, experience and research, Ruth delivers a unique and engaging workshop on why leadership is so important and what you can do to build your leadership skills.

Managing Director
Splice Consulting


- Develop your individual leadership style
- Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and authenticity
- Develop structured influencing techniques
- Embrace complexity, uncertainty and diversity
- Strategies to deal with difficult conversations
- Lead high-performance for yourself, your team and your organisation
- Strategic planning for leadership development
- Create your personal action plan for success


Workshop Day One
Workshop Day Two
Public Sector Women in Leadership Workshop

19 May - 20 May

Fundamental authentic leadership capabilities

- Capabilities, attributes and skills of an influential and authentic leader

- Develop personal worth, power and responsibility

- Embrace your diverse and inclusive leadership style


Maintain resilience and authenticity through difficult times

- Techniques to maintain resilience

- Being an authentic leader

- Practise and maintain integrity as a leader


Lead with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

- Evaluate your EQ level and identify opportunities for further growth and development

- Understand your EQ and its impact on the way you are perceived as a leader

- Leverage your EQ in the workplace

- Embrace qualities of empathy to become a better leader


Leverage your leadership style

- Build self-awareness of leadership traits and how they align with organisational goals

- Recognise the demands of leadership and expectations of the organisation

- Understand the expectations of team members and direct reports

- Develop a personal leadership plan

  • Ruth Hamilton Managing Director Splice Consulting

High-level communication, influence and negotiation skills

- Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication and relationships

- Develop techniques of persuasion, negotiation and influence with coaching skills and “conversational intelligence”

- Prepare for and have difficult conversations with confidence


Transformational leadership strategies to accelerate team performance

- Leverage team dynamics to enhance performance

- Challenge, support and empower others

- Manage uncooperative staff members


Drive change and innovation as a female leader

- Recognise and overcome hurdles to change

- Trust your intuition and step outside your comfort zone

- Embed a positive change culture in an organisation


Action planning for leadership

- Develop a personalised approach: short and long-term

- Understand challenges

- Strategies to move your career forward

  • Ruth Hamilton Managing Director Splice Consulting


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Virtual / Streaming

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